Wednesday, September 2

Agreeing to Disagree.

There are many things in this world, about which Gom and I agree to disagree.

One of the current disagreements, is whether or not politician's bedroom lives concern any of us.
Surely it is none of the general public's business what, or who a politician decides to bed. well, perhaps 'what' might be a bit of a worry

A Politician has just publicly 'fallen on his sword' to use an unfortunate euphemism perhaps, to declare his resignation before all & sundry. The cause is an extra marital affair. This, he has admitted also, terming it a 'wrong personal choice'.

I am sure his wife ~who has made some 'wrong personal choices' in her very public political life, ~has been wounded by the whole affair.

My view is, it is nothing to do with his performance in his political capacity. As to his performance in any other capacity, well, I could not care less.
Of course the salacious details are being drip fed to the public, via the ever greedy media.

No doubt they will say they are performing a public duty to our benefit. The other half of the wrong personal choice, blew the whistle to the media, claiming she feels a fool, and can now not understand why she was ever 'fooled' by the Politician. I say it takes two to tango, and I also say, if she feels such a fool why is she gouging and stabbing cruelly, at this man's reputation, now that it is exposed, at her deliberate revelation, to media.

Some fatuous media twat twit asked the man in question if he thought he had been 'set up?" WTF?? I am sure no one but himself could have placed his member where it should not have been?

I felt a measure of pity for the man, standing with his head held high, admitting his dismal choices. I still say however, it is not a matter for resignation. Last time I looked it was not illegal to commit adultery. Foolish maybe, but not illegal!

I felt a measure of pity for the 'duped' woman, but feel she should not be claiming to have been misled or whatever her excuse is, for laying herself open to the 'wrong choice.' She was well aware he was married.
She is claiming she feels so stupid, she wants to remain anonymous.

I would like to take a wild guess, as to how long she will actually remain anon.
How long it will be before she is 'persuaded' by some media hound, that it is her 'duty' to reveal herself. She is obviously proud of herself on some level. Why else cause such a ruckus.

I detest hypocritical protestations about actions of Politicians when caught with their clay appendages hanging out! I am sure 60% of all people wish they could do the same.

As our son is apt to say, "People are no damn good!"

OK ranting suit off.

Goodness me! What do we have here?

This is a Pork Pot Pie which I make from time to time. I often use mashed potato for the top, if I can find the instant mash in the pantry.

The following is the recipe if anyone is interested.
2 TBSP Olive Oil
500 grm minced pork- or any other meat of your choice I guess.
2 leeks sliced.
2 cloves of crushed garlic
4 sprigs of thyme~ this is not possible if the Garden Vandal has killed said thyme.
1 large parsnip chopped finely ~ this is so Goms dont recognize it as parsnip!
1TBSP of flour
1 3/4 cups of chicken stock or whatever the hell type of stock you prefer.
A generous slurp of Dark Soya Sauce, - I like the one with Mushroom.
Preheat oven to 200c.
Heat oil in large pan.
Add leeks garlic thyme & mince & cook for 5 minutes stirring to break up the minced meat, until browned.
Add flour & cook for 2-3 minutes.
Add stock stirring well until thickened.
Add the soy sauce, it is optional.

Spoon mix into pots or dishes, or if you dont have individual dishes, just plop it into a dish to fit.
Either mix up real or instant mashed potatoes to cover the tops/ top.
Sprinkle generously with Parmesan cheese.
I use pastry if I am feeling lazy. Either way, Gom loves this meal, & served with some green salad with tomatoes it makes a nice change.
I try to make some to freeze, but they never make it to the freezer.


Minding my own business, poking about in my garden, taking random pics, to pad out the blog.

I find these Strelitzia very mysterious. The purple mixed with the orange, & tinge of blue make a lovely combination for quilting.

On I go, around to the front, where a very sad, miserable little Azalea struggles to survive the horrible stoney clay ground.

It is attacked by the lace beetle thingy that get Azaleas. I am always amazed when it manages to produce some flowers.

More Bird of Paradise. Exotic is how I see them.

As I venture out onto the verge just off our actual property, I am accosted.
Well perhaps accosted in not the right word.
I am approached by a strange little female holding some rather mashed looking Jasmine flower vine.
'Excuse me. Could I ask you something?'
I feel my hackles rising, my warning radar begins to buzz.
'This is not GOD is it?'
'Why yes, it is!'
Why do these people feel the need to try to inflict their beliefs upon me! GRRR.

This is NOT god!
I suppose if you need a god or feel there is a god, a flower is as good a place to seek or find it.

My quiet commune with my pitifully few flowers was quite spoilt.
I retreated inside feeling very disgruntled.
'What's wrong?' says Gom stretched out on the sunlounger.
'Godsquadder' says M.
'Ahh'. It is one of the things we do agree about!

I would just add, I do not wish to offend any of my friends who do 'believe'. It is just that I dont, nor do I wish to, but nor do I wish to interfere with their beliefs, or try to convince them of my thoughts.


Has anyone else noticed how the blog search thingy does not work anymore? I have been trying to locate a recipe I posted, and it just wont play nice with me!


Thimbleanna said...

Your flowers are so beautiful Meggie -- such exotic varieties that we don't have here. And that recipe looks a lot like Shepherd's Pie -- Yum, Yum -- thanks for sharing!

Jennifer said...

Such pretty flowers - spring is definitely here! I have one azalea that manages to survive, it blooms beautifully each year, in fact it's flowering now.

Pauline said...

I love these stream of consciousness posts (and I love Kris Khristoferson!) Your pork pot pie recipe is much like mine (now I'm hungry ;) and I agree that if one must go looking for God, a flower is a good place to start. (I'm not a believer either.) Best of all, you make me smile.

