Monday, September 12

Kaleidoscopic time

How strange to think that time can pass so slowly, yet at the same time, seem to flash past before the eye can blink.

Our trip was truncated, due to many reasons.

Sadly, I did not find myself able to relax and enjoy it all.
Much of the journey was tinged with sadness, as I recalled being in many of the locations with Gom.
We were rather impressed with much of the highway.
It has been extensively upgraded since I last travelled that way, with Gom.

We visited the "Hippy Village" of Nimbin.
It is a very interesting place, with obviously great significance to the local Aboriginal peoples.
My personal views were, perhaps, not flattering to the influence of other,  later,  peoples.

I felt it had a tired, sad, faded and jaded appearance, and time would not seem to have dealt kindly with much of the idyllic thoughts and plans from previous years.
It all seemed a little contrived now, to my eye. But who am I to judge, or even pass much comment.

We could only find 'Backpacker' accomodation in the area, and it was mostly of the rudimentary type.
As I said, I am too bl**dy old to be traipsing down some corridor, in my raggedy night attire,  in search of a toilet, in the middle of the night. Or even a shower, in the cold light of day.

We found a 'Bates Motel' some miles out of town. It was very isolated, and we were the only guests. Strange noises,  and leaking dripping taps,  did nothing to comfort us, and in the night it poured torrential rain with no letup. I kept telling myself the owners dog, Molly, looked very comforting, and well cared for, and thus reassured myself Molly's owner could not be a mass murderer, or even a ghoul!
It was ridiculously cheap, and having an ensuite was a highlight, in spite of the dripping waters.

 Byron Bay is ever an engaging destination, and the day we visited, it was almost sunny. We largely had wet, and somewhat cold, and miserable weather for much of our trip.
I must say, my son's driving skills leave nothing to be desired in the face of hideous wet roads, and almost monsoonal deluges.
I was delighted to see this Bag Limit for fishing at a Beach we visited. How lovely to think there were enough fish to require limits.
Of course the down side was the thought that man has been so greedy, as to require 'bag limits'. I think this beach was Flynn's Beach and close to Port Macquarie.

We did spend some strange nights in some 'interesting' accomodation. Not all to be recommended, but most to be discussed and (later), laughed about.

There were some sunny patches, and some beaches were sure to be delightful in the full heat and shine of Summer.

Hardy and enthusiastic surfers seemed to be out in most of the beaches we stopped off to visit.

This beach we loved, spent some time walking up the sand, which seemed to be almost pristine, and recenly washed. I never fail to enjoy the salt wash line of the surf, and the little kelp seeds, on the sand.
A small child had left these little footprints in the pristine sand. They somehow made me sad.

This is a carved statue of someone called Henry, who lived and loved on this beach. I have forgotten the name of the beach.

This is a Bush Turkey, which apparently Henry used to call his 'Chooks' and he fed them, when he was alive. It seemed he patrolled the beach, and kept it clean and tidy.

Upon my return home, I was greeted with a letter, advising me I had a re-call for my recent mammogram.
I was not worried, as I had had a biopsy and extensive investigation last year, for a minor condition.

When I attended the re-call Clinic, I  noticed a Jigsaw on the table in the waiting room. We were six women waiting for the tests, and the news, and some were more nervous than others.
I was struck how comforting women can be to each other, when a crisis demands.

We talked and laughed among ourselves and the Jigsaw remained untouched, but I kept remembering how Gom and I had loved to do Jigsaws together, when he could still see.

I was the second to be told all was well, and so I hope the other ladies all had positive outcomes, from the tests.
When I came home, I found a Jigsaw that Gom had never attempted, and I set about doing it by myself.

I found it engaging in a sort of numbing fashion, and I did enjoy the way it gobbled up my thoughts. A good friend came to visit and placed some pieces, and, inspired, went home to get a puzzle out to work on for herself.
I did finish the puzzle and here is the proof!
I did a further simple, smaller jigsaw, but feel I might take a break, as they say.

Dire Straits Private Investigations.


Thimbleanna said...

Hello Meggie. I'm sorry your trip wasn't as exciting as you'd hoped. It does look like you saw some beautiful scenery though. And jigsaws! I haven't done one in years -- what a fun pursuit!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading about the Bates Motel, the footprints, and the puzzle. You definitely have a way with words that I enjoy. The sadness and the memories of GOM will accompany you as you experience life but as "they say", with time, the pain of it will lessen and once again you will find joy easier than it comes now. So happy for you re the mamm report. Continue to be strong, my friend, and know that you have many friends who think of you.

ancient one said...

You might not have enjoyed your trip as much as you thought you would, but I have enjoyed seeing your pics. Such beautiful clean beaches just speak to me. And the statue of the man and the turkeys were fun.

I'm so glad your call back for your mammogram was okay. It's always scary when they call you back in.

We have done jigsaw puzzels together at my house when all the children were here. And I did one a couple of times when my grandchildren were young. But's it has been years now.

