Tuesday, December 15

Forever Young.

It is, after all, what we all wish.

When we are  18, and bullet proof, can fly, and already know the answers to the Universe, we don’t need counselling or advice. Good heavens, we know it all!  No one can possibly tell us anything we don’t already instinctively know.

We can read Con men. We can foil their flimsy attempts at deception. We know they are married, or in the process of separation. Or Not Being Married Anymore. Or, more importantly, wishing they were still married.

They gasp in surprise, shocked that we guessed or ‘knew’ their secret. (Are we Witches, or Psychics??) Mostly they decided we were witches,  we did nothing to discourage this belief. I mean, how exotic was that!!

They never thought we would see the child’s records amongst their collections. They never thought we might notice childish notes amongst the detritus of  their ‘other’ life. They never seemed to know that a child’s record, might be some type of giveaway, as to parenthood.


Our Forever Young dreams never cam true. Nor did the young man’s, But we hope he found a truer dream, and future  Some of our Dreams came true. I hope some of his did, also.

Rod Stewart.


Catalyst said...

Nice video, Meggie.

Mike said...

Well said as usual Meggie.

fifi said...

What an intriguing post, >eggie. You are so full of interesting tales, and I would love to hear more of this one....