Monday, November 19

Lucky Me

I am such a lucky person! Two days in a row!
Recently, I won a prize in a draw, by the lovely Julia, of Camille's Place .
Julia kindly let me know I had won, & notified me when she posted my prize.
Julia is in Western Australia, & we are on the East Coast. I think the parcel has taken a week to get here, but what a wonderful treat, when it arrived today!!

I was so thrilled. When I opened the generous gifts I was just amazed! Julia sent me one of her wonderful notebooks, with a beautiful cover she works. A lovely Cameo in the centre, with beautiful ribbon roses, & lovely lace with bead work. I just love it!
This photo just does not do it justice. There are lovely little beads in the lace flowers & the wonderful ribbon embroidery is just gorgeous. It is a real treasure.
Check out Julia's blog for much better photos of her wonderful book covers!
There was also a wonderful bundle of fat quarters for me also! How generous, you are, Julia. I love the colours, & I tried to fan them out on our bed, to show the lovely fabrics.

Here is another view, when I first opened the package, taken outside. I am not sure which is closest to the actual colours, but trust me, I love the fabrics & will now be searching for something to showcase the lovely selection.

As if all that was not enough, there is also a "Clover" Yo-Yo maker! I had been thinking I must look out for them, & get one to try, so now I will have no excuse!
As soon as I get cool enough, I will be trying this out.
Thank you so much Julia. I am so happy with my lovely parcel. I love visiting your blog to see what you are doing. I really admire you beautiful work.


We have had SG for the day. He was very good, & spent some time on construction matters. He was making it "Perfancy". When it wasn't perfancy, it was "Perfecto".

He spent quite bit of time with me, chatting away, making houses, & furniture to go in the house, telling the story of his constructions. Then Gom decided he was going out to do some pottering in the garden- the front garden, thank goodness! SG was off like a shot, in case he could 'help'. All hatted up, against the exetremely hot sun, they did some trimming of unruly plants. The delighted stream of chatter is such a happy sound.

They came inside, hot, & tired & stayed downstairs where the temperature is about 10 degrees cooler. I heard a small voice saying "Giddyup giddyup giddyup giddyup..... etc etc. Finally I heard him tell his grandfather to say Giddyup. Gom replied, "But I am the horse! Horses don't say Giddyup." "Oh, I forgot"

SG had his lunch, which today, he insisted was, "Whackaroni Cheese!" laughing away. We went back downstairs where he had the curtain pulled & it was dim & cool. He went & got some candles, pretended to light them & said it was "Romantic & Cosy".

Then he ran around the room & said "The winds of change have blown the candles out!" & gathered them up & put them away. I was stunned. I have no idea where he got that expression, but I suppose it might be from some of his DVD viewing.

His mother arrived to take him home, & he was rather upset to discover his sister was working, & would not be home this evening. He really does miss her when she is not there. She spent the weekend staying with friends, & he missed her. His father is currently on night shift, so he sleeps all day, & works all night. He told me his stomach seems to be ok, so that is good. We still dont really know what was wrong with him, but he seems fine now.

Enya, Marble Halls


Linds said...

What a lovely parcel to receive! I can't wait to see what you make from those fat quarters, Meggie.

bluemountainsmary said...



Just trying it out. One of the best words I have learnt in ages.

Anonymous said...

Hi Meggie,
Thank you for your comments.
You will love making the Suffolk Puffs with the Yo-Yo maker. I have a couple of different sizes also the heart shaped one. Lucky you to win the prize but you do put a lot of work into your blog and it is always so very interesting.
Sorry that you also lost a friend last week.

Ragged Roses said...

Hi Meggie
Just catching up on all your posts - I'm not able to get to the computer as much as I was so I seem to have missed a lot. So sorry to hear your sad news too.
Congrats on the prize, I'm sure you're going to have fun with that fabric. Enjoy your time with SG.
Kim x

riseoutofme said...

Perfancy! Whackaroni Cheese!

I love little gems like these!

Enjoy your "lucky" parcel"!

Lucy said...

I was pretty impressed with 'Whackaroni cheese' and 'romantic and cosy', but the winds odf change blowing the candles out is a cracker!
Lovely present, and condolences about the loss of you friend, I'm glad it was peaceful.

joyce said...

Lovely gifts and lovely grandchild. Lucky you!

Bren said...

Your parcel was a treasure!! I love the notebook cover!!!!
And I LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing about your funny sweet grandson!! He is so charming and full of clever sayings!

Mike said...

I may need to steal "perfancy." I love it.

Thimbleanna said...

That little SG is sure a cutie! Sounds like he's sure keeping you entertained -- I just smile when I think of the fun you must be having. Congrats on the prizes. Now I want to see some yoyos -- I have some of those makers, but haven't had the time to try them yet!

Molly said...

I've had a pattern for forever for making a toy clown with yo-yos. Have you ever seen one? They're very cute...Happy planning on what to make with your lovely new fabrics!

teodo said...

Nice to read about your grandson...........
you are a very happy NONNA (grandma)
ciao ciao

ancient one said...

So glad your SIL is feeling better!

Congratulations on winning the fat quarters and the other things! Pretty stuff!

I just simply love hearing about your grandson. He is so bright! And I love the words he's using... Yep, I will try some of them out too!!

Tanya Brown said...

These are golden days, not only because of the company of SG but for the memories he is going to have. He's a very fortunate young man to have congenial grandparents who take an interest in him.

The prize pack looks like a treat, just the sort of thing to banish winter doldrums if you were headed into winter. I don't suppose you have any spring or summer doldrums to banish?

Ribbonwiz said...

Hi Meggie,
Your very welcome
enjoy the fabric and yo-yo maker and be sure to blog what you make.

love the "Whackaroni Cheese!"

Katie said...

Lovely gifts!

I just bought a Clover yoyo maker. I can't wait to have time to play with it!

Tracey Petersen said...

I'm looking forward to seeing a beautiful yo-yo piece!

Josie said...

Hi, Meggie, I haven't had a chance to visit all my favorite bloggers lately. *sigh* I'm catching up.

What gorgeous fabrics your friend sent you. And the notebook is lovely. I'll bet you can hardly wait to use them.

How old is your little fellow? He sounds like quite the character. :-)