Monday, July 14

What is the world coming to??

While life was happening to me... well, I was participating in it, too, a few things were happening in the Blogworld.

I recieved an award from Rhubarb Whine I feel quite honoured to be given this award. Thank you, graciously.

I cannot read the words, but am trusting the explanation at Shirley's blog, & say if I were a tree, I think I would like to be an Oak. I have fond memories of Oak trees. There was a huge one growing in the grounds of the little school where I spent my Primary School years. We spent hours under that tree playing, & we usually had our school photos taken under the old Oak. I loved the shape of the leaves, & I loved the little acorns, & the little cups that they grew in, which made for wonderful little 'teasets'. I loved the way the little acrorns would sprout, & I loved knowing that they each had the potential to be another mighty Oak, if they only got the chance.
We played marbles, hopscotch, ate our lunch, & made & lost, "Best Friends", under that old tree.

When we bought our first house here in Australia, there were 3 Oak trees the previous owners had planted in our new backyard. I knew we probably would not live there forever, but I also knew the trees were not suitable for a small suburban backyard. As it happened the local council were asking for unwanted trees for a new park they were developing. Not wanting to 'murder' the trees, I called the council to see if they wanted the trees.

They gratefully accepted them, & came, dug them out carefully , & took them away to use in the Park. A happy ending for them, I hope. They also took the Sycamore, which would have been another too-large friend.

Now I am to choose 6 things that make me happy.

1. A warm house, on a cold day, with books to read, & sewing to do, & company to keep.

2. Our dogs. Love the dear little woolly bundles, even if Leo is rather a naughty scallywag at times.

3. The world of blogs, & all the people who make me laugh, & keep me happy.

4. Having contact with my family- the closer & the wider, I love them all.

5. Food. I love my food, I love mostly healthy food, & I love to try new tastes- the Internet is an ideal source of new ideas!

6. Friends. Definitely, friends make me happy!

Now I am supposed to pass this on for 6 others. I am a rule breaker in this regard, but if you would like to do it, please do. It really is a nice meme, & also a happy one. I found it interesting to contemplate the tree aspect.

Next, I was given this lovely award from Julia, of Julia's Place, recently renamed, from being Camille's Place, (& still listed as Camilles on my sidebar! )Julia is a lovely lady, so friendly, so talented, & so ready to share her tips with others. Her work is beautiful, & she is very generous with her pictures of her latest projects. And check out her son Joe's Blog! Recipes to die for!!! Being such a foodie, I am always taking a look to see what treats he has on his blog.

I am honoured to recieve this award from you Julia. Thankyou.
Now I am supposed to choose 5 blogs that inspire me, but I cannot choose a mere 5. Everyone on my sidebar, & many more I read, inspire me every time I visit.

If you like it, please use it with joy!
I break rules all the time!!

Yesterday, was our 42nd Wedding Anniversary.

We won't mention anything about the lack of food, or the lavish dining out to which I had become accustomed, which never happened yesterday.

I will just mention that I visited blogs where sumptuous feasts were vicariously enjoyed.

Today, after my 'cooking' visit, -for the still itching skin-grrr! -we travelled to remedy the food situation. Suffice to say, the visit pleased me well, & I was well mollified & filled, as well!

We have more or less ceased with the gift thing, we are old, so have most things we want or need, & apart from knee replacements or new skin, &/or teeth, we cannot purchase the things we perhaps need the most!

We visited a Club, & played a little on the Pokies. It is a long time since we have done that, & it was quite a thrill when we won $83 for very little outlay. Then, further won $26 on another little win, also for very little outlay.

I did watch in astonishment, as a dear old soul, who appeared to be missing an actual nose, played happily away on various machines, with varying degrees of loss & gain. She had simply placed a plaster over her nonexistant nose, & perched her glasses on that, & happily trotted about, seemingly enjoying herself. Good for her!

Here are some pics from over the years. If you read here often, you may be excused from looking at these, I think I have published them all before.

We dont seem to have any current photos together. I am usually the pic taker!

This taken in December 1988. Of course I looked happy, our daughter had returned from living overseas for a year. I hadn't learnt about the tattoos at that stage!

This awful shot taken from an old photo, was in the 90s some time. It was a very happy gathering of relatives, in a beautiful house they built from rammed earth.

This, below, was Meggie & the Hyph, (Happy young publican husband.)

