Monday, March 1

Memories that last forever...

We have had our loved son to stay for the weekend.
He had another birthday to celebrate.

He bought me flowers to celebrate the occasion. My mother would have been so happy. She really loved Gerberas, they were her favourite flowers.
I can see why, they are so unpretentious, and simple and happy and the colours are just glorious works of art!

He is a very considerate son, and says he always regards his Birthday, as "Mother's Day", since, he says,  it was me who did all the hard work, to ensure his safe arrival in this world.

Gom really needed this visit, as he has been quite ill.
I was on the point of panic.

However, Gom seems recovered enough now, to have sneaked out & done foolish things while I was out today, with our daughter.

So begins our Autumn. The odd thing is, it seems to have turned to Autumn the instant the 1st of March arrived.

We had high winds last night, that kept me awake.
I seem to be the only one who heard them.
I wonder why.

I am glad for the cool, and the gentle rain that has fallen steadily most of the day.

We like some of the Classic Movies.
This song, from so long ago, brings back so many memories, that will last forever.

Nilsson. Everybody's Talking At Me.


Pauline said...

What a thoughtful son! I have two just like that :) Glad things seem to be more cheerful for you - your autumn usually heralds our spring but right now it seems a long way off. Thanks for the bright spot of flowers!

Teodo said...

Ciao Meggie,
happy autumn to you and happy spring for us.
I love gerberas too, their colours are so intense.
ciao ciao

jovaliquilts said...

What a totally sweet son! What a difference a little appreciation makes.

Thimbleanna said...

Those flowers are beautiful! Gerberas are one of my very favorites too -- they're just happy. I'm glad you were able to spend some time with your son!

Catalyst said...

The BRD always gifts SWMBO on the BRD's birthday, for the same reason. I don't know how these "kids" became so thoughtful.

The flowers are gorgeous and the song and artist are two of my favorites.

Best wishes to GOM. Hope he stays in his "foolish" mode!

Warty Mammal said...

Gorgeous flowers!

I'm so glad the GOM is raising a bit of hell again.

julieQ said...

What a darling son to say that..."Mother's day"...and gorgeous flowers. Many prayers for Gom.

Isabelle said...

What a lovely boy!

Ali Honey said...

I'm glad things are a bit happier for you Meg. The gerberas are lovely such bright colours but secretly I like the white one.

Anonymous said...

I love the white gerbera, I adore white flowers of any kind. And those ones of yours are extra special x

ancient one said...

Happy Birthday to your loved son... the flowers are so pretty... Glad GOM is doing better. Such a nice bright post for us to enjoy. Nothing blooming around here yet... might get snow again tomorrow... hurry up Spring.. LOL Enjoy your Autumn.

Cathi said...

What a great idea to treat one's birthday as Mother's Day -- your son is very thoughtful!!
I could almost believe spring has hit here although I know better than to say that. But there was a definite difference in the air today!

quiltmom said...

Your gerberas are beautiful- what a nice thoughtful son you have raised. It sounds like you have your hands full these days Meggie- glad to hear that GOM is doing a bit better.
Have a great week,

persiflage said...

Happy birthday to your lovely son, and I am hoping GOM is somewhat/much better. Those flowers are lovely and I shall tell my own offspring how they ought to send me flowers on their birthdays!
How is the mother-daughter time going?
I have been away for a few days without computer access so was out of touch.

Lucy said...

I don't remember seeing them until I was grown-up, then I thought they looked a bit like clowns' flowers which ought to squirt water at you! But they really are lovely, and so's your son for giving them to you.

Anonymous said...

Nice gesture from your son and I am happy it gave a boost to Gom. And, as you gear up for autumn we are cherishing the fact that spring is well on its way. Thanks for Everybody's Talkin', it's a favorite piece of mine.

Q said...

Wonderful your son knows you did all the work! In fact you did. The flowers are lovely.
Hope GOM continues to feel better. It is always a worry when the men get sick.
Thinking of you and happy you have a cool down. I am getting a warm up. I am rather tired of snow....
Spring is coming soon here.

Stomper Girl said...

Good one, Meggie's Son. See that, now my mother is nagging me to give her flowers on MY birthday!!!!

The gerberas are so gorgeous and I'm relieved to hear GOM is pulling through.

Tanya said...

What a nice son to bring flowers to Mom on his birthday. But I guess all those years ago YOU did the work!