Tuesday, December 4

Marking time.

My beautiful Gardenia. I am very fond of this, as I grew it myself, from a branch off another plant, which grew in a garden of a house we rented.

 Sadly, the extreme heat and then heavy rains we have had, have browned off all the blooms, and it is all but spent. It was briefly, very beautiful, and the air was so sweet from it's perfume.

 I have no idea what this little tree is called, since I have long ago lost the label that was on it when I bought and planted it. It has quite pretty flower clusters that hang down. I have blogged about it before I think, long ago.

This is just a another sky pic. Not sure when it was taken, but I love the colours. I have not taken any new pics for a few days, it has been so grey and dismal, nothing to see, but grey, and rain.

This is my dear little Honey, with the shortest clip she has EVER had! She seems to like it, though, and has been very frisky since she had all her wool off!

She looks so tiny, and everyone who has seen her has been really shocked at how small she appears without her woolly bits.

Another flower pic. I treated myself to this, because it is so pretty and I have been so blue. I once had a lovely pink Hydrangea, that I had rescued as it sat dying in the cheapie bin. It grew to be very luxurious and then, I made the mistake of planting it in the garden. Another plant... gone to Gom.

This was taken yesterday, a heavily laden web- the raindops looked like pearls.

I am very heavy of heart today. Morty has had to find a new home, and of course, I cried bitterly when I said goodbye. I will miss his arrogance and his talking loudly, demanding food. He was never a cuddly cat, but I loved him dearly, all the same. He has gone to a good home, and I am sure he will be very happy.

Personal crap is heavy and dark, so I won't dwell on any of that.
For those of you who follow Up on Facebook, I have repeated many of these pics that I shared on that site. Sorry, but after all, they are not so ugly, really.

Chris Isaak. "Life will go on".


marigold jam said...

Sorry to hear you are in a dark place just now and no doubt the grey weather will not help. Honey looks cute with her short back and sides though and must surely help to cheer you? Hope the sun will be out again soon both physically and metaphorically for you.

persiflage said...

I do so hope that things go better for you, and soon. How sad about Morty.
Like you, I have been in a hard place, but today I find myself making a Christmas cake - don't know who will eat it - but to do this after almost no cooking for the last two years must mean that recovery is taking place. Recovery takes a long time, alas.

Ali Honey said...

Gardenia is one plant I have never grown...I Know they smell magnificent.
Sorry you are in a dark and gloomy place dear Meg. I have odd times like that not often I am glad to say. I am too bust however - haven't sewn a stitch in more than 2 weeks.But the garden is thriving - tonight we are getting a tiny bit of rain which might help us. Hoping for more.
A friend is thinking of you right now Meg, hugs from Ali.

ancient one said...

I had a gardenia from a nursery sent to our family at my father's death. I planted it, but in spite of all, it didn't make it. My grandmother had a huge bush in her yard. We loved the smell. It is still at my mom's (since she moved to grandma's house after her passing) but my dad had pruned it a few times. It is not as big as I remember as a child. Maybe the secret to having a bush is to break off a limb and plant it... hmmm??

I love all the pictures you posted. I'm sure honey is cooler with all the hair you removed. Sorry about Morty. He'll be okay.

It will soon be Christmas. I've had a horrible cold since the weekend after Thanksgiving. We are having beautiful warm weather. I still haven't pulled down the first Christmas decoration from the attic. My neighbors have been decorated since the Friday after Thanksgiving... Maybe I will start today... UGH!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I've had to give away a cat and it turned out to be the best for all of us, difficult though it was. And I'm sure that Honey is ecstatic to be free of weight and warmth in this heat you've been having.

Keep giving yourself flowers for as long as needed. There's just something about a colorful bloom and a heady scent that changes how a person feels about life -- especially on a gloomy gray day.

Bruce Taylor, a.k.a. Catalyst said...

Your gardenias are fantastic and I can smell them through the ether.

Honey looks quite trim.

Bruce Taylor, a.k.a. Catalyst said...

Sorry about Morty.

Isabelle said...

Sorry you were so sad. I hope you're feeling a bit better by now.