Friday, September 17

Finding the Sparkle

As we are now into Spring, it is that time of year when the cold still bites and the Summer seems to be teasingly evasive, and elusive.
We have flashes of warm balmy days, when Summer seems to be almost upon us, caressing us with sun, and light zephyrs of harmless,  mild air.
We are lulled into false feelings of warmth, and the bite of further cold air comes as a shock, to remind us that the Seasons are fickle, with Spring perhaps the most fickle of all.

The almost irredescant greens,  of the new bursting leaves on the deciduous trees, remind us that Summer will soon arrive.

The Jacarandas are curious, as their leaves turn yellow, and begin to fall, at this time of year, in seeming contradiction to the seasons. They are making way for the glorious display of blossom in the beginning of Summer, which here, in Oz, is in reality, November.

We do seem to be blessed with many purple/blue flowers at the start of Summer.

A rain sprinkled Agapanthus, from another Spring.

No raindrops this time.

Since our Jacaranda almost never rarely flowers, I don't have any pictures of the blossom.

I do, however have pics of our wonderful Orange Clivea.

The best ones grow clustered about the trunk of our Maple tree. They slumber peacefully during the Summer months, resting, and preparing for their magnificent bursts of colour during the early Spring.

We have several clumps of Clivea, but the best ones grow close to the trunk of our Maple, and the fallen leaves of the Maple, which cover them with the shed leaves of the Autumn fall. They keep them snug and warm under the blanket of red and brown leaves.

When we first redesigned our garden bank, I divided some of the Clivea clumps, and transplanted them a little further away from the trunk of the Maple.

They were slow to flower, and seemed to sulk a little, though they did still receive the blanket of comforting leaves, that the Maple provided.

They produce lovely red berries, which are quite beautiful in their own right. They glow, a scarlet red, and I have no idea if they are fertile or not.

At present we have some very happy succulents, which are in a neglected pot. They are flowering prolifically, and are quite lovely upon close inspection.
My favourite is the fern which has regenerated from the log banks of the garden. I know they don't flower, but I have a very soft spot for ferns.

The log wall which encloses the embankment is beginning to looks quite aged. It seems so recent since we redid this garden, but I guess time passes very quickly. It is, in fact, over 7 years since it was done, so it is little wonder that age has appeared.

Our back yard had become heavy with perfume, from the neighbour Jasmine, which is heavlily flowering. We also have  a Port Wine Magnolia, which is flowering and perfuming the air, along with another shrub with a small white flower, which I have forgotten the name of, but the perfume is very sweet.

They do "Sparkle".
However, I fear I have developed an allergy to something, since I seem to be sneezing rather a lot!
Even the dogs, and the cat, are snorting and sniffing!

Leo Sayer, Orchard Road.


marigold jam said...

Lovely Meggie! Your spring and early summer blossoms are so different to ours but it is still lovely to be thinking about summer rather than as we are thinking about winter appraching!

Jane x

Cathi said...

Beautiful spring flowers! It's nice to see them as we get ever closer to fall and colder weather.
When I was growing up, we had a beautiful garden bed that was full of ferns as backdrop to some brilliantly coloured flowers. It was, I think, the prettiest part of the garden.

Jennifer said...

We're being teased here too.....mostly nice, but yesterday was only 14 degC and this morning was very cold too just to remind us that winter hasn't yet completely left us. But the garden is doing its own thing regardless!

Carol said...

Now I miss spring even more! Beautiful flowers.

ancient one said...

I love seeing your spring as we are starting fall... not many leaves changing color here yet...I think we got into the 90's again today.

Karen said...

beautiful photos! How great it is to be looking away from winter to summer....sigh...

Marja said...

Hi dear Meggie What a beautiful blossom you got there. I am fully enjoying the spring as well. It is such a beautiful time of the year.
I just saw on your last post about the hotel How sad There are a lot of hotels and restaurants badly damaged
A big scar for beautiful Christchurch
Take care and aroha from NZ

Sheila said...

Sad to see the demo of your old hotel in the previous post.
Still you have your memories of it.
The purple and orange flowers are so vibrant. Fall is fast approaching here,the nights are cool and dark so much earlier.
Time for fires, blankets and good books.

Pauline said...

As our autumn is just beginning only to be followed by snow and cold, I shall come here and rejoice in your gorgeous flowers and warming breezes.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh Meggie -- your flowers are so beautiful! I LOVE the pretty purple one. Everything is beginning to die here as we head into winter. We'll be lusting after your beautiful flowers for the next several months!

The Sagittarian said...

Oh my mum has a fence line with Red Hot Pokers and 'Aggie's Pants"...purple and orange, it looks great! Love your photos.

Alby Mangroves said...

I've noticed that when on Craft Retreats at Sewjourn, I inevitably descend into fits of sneezing so violent that I'm beginning to suspect a chemical agent is responsible. I've never suffered hayfever, so I think it's the bug repellant they use, perhaps? Can you develop an allergy though you've never had one before? I wonder... might take some looking into. I have a clivia which has never flowered, yet refuses to die. It's like the masochist of plants. Perhaps it's into delayed gratification.

Anonymous said...
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nosebagman said...

What good enough for Leo Sayer is good enough for me

billy bob said...

I don't like Leo Sayer but I do like your blog. As the wise man said "The best things in life are free"

vtvera said...

lovely photos

I personally prefer summer to autumn but I can't stand Leo Sayer.

Didn't he throw a tantrum on Celebrity BB because he didn't have clean underwear?


Anonymous said...

Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you

Anonymous said...

hello and merry xmas to every one - hope yous had a good christmas - pity we didnt get snow was all prepared wi sledges kids loving it any ways , all the best for new year -