Tuesday, July 28

When The Lights go Down

Days go by with rapid succession, seemingly faster as I age.
Posts write themselves in my head, but I fail to get them written down. I also find navigating this blog is harder on the iPad, and the Mac laptop. Need to get some brush up lessons. Would love to upload some photos of my few plants, but I have also lost the track to do that?

It is nice when it is sunny, and we have had some lovely clear days just lately, but, oh! the freezing days, and frigid nights! Remaining indoors is the best option, but Zane loves a walk, and I feel mean when I don't take him. Poor dear little Honey is so slow on walks now, I try to sneak off without her. Her little legs are buckled and bent, making her progress so slow, poor Zane gets rather impatient to be off. Honey is happy, and well, just elderly, and slow.

I have a courtyard, with brick paving, and I had it fenced so that the dogs can get out. I also bought some fake turf, for their use. Unfortunately the pavers were very uneven, and as I am afraid of having further falls, I requested that the sinkage be rectified. Finally, some men came to do the paving repairs, but then they discovered there is a sinkhole in the corner of my courtyard! 
After much consternation, examination, and exclamation, the hole was barricaded, with an ugly blue bin, and bright orange barricade 'gates'. The dogs can access the damaged part...I refuse to try to deal with any deposits they may leave, inside the barricades.
It is going on for two months since the subsidence happened and in the meantime many people have come to inspect. Finally, I am told the problem has 'been given to a Contractor'. Oh yeah? Well, that is news to me. Zane did try to nip a foolish man, who came to inspect the site...with no permission from me. Really, Zane was within his rights, I guess, though I a, sure if he had taken a chunk of calf, it would be seen in a very different light.

I still await surgery dates for the shoulder. Frustrating .

Also, the lights going down... Well, odd things seem to be happening in that area. My internet gets turned off on my iPad and phone, unexpectedly. Thinks go bump in the night, phone rings once, at odd hours. A curtain fell off the window, seemingly impossibly.  

I am for the most part, happy with my little villa. It is just the right size for me. I am still settling the way I want my furniture, but at the moment I am happy.piece by piece I am getting things 'my way'.

I can't get this to do as I wish, so I will close.  Music for today, All About The Bass. Morgan James


Linds said...

The subsidence doesn't sound good. I hope they get to sorted asap, Meggie. And I am really looking forward to seeing the photos! Let me know if you need any help. Onward, my friend. We keep moving forward. I would love to see photos of your new home as well. And the operation date? the sooner the better. Maybe a call to nudge them?

Pam (Isabelle) said...

I do hope your subsidence gets sorted out. You don't have your troubles to seek, as my granny used to say. However, you sound mainly positive, more like the former Meggie. Hugs.

Tanya Brown said...

Very glad to see a couple of blog entries from you. That's my free treat!