Monday, December 13

Ratbags, and Libertytakers... And some weighty Skies!!

When I add pics to my blog lately, I seem to have trouble aligning the type. I wish to begin in the left, but the script refuses to obey, and orients to the center... regardless of my instruction.

Does anyone have an answer to this dilemma? Comments welcome!

Our long serving, and no doubt suffering Washing machine, has finally decided to quit. As it is now over 13 years old, it is deemed to be past it's actual "Use By".

Time was, you bought an expensive appliance such as this, and it would last almost a lifetime- or the length of your marriage, depending on which was shorter!!

Do you think the sky was sending some message? This was a slightly threatening look, before the breakdown of the washing device!!

 Is this a picture of a "Glowering Sky"? I have often wondered at that particular term, for skies!

And, later, as it darkened. Wonderful patterns.
I was not the only one to be out capturing this sky display. More than one neighbour was watching, and photos were taken.

As it darkened deeply, there was the flash and flare of bright gold, upon the horizon, echoing over the cloud canopy.
Not really menacing, but not quite comforting.

At the "Marketplace" today, determined to be Tough, and,  'wheel and deal'  ~well, I can kid myself I am tough, and astute!
We first enquired of a Seconds Establishment, thinking perhaps we could score the deal of the decade, with a ding or a scratch.

We looked at the offered products, discussed the merits and demerits of various washers.
I know Front loaders are said to be most economic. But I am now old and arthritic of body, so stooping to load and unload a Front Loader... I dont think so!!

An older Brand, trusted, and successful in the past, is now advised to be a costly, and faulty,  trap. Trading on past reputation for reliability.  No longer manufactured by the same people and no longer trustworthy, so we decided not to look in their direction.

The New Kid on the Block is a "Sumting", obviously not their real name! and we are advised it is excellent in both performance and reliability, to say nothing of durability.

For little discount, we are offered a dented and also paint scraped model, with a horrendous 'delivery fee'. I am taken aback.
I declare, I will look about, & see what is available, at rival retailers.

"By all means" beams the salesman, who has suddenly decided he could 'deliver the washer for a fee, of $15 less,  than their 'regular delivery man'. Which still meant $40.

So, off we sped, to another retailer, reknowned for their 'deals'.

"Oh Yeah!" thinks jaundiced me!

We find the exact same washer on offer for the same price as the 'Seconds'.?? what?, I thought dings and dents reduced the price?

Upon enquiry, I find I can have the washer delivered free, and installed, along with removal of the old washer, and it will arrive tomorrow, and it will be $115 cheaper than the damaged washer!

Who is fooling who? I just do not get it. It does pay to shop around. But why am I left with the feeling someone has been fooling me.    Or, more probably, is still fooling me!

Still, I am just happy to think I can begin washing tomorrow! We are running out of clean clothes!
My son suggested going naked, but I know that is defininetly not a Good Look! Not this year, anyway!!

Mark Knopfler, Telegraph Road.


persiflage said...

Since I got my new computer I have not worked out how to put photos in it, so can offer no help.What wonderful skies!
Like you I decided against a front loading machine, as our laundry is too narrow to permit bending and wriggling. But I did not notice until I got it installed that the top slants downwards and thus you cannot rest a container of detergent on it. I wonder why it was designed like that.. I did decide on it all in a hurry.
I hope your machine has no such strange quirks, and admire your decision of checking another retailer. The first lot sound very shonky.

Thimbleanna said...

New appliance shopping makes me crazy. First off, it really irks me that nothing lasts as long as it used to. What's up with that -- aren't we supposed to be making advancements? Is that by design so we can stimulate the economy? And then the salesmen and the deals .. or not. Glad you found a better deal -- hope you have fun with your shiny new toy!

Angie said...