My mother loved doing jigsaw puzzels and had boxes and boxes of them up in her attic. Her eyes are not the best now and she has stopped doing them. She passed a lot of her puzzels on to my cousin.

I'm so glad you have your son to travel with you. Looking forward to your next post. XXOO

marigold jam said...

Good to see you back Meggie. Sorry that the trip wasn't all you hoped but that parts of it were good - bit like life itself really eh?!

I am no good at all at jigsaw puzzles and once my daughter got beyond 25 piece ones I'd say "Ask your Dad" - I just don't have the patience for them. Glad that doing one yourself helped dispel some of the sad thoughts though. Take care and even if you didn't enjoy all of your trip we are glad to see the photos - loved that one of the little footprints and the pebble one too.

Anonymous said...

Glad you survived the mad motel murderers, ghouls and doctors. Could not make out what the jigsaw was about.

anne bebbington said...

Oh Meggie i feel your trip probably matched your mood which is a shame, however you did have some time with your son and you will look back at it and laugh with fond memories eventually, maybe next time you should try to discover somewhere new so you are less likely to be disappointed because of changes from old memories. As for the jigsaws you have more patience than me but that sort of simple activity which requires little thinking and is achievable is probably just the right thing to engage and escape in - sending you all my hugs from across the other side of the globe (((hugs)))

Jennifer said...

Meggie, it's not so much the trip as the time spent with your son that will hold memories for you. For all that it wasn't what you had hoped, it sounds as though you were able to get some laughs out of it. I enjoy jigsaw puzzles too - but one of the cats would insist on 'helping' so I haven't done one for a long time.

VioletSky said...

I'm sorry your trip wasn't as enjoyable as you'd hoped, though I'm sure it did you good to get away.

Angie said...

I missed you while you were away. No matter how sad and low your state of mind, you still make me laugh. The Bates Motel saga is priceless! :D And the small footprints and the story about Henry and his 'chooks' are so very poignant and melancholy. I'm glad you're home safe. Sending love and hugs to you and Honey, my dear Meggie.

Joyce said...

My daughter used to live in Byron so I have visited many of the beautiful places you went to. She now lives near Coffs Harbour. Such a lovely area to visit. I'm planning to go again soon.

Mary said...

I remember taking Mum away soon after Dad died - and I suspect she felt the same way you do about the trip - I think it made me feel better for doing something for Mum - but did not do a lot for her.

She was grieving and that is what is needed at the moment.

And as others have said - your way with words remains as lovely as ever.

Ali Honey said...

I missed you. Meg don't expect things to feel the same as you remembered them - they won't be.
I find jigsaws huge time wasters so don't do them but if you need something to gobble up time they are great....the more difficult the puzzle the more it challenges. ( that's why I shouldn't do them as I won't give in and let them beat me and find myself doing them when I should be elsewhere like in bed or doing cleaning )

Christine Thresh said...

I sure missed you while you were gone.
I'm glad you are back home and can tell us all about your trip (such as it was). I look forward to your interesting observations.
I'm glad the re-check repeated good news.

Tanya Brown said...

Welcome home, Meggie. We missed you.

Pauline said...

It's good to read your thoughts again. I love traveling with my son and felt a lot of the same love in your account with yours. Jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, anything that will focus you for a bit help to ease that constant ache. I'm rooting for you, Meggie!

lovelyprism said...

Sounds like a lovely trip all in all and quality time with your son. I can only imagine how much you miss GOM. My thoughts are with you, always. *hugs*

Molly said...

Meggie, I tried to leave a comment last night and now I see it never went through! I hope you can hang in there through this time of grieving. "Time is the great healer" they say in Ireland. Things will get better. The trip may not have been ideal but I'm sure it was good for you and your son to have that time together.

angelsroy33 said...

Different moments remind you of different times, just remember that. The rest of your life will have moments like that. It's STILL too soon to think that things will be 'back to normal', but you are on a journey, and it will be like that for awhile, PLEASE remember that. I wish you had a better time, but you have to think about things to grow and move forward. I'm with you, and I feel like that in a different way, because I feel like I lost something along the way with all that has happened in my life. I know it's NO COMPARISON to losing someone like you have, but I do understand how lost, and tortured you feel. I'm thinking of you and hope you get thru this time with more ease. I'm with you Meggie. Think of you more than you know. Just remember your not alone.

persiflage said...

How good to read your post and to learn how the trip went. And it is such good news that your mammogram result was good - and also good that such care is taken.
Yet it remains such a sorrowful time. The heart stays heavy and sorrowful, but the activities and distractions do help. I am crocheting away busily, myself. Our children do give comfort, don't they!

The Sagittarian said...

Glad you're back...I think that maybe sometime you will look at this trip a bit more fondly, time with your son etc and he would have been grieving for his dad too so perhaps one day you will think it was a good trip? xx