It seems terrible to remember those drapes were once covered in raw eggs, when Gom, then Hyph, had an 'egg fight' with a friend!

This of course is the wedding day. It was darned cold, & I have no idea why we arbitrarily decided to wed on the 13th of July! Mid Winter. Auckland, New Zealand. Almost sleeting as we walked up the street to the photographer's!

I had never wanted to be a "bride" in fluffy clothes. Not my style. though over the years, I have taken some ribbing over my 'fluffy' pillbox style hat!haha.

I did not believe in churches or any of that fairytale stuff.

BTW, did anyone catch sight of that man, who wears ridiculous dresses, & often, silly hats, dancing about in red highheeled slippers??!! I swear I caught sight of such a vision last night on television??

We began our married life with about 25 pounds sterling between us! We went through a lot of hard times. We weathered some sad times. We weathered some ridiculous think mashed potatoes here times.

Here we are, still hanging in there. Still spatting occasionally occasionally frequently. It seems to work, most of the time.

Oh, & poor little SG has Chicken Pox! He is very miserable. They showed up on Sunday.

Simon & Garfunkel, Bridge Over Troubled Waters.


bluemountainsmary said...

Happy Wedding Anniversary Meggie - and thank god you were taken for a decent meal or I would have had to find a way to have words with GOM! And the winnings are a good thing too!

And what a treat to see all the photos.

Poor SG!

Joyce said...

Happy Anniversary! We are coming up to 44 in a few days. We probably won't do much to celebrate either but winning some money sounds like a good idea. Lol. We got married on a very HOT day in July. School teachers tend to get married during their summer holidays.


jellyhead said...

Congratulations Meggie on all your blog awards, and Happy Anniversary!

I hope SG isn't laid too low with his chicken pox.

Bren said...

Oooooh, I LOVE the pillbox hat. So elegant. GOM is quite the handsome devil, but what a beauty you are Meggie. I have seen pics of you before and always see a "movie star" face smiling back at me. Happy anniversary to both of you!!! Poor GS can now sympathize wil you and your itch!

Pauline said...

Congratulations on 3 fronts - wedding anniversary, blog awards, and winnings!

Loved looking at the pics and as always, chuckled over the cross-outs.

Emma said...

Happy anniversary, Meggie and GOM!

I just love the humour you show in your posts :) Clearly that's part of the key to a good marriage.

PAT said...

Happy Anniversary Meggie!

I've enjoyed catching up with you, this morning.

Have a wonderful week!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Happy Anniversary Meggie and GOM! Also congrats on all the awards. May you both continue to grow like grand and royal oaks.

Tanya Brown said...

Happy anniversary! You've made a good go of it, you and GOM. I enjoyed the trip down memory lane.

ancient one said...

Happy Anniversary! Loved seeing the old photos.. I think I saw one I hadn't seen before!

Lucy said...

Oaky-dokey! Congratulations on the anniversary.

Re the last post, you'll always be welcome at mine!

Thimbleanna said...

Happy Belated Anniversary Meggie! And poor little SG -- I hope he's better soon!

Rosie said...

very chic and glamourous... congrats for forty two years of patchy bliss. I am coming up for my 19 years long service medal myself for washing up beyond the call of between the blissful bits

Julia said...

Happy Anniversary Meggie and GOM,
You sure do make a lovely couple!
Hope SG is better soon, no fun being sick!

Mike said...

Congrats on the awards and the anniversary Meggie. I loved the photos!

Linds said...

Happy Anniversary! What an amazing achievement for both of you, Meggie.
I hope the chicken pox vanish quickly.

Joke said...

So many years without gunplay is an accomplishment!


Knot Garden said...

Happy anniversary, you were a very elegant bride!

The Sagittarian said...

Welldone, 42 years!! Good on you for not being a "traditional" bride...I got wed in red, my cousin married in purple and my mother actaully got married in lemon!! I have always found white too hard to keep clean and bsdies, I wouldn't have been fooling anyone. :-)

Molly said...

You covered it all in your six happy things---nothing left for the rest of us but repetition!
Congratulations on hanging in there for 42 years. A good spat, once in a while, clears the air....I think!

Kellie said...

You've been busy posting and / or I've been lazy with my reading ... but here I am now and with a great big WELL DONE & CONGRATULATIONS on the awards most definitely well deserved!

teodo said...

Congrats Meggie for your 42° Wedding Anniversary.

and congrats for all the awards.
ciao ciao