VioletSky said...

Oh to have Bird of Paradise actually growing in your own yard... one can only dream!

Had a good chuckle at the way you wrote the recipe (and I agree about the finely chopped parsnips).

And now you have piqued my interest so must look up SMH...

~Bren~ said...

I imagine some people would feel if a politician would cheat on their wife, he would more easily "cheat" on the people....that his oath or vow would be no good. Personally, I don't is his own soul he needs to wrestle.
I completely am a believer (you know that, my friend ;) ) and I can say, I have never once found my God in a flower. Maybe that lady is still in the 60's in her mind lol Never the less, your flowers are gorgeous and your writings are thought provoking!!!!

Warty Mammal said...


What a great term!

Like you, I generally feel people's private lives should be just that. One possible exception is in the case of hypocrites, people who loudly decry or extoll a particular lifestyle and then are found to be doing quite the reverse of what they claim to espouse. I suppose the terms "hypocrite" and "politician" have quite a bit of overlap, but I'm still curious about when it's occurring. It can be very telling.

Another possible exception is people doing things which expose them to blackmail, which in turn means that their decisions can be influenced by a third party without the rest of us knowing. How far will a president or prime minister go to keep the lid on embarrassing information? If memory serves, the National Security Agency over here used to do very thorough background checks of its employees to avoid just such problems.

Other than that - well, why should I be privy to people's private foibles and pain? I kind of don't want to know. Let people go lick their wounds in peace.

lovelyprism said...

Wow Meggie you covered a lot of ground here. I'm with Warty on the hypocrite/politician thing. I have a friend who tells me it has nothing to do with how the man does his job and accuses me of feeling that way because I am a "puritanical American". Bah. It's mostly the hypocrite part that bothers me, if he's going to grand-stand and run on a platform of "family values" and then it turns out he doesn't actually have any, I feel duped and lied to. And I then have trust issues. He may do his job very well, but will he lie to us all the while?

That pot pie looks delicious!

Godsquadder is a fabulous term! I shy away from making my personal religious choices known and you have not offended me one bit with your comments. I think we should all be free to make those choices for ourselves. I will say this much, I have no use for organized religion. No matter my personal beliefs, I don't think crowding into a room full of hypocrites who pray on Sunday and act nasty the rest of the week is going to bring me any closer to any kind of God.

Your flowers are lovely :-)

Ulrike said...

Ah Meggie, I enjoy all your posts, but I have to say that a special delight for me each time are the 'crossed out' bits. Such beautiful ascerbic wit.

persiflage said...

I agree that the politician's private life ought to be private and do not feel that resignation is appropriate. The media are so hypocritical on these issues. I wonder how many of them have had numerous sexual relationships in and out of marriage, and whether they would feel they should resign if an affair were to be disclosed. They are so sanctimonious. I have little sympathy with the woman in the case. As you say she knew he was married, she is 26, and obviously did not care what damage she inflicted on others, then went rushing off to the media, and now her identity is public and I would not be at all surprised is she has received payment for her story.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I love the flowers, thanks for sharing! I am in the throws of prep for the holiday weekend. I have a church group coming with over 100 tenters. Nice people, they don't try to make me or any other of my campers participate and they stay in their area and are little trouble. It was good to "hear" your sensible voice this morning!

ancient one said...

Hey... this is my second trip over here today.. This morning I didn't see the comment button...but its here now so I will comment..LOL (more or less to let you know I was here)

I am a believer and cannot imagine not praying when things rock my world. And prayers of thanksgiving when all is well.

Your flowers are beautiful. I always enjoy walking around your garden with you. So many of your plants I have never seen.

As for the politician... I think when your private life becomes all that people can talk about, you cannot do your job. The trust is gone.

I enjoy reading all your posts.

Selina Kingston said...

How wonderful it must be to have Bird of Paradise just growing in your garden like that. I wish wish wish that was the case in mine

The Sagittarian said...

Great blog Meggie as usual! Oh and to finish with Kris baby - wonderful choice and I love that song!! We've got two Birds of Paradise in our garden but haven't seen them this year yet, maybe winter was too wet for them. As for the Godbotherers, I agree with you - each to their own eh?!

Isabelle said...

Re straying politicians - I never can understand how they find the time! I thought they were supposed to be awfully busy working for us? I couldn't do my job if I were spending time cavorting with lovers. (Not that I've tried...)

Marja said...

Oh Meggie all that messing around these days I can't be bothered I absolutely love your gorgeous flowers You are enjoying spring time just like we do Aren't we fortunate I love it so much. Hope all is well

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I've been looking for a bird of paradise plant for my sunniest window - simply beautiful.

I agree completely about Godsquadders and anyone else who proselytizes because it's bloody arrogant. Cramming religion down my throat is definitely not the way to my heart or soul, and I wish the Jehovah's Witnesses and other door-to-door salesmen would realize that and leave me alone.

fifi said...

I called by here before and was sure I commented....hmmm.

Your flowers are lovely. I think strelitzia are very exotic and not even I can kill them by accident.

I shall attempt that recipe, but I can't guarantee any kind of success. I'm a terrible cook!

Tanya said...

Your recipe sounds delicious. I've made a Shepherd's pie but I don't think it ever occurred to me to put in parsnips. Of course I can't get parsnips so I'll not be trying to include them. I've never used soy sauce either and THAT I have lots of!

Sorry you were accosted while trying to enjoy your flowers.

Mike said...

Politicians private lives. Geez, that's a tough one for me. I don't personally see any point to it, but it does concern me how it might be used against him or her. I would hate to put all of my energies into a particular politicians only to find out he or she had a penchant for donkeys or something.