Wednesday, September 9

Looking for ...

More on this later. I wanted to post views from both ends of this. If I move it now, it will not 'embiggen' to use a blog term. which I happen to love, even though I am usually a stickler for what is 'right'
Curiously, there was a motorised invalid chair at the site, which is visible at the lower left of this pic. I wonder was it stolen? Left for it's owner to later claim?

There is a Bus stop beside this mural. There is also a Phone booth. There was a person of indeterminate sexuality making a phone call, when I was taking these pics. This person had a bicycle beside it, & was making a phone call within the booth... but using a mobile phone... life's mysteries treats continue....

Spring fever perhaps.

I seem to be looking for something.

No idea what, but I will know it when I find it.

Do you ever have days like that.

Will it rain again?

We have had some rain, which is always welcome. Even if we would prefer not to actually experience it!

Very good friends gave me this little pot plant as a gift. It is called a Goldfish plant. See the little orange blooms, they do resemble little goldfish, with open mouths. It likes to be misted, & has wonderfully glossy leaves, when it is not flowering.

Difficult to get a good closeup pic of the little flower.

I have spent a time today, treating myself to some photo taking, of things about the district which have caught my eye.

I also spent some time at the local Nursery, choosing some herbs to replace the Gommed plants. Hopefully, they will live to serve me well.


For Quilting friends, have a look at Reeze's wonderful quilt, at Morning Glory Designs. She is giving us this quilt pattern, as a BOM, (For non quilters, BOM stands for Block of Month) & I love it's very bright colours, with the wonderful instructions.

Reeze is having a lovely giveaway too, of a delightful pattern for a table runner. Visit, & be in the running to win. Plus, I am sure you will fall in love with her crisp, bright, designs.

For some time now, I have looked at this amazing tree, with it's apparently twisted trunk! Every time I pass it, I feel it has grown with a little twist every so often, for some mysterious reason.

The wonderul plant at the base is a Grevillea, which is in full flower at present. I have long wanted to stop to photograph this lovely tree, & so today, I made it a mission.

While out there, seeking, I finally got to take a photograph of this wonderful mural, which has been done on a wall at some local shops.

I think it is excellent. It is in an area which is not known for it's 'well behaved' citizens. Quite the opposite, in fact. I am constantly amazed it has not been defaced.

Another view of the Twisted One. I should have gone further back, to capture more of the top of the tree. Perhaps on another day...


fifi said...

That is a marvellous tree,
a very unusual goldfish plant. I perhaps should get one.

perhaps the mural has not been defaced because it was painted by the defacers? Pretty cool....

Thimbleanna said...

Hahaha -- a guy in a phone booth using a cell phone. Maybe he wanted some privacy. Actually, I think they should just put boxes up so that people can step into them when they're on a cell phone -- that way we wouldn't have to listen to them!

marigold jam said...

Love this post - I heard on the news last night that in Bristol they are planning to let the inhabitants vote on which graffiti should stay and which should be removed - will this just encourage more one commentator wondered. However in a city which has an exhibition of Banksie's work I guess it would be a good idea!

Love the idea of having booths for mobile phone users as suggested by thimbleanna but wouldn't we need rather a lot of them?!!!


Warty Mammal said...

I first read "Gommed plants" as "Godd***ed plants". (Why I think that replacing letters with asterisks makes it any more acceptable for me to leave profanity in your comments, I don't know.)

I am in a foul mood. A very discouraged, black mood. It was so nice to get up and see a post from you, complete with photos of interesting things.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I love the graffiti! The only graffiti I have encountered here at the campground was in the bathroom and feces was the medium used...... and to add insult to injury, it wasn't even original!

Ali Honey said...

I love the Mural....I don't think it is's very cleverly done.

Yes I have days like that too!

You have bben doing one of my favourite things; wandering with the camera. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Lucy said...

Wandering with the camera can be good when you have those days.

Hugs to you Meggie!

lovelyprism said...

I've never seen a goldfish plant! I want one! lol

Granny J said...

A wonderful potpourri, Meggie. Wonderful graffiti/mural and the tree is quite a fascinating thing to behold.

Pauline said...

From now on, I will think of my plants that meet with the landlord's erratic mowing as Gommed lol

Robbie Payne said...

I enjoy your blog but LOVE this music video. Both KD and Roy O. are such favorites....this video makes me 'CRY'! Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

I think that mural is fabulous. Found it quite fascinating.

The Sagittarian said...

I love that Goldfish plant, probably too cold to grow one here tho'.
Lovely post.

Christine Thresh said...

I think Thimbleanna's idea is marvelous.
I enjoyed your camera wanderings.

Catherine said...

Love that goldfish plant! And that tree -- so different.
The mural is fantastic -- interesting streetscapes one sees in the most unusual places!

Shelby said...

I too like your wanderings and the camera views.. cheers :)