Hello Meggie, darling! Oh My Goodness, girl, you still make me laugh hilariously...and I am truly so sympathetic to these hideous health issues...but your wicked wit just has me rolling with laughter!! I do hope that the foot is doing better? It's miserable to have feet/knees problem---I know of which I speak!! :D And shopping of ANY KIND puts me in a foul mood. So I hope the new washer is working properly for you. In the midst of this chaos, I must tell you that Honey and Leo are adorable---pee and all ROFL. My 'pups' make me laugh every day (well, okay, so sometimes they have me in a cussing fit too ;D) but life would be so dull without them. Happy Holidays to you and yours, Meggie! Sending bunches of Christmas hugs to you!

Catalyst said...

I know this is about washing machines but, unless you have great speakers, put on some earphones and listen to the amazing audio on that Mark Knopfler video. Wow!

Jennifer said...

Ah yes, shopping for anything major is a fraught exercise these days! A few years ago we bought a top loading machine that works like a front loader - like you, I wasn't keen on getting down to floor level as I get old(er). It works well and we are pleased with it.

VioletSky said...

There are, unbelievably in my mind, people who will take whatever is on offer because they cannot be bothered to spend the time and energy to shop around.
That sky truly was amazing!

VioletSky said...

I love Mark Knopfler and Catalyst is right, have a good listen to this one!

Sheila said...

Meggie I hope you and said washer have many happy years together.
It has been my experience of late that many appliances and electronics are 'disposable', and I am not looking forward to shopping for new ones. My stove is starting to act up and I'm just hoping it doesn't decide to pack it in half way through cooking the Christmas turkey.
The sky photos are lovely, fantastic colours!

ancient one said...

Hope your new washer lasts many years and does a great job of washing your clothes. Nothing irks me as much as having a major appliance stop working... unless it is the shopping for another. I usually try to pick one very close to the one that died and the most simple to operate. No bells and whistles for me.. If it does the job it was designed for, I'm happy.

Loved your interesting sky pics !!

Ali Honey said...

Amazing Sky! May your new washer behave itself for the next 30 Years!
So glad you got the better deal!

Pauline said...

Good for you for shopping around. It's always worth the effort to comparison shop.

The sky pictures are amazing!

Sorry I can't help with the photos - unless you try clicking on the photo once it's in place to see if a directional bar appears. That happens with mine.

Floss said...

I hate shopping for big items. I always feel out of my confort zone, and what you were told last time you shopped for said item is now so out of date.

Knot Garden said...

I hate shopping for big appliances and I'm always dreading something going wrong with the washing machine. I think these days they must deliberately design them not to last more than about 5 years so you have to keep replacing them. It's certainly worth shopping around for a good price though.

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous skies!

Teodo said...

Mery Christmas Meggie.
ciao ciao

Alice said...

Wonderful photos, Meggie. Not sure why your text is centreing instead of left aligning. I always put the photos in first and then add the text later, but mine is usually centred anyway.

Shopping for appliances is a fraught occupation. We seem to have been very lucky with most of our major appliances. Our original fridge - now 43 years old - still works perfectly even after 6 moves, plus a couple more in and out of our current house. It has been in the garage for several years and I marvel that it still works as it gets pretty warm in there in the summer.

I hope you washing machine washes perfectly and treats you well for many years.

The Sagittarian said...

Beautiful skies, Meggie. Merry Christmas to you and your family. xx

Magia da Inês said...

♫°° Amiga,

°º♫ Para você em 2011:

° • ♫ "Os sonhos realizados...
°º ♫°° ♫♫ O amor esperado...
° ·. •*• ♫ A esperança renovada..."

Brasil °º♫
° ·.

Jerry said...

I get so frustrated with aligning photos where I want them to appear within the text, I've just about given up.

Loved your photos -- that was truly a remarkable sky.

I hope your Christmas was delicious and wish for a fulfilling new year.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing sky. Beautiful photos.

Lilly said...

Wow, what gorgeous photos. I still cannot get over Alices comment - her fridge is 43 years old. Oh they do not make them like that anymore. Amazing!