Tuesday, February 2

Thieves Abound- or Bounders Thieve.

Picture Meggie & Gom, sound asleep.
On second thoughts, don't picture that... it might involve snoring, and possible nakedness.

Bloodcurdling growls come out of our little Honey, followed by frenzied barking, as she leaps from the bed, & bounds down the passage.
Leo is a little off guard, and begins to bark furiously too.
Gom leaps from the bed, & rushes out to see what the commotion is all about. ( Yes, now that you ask, he was naked, as it happens, but he said not to tell anyone!)
We suspect some unwary Moggy may have strayed into the back yard, so lights on, & a good look about.

Nothing to see, then Gom realises the dogs are bounding down the stairs growling and barking.

He unlocks the front door, still naked, and ventures outside,  to discover there has been someone in our car. They have pawed through the trash  tissues and dockets leaving them strewn on the seats. No joy there, not even any stray coins!
We don't have any fancy Mod Cons. Not even a CD player. No GPS system for us.

Then Gom notices the garage door is open & realises the would-be thief or thieves have been inside the garage. Not that there is anything to take, most of the contents are junk, and we could not imagine opportunist thieves racing down the road bearing a lawn mower or a weedeater, or leafblower.

On ringing Mrs NN this morning, we learn that their car was not touched, but our Young Next Door neighbour had his GPS stolen. His tenant, had his car searched too. (?? what tenant? we never knew there was a tenant. Perhaps we have been blaming the wrong person for the dooff dooff music at the weekends!)

On consulting other neighbours, who park along our frontage, we find their cars were untouched.

I blame myself for leaving the car unlocked. I also left the garage door unlocked. Doors to upstairs were locked. We have been very lucky. The area we live in, has not had any burglaries, or thefts. We become complacent I guess. I have locked away the car inside the locked garage tonight.

Thank goodness for the noisy dogs. When I thought about it, I rather wished we kept a very large Alsation in our Garage. On the other hand, I am a softy, & would not like to have a dog I could not have in the house.

Gom is getting better slowly, but has a way to go. He has another blood test tomorrow, but unless something shows in those results, he does not have to see the Dr again for 3 weeks.

The cough has not gone, but is very much less intrusive, so we seem to get some sleep.
Apart from thievery of course.

A lovely friend made us a Calendar, using photos from my blog and  some of my photo collection for the top of each month. When I saw the sky pictures it reminded me of how few I have taken lately.
We have had so many grey days, with little blue, but plenty of high cloud, and no colour in the sunsets.

This was possibly the last nice one we had- well, visually, at least.

I really wished I could have just lay down on those feather pink clouds and floated away.

Don McLean, Castles in the Air.


marigold jam said...

Sorry to hear about your intruder but glad to hear that GOM was actually able to leap out of bed and go looking! So pleased to hear he is feeling better and hope the blood test results are good.

Take care and lock up.

Jane x

By Hoki Quilts said...

What an awful fright for you both and thank heavens for our dogs, regardless of size they certainly let us know when things are amiss. That is unless they are my two who slept through my feathered intruder.
keep safe

persiflage said...

Hi Meggie, I am glad to hear that GOM is feeling better, that you are getting more sleep, but how awful to have had thieves in the night. Good on the dogs.
What a way to have to test your fitness!

Joyce said...

Thieves are such an intrusion on your privacy and safety. At least your car and garage are like ours - nothing to steal. Glad there were no serious consequences.

Thimbleanna said...

Ooooh, that's scary Meggie! (Even with the funny naked bits.) Glad you didn't lose anything, or worse yet, that he didn't come into the house. I'm also happy to hear of GOM's progress. And how fun that someone made you a calendar from your blog photos -- I had to make my own!

Reluctant Blogger said...

Oh gosh it is so long since I have been here. I feel really bad.

I have no idea what has been going on in your life but I am sorry to hear that GOM has been ill but pleased that he is a little better.

I'm not sure he should go rushing out into the night though. I am sure I would hide under the bed! Glad nothing was there to be taken and no damage was done.

I have added you to my Reader now so that i can stay in touch.

Let me know if you want my blog url. I have been writing again.

ancient one said...

One good reason to have dogs in the house, I guess... LOL My daughter told me that if I had a dog in my house, I wouldn't have crumbs on the floor... another reason..

I'm so glad you and GOM were okay... Glad to hear that he is feeling better...

Warty Mammal said...

Well done, Honey and Leo!

I am so glad the two of you are safe.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Glad the damage wasn't much. Your dogs performed well.

Catalyst said...

Well, I for one am disappointed! The lovely blogger with her ever active camera somehow forgot to take a photo of the en deshabille GOM chasing phantoms in the night!

The Sagittarian said...

I trust your guard dogs were rewarded handsomely for their efforts? What a bugger for you! Glad GOM is feeling up to a bit of naked dashing about in the night!!

quiltmom said...

What excitement you have been experiencing, Meggie- so glad that your dogs were able to warn you. Hope you have no more problems with intruders- it is such a horrible thing to have happen.
Your sky picture is glorious.
Hope GOM continues to feel better and that you get good news at his doctors visit.

I love the Castle's in the air piece.
Be well,
Warmest regards,

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Good dogs, I hope you rewarded them properly. If love of my life leaps out of bed, he is also without clothes (unless we have company). I prefer to be ready to run with out looking for something to cover myself with. Hope the next doctors visit will be a good one, you are both still in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

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Cathi said...

How scary!! Thank goodness for your dogs letting you know something was wrong. Hope they got extra treats!
Too bad we all have to be so careful now.

Jo said...

I am just catching up on my blogging. It sounds as if GOM is finding his sea legs again. I'm glad to hear he is feeling better. And thank goodness for your dogs. They're looking after you.


Jellyhead said...

Good grief Meggie - you've had some dramas lately! I grinned to imagine a naked GOM racing about to fight off the 'baddies'.

Glad to hear GOM is improving ... hope that continues.

I hope you are going OK too - you must have been very stressed with all that has happened recently. Take care of you, too, won't you?

Pauline said...

Glad Gom didn't have to chase anyone down the street!

It's scary thought, that of someone breaking into your house and car. Glad your dogs alerted. Maybe their barking scared the thieves off?

Glad GOM is feeling better!

Tanya said...

Hooray for your heros Leo and Honey! They may be small but they are effective! Glad that nothing was taken. I'll remember to lock my car door too. (No garage).

Molly said...

Nerve wracking to have people you don't know inviting themselves into your home! Leo lived up to his name. Glad GOM is improved enough to give chase, albeit in the altogether!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you had the door locked!

Stomper Girl said...

Now I'm wondering if the thieves got more of a fright because of naked GOM or the blood-curdling barks from your two wonderful watchdogs! I hope the thieves DID get a big fright and decide to give up their life of crime.