Sunday, May 27

Scattered...or Shattered.

The images I have are scattered. Some seem to be absolutely surreal, and others seem nightmarish, beyond belief.

On the other hand, (as 'they' say) there are some non~shattering images, to seek comfort and joy in the knowledge, there is still happiness, and there is still joy.

The family is welcoming the birth and health of our latest edition, the "Inuit Princess" as her father likes to call her.

Here she is with her doting Granddad, my Beloved Brother.

I have these out of sequence, but here is the Princess, just after her birth, with her 'big' brother, and adoring Dad.

This was taken about 4 weeks ago, with her gorgeous Mum.

This is the latest pic I have, of the gorgeous Princess, taken -& stolen by me- by her Aunty M.

 And these two family members have just announced their Engagement. Proud Uncle and Aunt.


Scattered thoughts of "Home" which will always be New Zealand.

This beautiful Home, built in the Marlborough area of NZ.  Designed by the owner, Beautiful K, who helped build it all.

The is a view to make me homesick! Those rolling New Zealand Hills!

 I just love this fireplace, with river stones, carefully chosen and set, to make this glorious fire-surround. And... after all, what is a fireplace, without a loved Cat?

I Wish!!

I hope you don't mind me using your beautiful home, to help me feel hope, K.

Family, friends, and neighbours help me keep going.

Al Fresco dining has it's hazards, as copulating flies, plummet headlong into one's cup or Peppermint Tea.


A fresh cup is requested, and delivered.

The damn teapot lid lands into the fresh cup!!

Bugger, again!

I guess, I was not meant to have Peppermint Tea that day.
My friend almost fell off her chair laughing,...& why not?
We needed the laughs.

Winter has arrived, and we are shivering through very cold nights.

My little Honey keeps me warm, snuggling under the covers.

Three Dog Night. Mama Told Me Not to Come.


Kitty said...

Hey Meg ... I don't often comment anywhere anymore, but I want you to know that I read, and I think of you often. I should say that more.

It's lovely to read of the new arrival in your family. Welcome to the world, little one.

Don't forget to take care of you, Meg. xxx

Anonymous said...

Meg, You are often in my thoughts. And you know that although you are atheist, I do sometimes pray for you and your family (I've written that to you).
I am so sad about your son's devastating diagnosis and his surgery. You have been through so much and I want to reach out and hug you, I send you cyber-hugs over the many, many miles. xo

Jennifer said...

Your new little family member is a real sweetie! New life always brings new hope, do you think? I had to chuckle about your mishaps with the peppermint tea.

ancient one said...

I love the little princess.. She is so precious. Glad you have friends to keep you going. And that house is wonderful. That stone fireplace is beautiful as well as the view. I remember you saying last summer it rain about every day in your country. I think we are having the exact same thing so far this summer. Rain every day!

Isabelle said...

Lovely pictures, beautiful baby. I hope you find comfort in her - and your other family, friends and bloggy friends.

Isabelle said...

Lovely pictures, beautiful baby. I hope you find comfort in her - and your other family, friends and bloggy friends.

Angie said...

Love your family photos---that little baby looks like a doll! :) And what a head of hair that child does have. :D Your brother looks like someone I would enjoy hanging out with. :) I do hope you and Honey are having more days of love, hope and laughter, than days of sorrow and loneliness. I still delight in your hilarious tales. :) I think of you often and send tons of love.