Friday, February 19

Whilst Out And About..

Yesterday, whilst having a 'moment of distance' from Gom, I decided to take myself for a small tour of Op Shops.

One, which I deem a very worthy cause, is messy, untidy, and seems to contain the dregs of everyone's "Too lazy to take it to the Dump"  mess. I feel sorry for the organisers, and the cause. I try to purchase something each time I visit, but yesterday, I just could not find anything I felt worthy of  purchase.
It is a shame, because it is for a Priest- yes, don't faint, those of you, who know how anti any 'Religion' I am! This man does nothing but great work, trying to save the teenaged 'lost'. He runs a farm style property, where these lost and damaged teens can learn to love. They are given animals to care for, and responsibilities that give them a sense of pride and achievment. They are taught about love, and self respect, along with respect for others. Often their lives are transformed.

I know this Priest has almost thrown in the towel, more than once, but his valuable center has provided salvation,  for so many precious young lives, who would have been otherwise lost. He relies on donations to keep the facility up and running.
I have private issues with the greed of his 'Church' and the wealth they continue to hoard, and boast about! lo, the man in the million dollar 'Frock' laced in gold, with slippers and a silly hat! how much does all this crap cost?? How much poverty could be alleviated with this combined amassed wealth?in this world. !!
I will not use this Blog as a forum for my disgust and anger.
Suffice to say, I moved on, with regret and visited another Good Cause op shop.

Clean, organised, tidy, and well run, with very fair prices, for goods on sale.

It was then I was afflicted with the most distressing chest pain. I wont elaborate as to it's progress. I lurched about the shop, hiding in corners, pulling faces, and testing myself, to make sure it was not a stroke. If anyone had observed me, they would have thought me quite mad, grimacing at the wall, poking my toungue out, and lifting my arms, to prove it was not a stroke I was experiencing. The pain seemed to indicate something else altogether, however. 'Blinding' springs to mind.

I knew I could not drive the car, feeling like that, so I lingered on, pretending to inspect unseen goodies on display. Eventually, after 15 minutes I felt confident enough to drive the car.

I have long wanted to photograph some "Art Works". They are often spectacular, and very detailed. They seem to change quite frequently, as I suspect rival 'Artists' destroy and deface the lovely works of others. Which is a great pity.

I have the feeling that the owners of the Business commisson these paintings, and are probably as disappointed as the artists, when they are defaced.
The art is, of course for a business, and it is a popular place for young lads- and girls, I hasten to add, -for Birthday Parties etc.

It is not my wish to advertise the company, but I give you some of the Art decorations.

It is not altogether my style choice, but I do so admire the ability! How good is this!
Of course, I can't read a word of it, but that is not the point I guess. The fearsome Dinosaur would surely strike fear into any defacer's heart?
This particular wall changes regularly, and so I will try to get updates from time to time.

Today has been a really pleasant day for me.
I have had phone calls, messages,  and a lovely lunch, so I will retire very tired & well satisfied.

Stars, Janis Ian.


Jennifer said...

That is amazing wall you I can't read it, but it is well done. I agree on the particular op shop, I have visited one which sells goods for the same cause and it wasn't organised at all - which was a shame, as I don't mind spending a dollar or two to help the cause, but couldn't find anything to buy.

marigold jam said...

We too have a charity shop near here which is for a good cause but how I long to get in there and give it a good sort out as I am sure there are things worth having in amongst the mess! Other shops manage to have their wares nicely displayed and it is a pleasure to shop in them.

Hope you chest pain proved to be nothing of any consequence? Probably stress after what you have been through/are going through just now.

That art work is really clever - not to my taste but like you I can appreciatie the artistic ability.

Take care

persiflage said...

Look after yourself, and I hope you feel better and that it is not anything serious. Should you go and see your nice doctor?

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh Meggie -- that chest pain is a little scary. I hope it's nothing to worry about. I enjoyed the church/money rant that you didn't write. ;-)

VioletSky said...

H.... kids most original
that's the best I can come up with after staring at that last one for ages.

that episode of chest pain sounds scary. hope you are keeping notes so you can describe it next time at the drs.

Jerry said...

I always look for ways that I can casually throw the word "whilst" into something I write. There is just something...I don't know, something a little off center and neat about the word.

There really are those that work to do doesn't just happen in the movies. I'm glad that you care and support such a person.

What's with the pains? Be careful. Be well.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I love graffiti and the free spirits who create it.

But how are you feeling now? Have you seen a doctor about those pains? Please report back soon. I do hope the pain has passed for good and was nothing but indigestion.

Pat said...

Happy Birthday, dear Meggie, Happy Birthday to you! And you are so lucky to NOT have me sing that to you in person -- my voice has been known to make small animals whimper! LOL

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I hope you at least mentioned your episode of chest pain to your doctor! Glad you had a pleasant day away.

~Sheila~ said...

I'm glad to read you had a lovely birthday Meggie..! Best wishes from me.
NOW..about that pain. Get yourself to the Doctor..please!

I want to read here next week that you did and it was nothing..
Better you go and waste his time, than ignore something that might be serious.


ancient one said...

The artists in your neck of the woods are so much more talented than the ones in the town I live ..I love all art, the good, the bad, the ugly... and all that my children and grandchildren have done.. I wish I could draw.. ha ha

I hope the chest pain was just a bit of gas and that you never feel it again... BUT if you do... please get checked out.

I'm getting a weekend break. My sister came to get mom and took her home for the weekend. Suddenly I don't know what to do with myself.. but I'll think of something... She's coming back to my house on Sunday afternoon. The Physical Therapist says she's good to go home.. but she thinks she needs to stay with me for a couple more weeks.

I love thrift shops that help others. When my daughter lived in the mountains of NC we went to thrift shops when we visited her. A lot of them were run by churches. We found some wonderful things that we sold on eBay and made ourselves a few pennies too.
Those were good days and wonderful memories.

ancient one said...

Ohhh I forgot... Happy Birthday!!

Alby Mangroves said...

You know what, love? I always stop by and play whatever little tidbit of joy you have on offer at the end of a post, and I look at your photos and muse, but I don't always leave a comment, definitely guilty *holding up hand*
But this pain business; you are getting that looked into aren't you? And that would have been me, just like you, doing the Maori greeting stroke test right along with you.
btw; I've just noticed that you've put me on your list of blogs you like to visit and I am honored and frankly, a bit shocked that you'd bother to read the crap that comes out of my mouth sometimes. *Thank You*

Ali Honey said...

Best Wishes for your special day! I hope you are feeling okay again more strange pains....take care!

Selina Kingston said...

Uhmm excuse me! Fifteen minutes of excruciating chest pain is not something to be dismissed. Will you please go and see the doctor about that. You're almost British in your resolve to carry on and ignore it!
Please sort it out Meggie x

The Sagittarian said...

Yes, get that chest pain see to Meggie!! How can you come and sit on the banks of the Avon with me, slyly sipping Sauvignon Blanc with me worrying about you??
I love Op-shopping, my eldest daughter hates it (so far but just wait until she sees the 'vintage' stuff...)

Anonymous said...

Meggie, I join those who urge you to investigate chest pain. Tis better to have it checked and find it's nothing to be worried about than to ignore it and be wrong ... so please don't ignore it.
I read a Happy Birthday in one of comments above mine so I'm wishing you one also, although I'm obviously late. I hope it was a great one.
I always enjoy reading your blog.
Hugs xo

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday. Ihope you are feeling better, dear meggie. Pains are not good and make me worry. :(

I oft wonder why they are called 'organisations' when they are usually everything but?