Wednesday, January 9

How does the garden grow?

What a nasty morning I am having.Haha. I have already done one post, & another complete one, with all the pictures in the correct order, & I must have touched something, & in spite of Blogger telling me all was saved, the whole post just vanished into the ether!

Before I get onto the garden again, I have been given this lovely award by Julia from Camille's Place. I will have to think about who to give this to, when I have a calmer mind.

The awards rules are to“Give the award to up to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel so happy about blogland!Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so that they can pass it on. Beware! You may get the award several times!

Thankyou Julia! You make my day too, when I see your beautiful skills.

Now, back to the garden makeover.
As you will see by some of the photos, the garden was largely an overgrown wilderness, when we bought this place. The old trees & shrubs had been badly neglected, & it was all full of weeds with no real retaining walls apart from the front one, which was made of old railway sleepers, & were rotting away.

This is after the thieving, conmen rogues men, a father & his 2 extremely dimwitted sons, claiming to be landscapers, had been despatched.
Gom built the fence at the top, & redid all the retaining walls, after the shoddy collapsing mess left by the 'workers'. To Gom's credit, he toiled away & did a wonderful job of it all.
The Aspidistra in the centre of this photo was eventually moved, & broken up, & used to plant areas on the top level. Now they are largely unseen, but are very healthy.

This pic shows Daughter J & SIL, with Honey. (No they didn't lend a hand!)

This was taken before Gom had finished repairing all the walls. The Incompetents had tried to move the front retaining wall out by about 5 feet at one point. Luckily Gom saw the post concreted into the lawn, & stopped them. After they left, the post & concrete were still where they left them in the lawn!

As it was they moved the front wall forward, due to incompetent laziness & stupidity a 'miscalculation'. This entailed us having to buy about 5 tonnes of soil to fill the gap, & it was a mighty huge task getting that all into place.

This is Gom toiling away removing the old weeds & shrubs.

Here an old Macrocarpa or some sort of pine family, that had been quite pretty until an old 'handyman' completely ruined it, by hacking the lower branches & of course it never recovered. (No, Gom is not the only Garden Vandal!)
Here is a view from the top, with all the various plants & weeds. The woman who owned the house before us, had just planted willy nilly, so there were a lot of unexpected things growing in weird places. Mint & a Sage bush in the front corner, about as far away from the house as you could get!

I had to fight hard to retain the fern trees, & my beloved maple!

The 3 cocos Palms on the front lawn had been planted in strange locations too, & they were beginning to bear fruit which is smelly & dirty. Though they gave the place a certain tropical flavour, they were badly positioned, & when an enterprising young man drove by, & offered to remove them for $100 each, we jumped at the chance. He was very efficient, & took all the detritus away with him too.
Once the walls & clearing was finished we laid paper all over the garden, covered it with wood chips, & began our planting. It all looked lovely, & now it is almost a jungle again!
Bread, Guitar Man.

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Molly said...

Your garden looks lovely Meggie....I was waiting for a picture of the willy-nilly plant, then realised it means the same down there as here!

ancient one said...

Loved this post and the one below. The garden is so pretty. Someone has done a lot of work!!

bluemountainsmary said...

I am so impressed by what you have achieved - particularly given what those idiots did to your garden!

I can never post more than five photos using blogger - not sure I can be bothered working out why!

meggie said...

Hi All,
Loved the willy nilly thought Molly!
Anne, Gom toiled so hard on this garden! I did help, but not with the heavy work.
Mary, I understood Picasa was easier, but it kept limiting my uploads. Grrr. I need to take some lessons.

The Sagittarian said...

It looks lovely! Hope you get enough rain and so on to sustain it.

Reluctant Blogger said...

Wow - that's not a garden, that's a park!!! It's amazing. My garden is like a shoebox in comparison (just as well really since I am about as good at gardening as I am at cooking!).

It looks wonderful anyway and I love the way you set them all to it!

And thanks for your lovely comments on my blog.

Joyce said...

What a lot of work! I was confusing willy-nilly with lily-pilly. Lol. I love the names of Australian plants.

Q said...

Dear Meggie,
Your gardens look beautiful!
Lots of work. Watching your garden grow is a joy as I am watching my garden sleep!

smilnsigh said...

I'm backkkkkk. .-)

Sorry Blogger gave you some grief. But you did get a lot of photos posted, eventually. Wow what a project!!!! Don't know how you do it!


Katie said...

Congratulations on your award!

I'm sitting here looking at my winter yard...that we haven't done much to yet. I hope to have the strength and enthusiasm when spring rolls around. We've at least had a bunch of dead stuff removed and the large playhouse. Now if I could just win the lottery.....


Joni said...

Oh your garden is lovely Meggie, I had no idea it was so large and beautiful. I see now why GOM may have a tough time resisting working in it! Thanks so much for sharing.

Ian Lidster said...

I think it looks splendid and inviting. I am so envious of the tropicality of your place. God made me love tropical climes, yet stuck me here. Go figure.

teodo said...

Your garden is very very lovely.............
thanks for these beautiful pics!

ciao ciao

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Meggie! Your garden is so pretty and green! I love the terraces -- I'll bet you love to be out there. Thanks for sharing!

Lee said...

Looks great! Currently it is 36 here, heading to 41. 40 tomorrow. Things is limp here so nice to see some green.

Joke said...

I like the word "detritus" and salute your usage thereof.


Aunty Evil said...

Congrats on the award. Up to 10 people! That's a lot, why not just one, wouldn't it mean more that way?

The garden looks very different! I kind of liked it the way it was though.

Christine Thresh said...

I like the jungle look.

Bren said...

Oh how gorgeous your gardens are. The walls are wonderful. I would love to sit there and drink my coffee and just "breathe".
You are the second blogger who lost all their draft as they were doing it. Blogger must have hiccupped!

Tanya Brown said...

You've given me major garden lust, Meggie! From your chronicles of the GOM's activities, I expected something more along the lines of a barren wasteland. But no, the end result is multitiered, lush and inviting. I am brown with envy. (I can't be green, since my own garden is presently dead.)

h&b said...

Meggie !!

Your garden is beautiful !!