Tuesday, March 16

Seeking the 'Happy Medium'

No, not the reader of the Occult. Just a comfortable way to blog using the loaner Laptop.
As the owner says, it does make your lap rather hot! To say nothing of the mistakes & lost letters etc. ! It seems so slow, takes me ages to even write an email.  I hasten to add, it is user idiocy, not the Laptop.

I cannot seem to make it do as I wish, so I have not been on here much.
Gom has visited the Specialist, and what a nice man he is. Of course he is about 12 years old, but seems very knowledgable, and he is honest I think. He has told us things are not going well, so now there are tests involving cameras....Always a worry. Another 3 weeks to wait for those tests.

In the meantime I have some tests to have myself. I finally went to see the Doctor & will be checked for various things.The stress test is not that far off, & is local, so that is good ~if you can call sweating until you wish you were dead, good!.I think I would rather drop dead than have to go through the test, but as a lot of folk do in fact drop dead, after having been declared fit & healthy, I had better watch what I say!!  I have to wait 4 months to see an 'Orthopeadic Surgeon!  I guess that is the price one pays for living in an area known as the "Holding Paddock"!! Or, as the Christians are wont to say, "God's Waiting Room".

We are having lovely Autumn weather just presently, though it has been a hot & wet Summer.
The good news about my computer is, it was still under warranty, so my lovely Computer savvy friend is going to replace the free replacement motherboard which the company will send out for me.Had I been born in a different era, I think I would have liked to know how to repair computers.

Gom continues to do strange things, but in light of his health I let him go now. I try not to get too riled about the state of the pantry shelves, or the rearrangemenst in the freezer.

We spent more time with our Granddaughter in the waiting room at the Medical Center. We spent a whole afternoon! The Doctor was seeing patients at the rate of one an hour! I guess that is the price to pay for a Dr who is a Nutritionist, rather than a '  drug disher outer' We are pleased our grandaughter is prepared to give diet a fair trial before resorting to drugs.

My 'Big Day Out' seems a distant memory now. I have photos which I intend sharing, when I  get my old computer back. I had a great day out, went for a luxury coach trip with a friend. We went to a Coutry Craft Market, and saw Kiama Blowhole- however a blowhole I remember at Mt Maunganui seemed larger, though I suspect it is gone now.We also visited a lovely Patchwork shop, but I restrained myself, & did not purchase fabric. I suspect there were more Patchwork shops I could have found in the two towns we  visited, but my state of crippledom was too pressing to allow too much walking. We had a nice day away from our 'real lives', & it is something I had wanted to do for a long time. It did not disappoint me, & I enjoyed every minute of it- except for the pain in my foot that crippled me!Getting old sure is a b!tch.

My brother has just been advised by his GP that he will live with pain for the remainder of his life, and will have some better days, & mostly not so good days. As my BB said, he felt very depressed when he came out, to think that was his future.

Gom & I joke about getting the Ulitmate Package. It would be a Euthanasia Package for Four. Gom & I & the two dogs. We see poor animals that have to be surrendered to the RSPCA all the time, because their owners are no longer able to care for them, and no one wants to invest love in an older pet. I honestly think much better to have a choice about such things, from a purely cowardly and practical point of view.

A source of joy for me has been the birth of the little 'miracle' baby elephant at Taronga Zoo. It was certainly better than all the other cr*p news concerning a silly girl and an alleged  bl**dy sports 'hero.' WTH is wrong with the media?? Surely there are stories of interest out there, that dont involve misery of so called 'public figures' GGRRRRRR!


Catalyst said...

Meggie, so good to read you again. And you are correct: old age is a bitch!

Hope your computer comes back to you soon, good as new.

ancient one said...

Glad you got a break from your "real life"... Most of my time out of the house is spent in the doctor's office..not for me, but for my mom. She's doing good and improving each visit.

Hope your computer gets repaired soon. Would love to see the pics.

Jennifer said...

It's all downhill after 25, you know that, Meg......

Thimbleanna said...

Sounds like you had a good outing Meggie. You do make me smile, even when the news isn't so great -- I hope it will improve. Oh, and what is a blowhole? Is it related to a volcano?

quiltmom said...

Just want to say hi- I am thinking of you and hoping that life will bring you some good news on the health front. My father in law used to say getting old was not for wusses -
Wishing you some nice fall weather and some fun filled adventures.
Warmest regards,

Meggie said...

Hi Everyone.
I forget that there are people who live far from the Ocean, and are probably unaware of what a Blowhole is. It is formed by lava and rock, when some of the rock is worn away, leaving a sort of cavern, into which surges the ocean. The pressure of the tidal surge forces the water up out through the hole at the top, forming a vast waterspout expressed with some force from the hole. Each surge of water gives varying degrees of pressurised spouts. It usually makes a huge Whumping noise as the air is forced out, followed by the water spray. I did get some photos, which I will share later.
I am sure Google might have a better explanation then mine.
When I was a child a local beach had a Blowhole, & we loved to climb over the rocks to see the giant water spouts.

persiflage said...

Hi Meggie, it is good to hear your news. Even if it is the sort that means life is much less likely to get better. Perhaps it is better for the bad parts to come upon us gradually, as knowing them all in advance would be too much to bear. I have just phoned for an ACAT assessment for Dr P, but there is a waiting list....

marigold jam said...

So sorry to hear that life is not treating you and yours that well just now - let's hope that you will turn the corner soon. Glad you were able to have a bit of time away from all your problems - always a good thing to do. Thinking of you.

Jane x

VioletSky said...

Keep your sense of humour - it may be a life saviour!

Ali Honey said...

I hope your foot gets better and your computer. I think the blow hole might still be there - I haven't visited it for a few years....I'll try and find out.

Are you sewing Meggie?

Pauline said...

The Euthanasia Package sounds interesting - I'd like to have a choice about how much I have to suffer under the guise of "living."

Hope things improve for you - at least you know they will eventually change...

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your posts, whatever the subject matter. Re the computer, I feel your pain, just went through all that. No fun but necessary ;D

lovelyprism said...

I feel like I got pretty well caught up with this first post! I'm happy you're having some adventures and fun times. It's nice to know someone who just "gets on" and keeps their sense of humor. I'm trying to emulate that now! *hugs*

Murfomurf said...

Glad you got out and enjoyed the world a bit! Your brother shouldn't have to endure pain- it just makes people depressed and want to order the Euthanasia Package too early. Why doesn't he demand to have an assessment at a Pain Centre/Clinic so they can work out a system of pills and patches that will keep him fairly pain free? There is absolutely NO NEED to be in pain- doctors and nurses just don't feel it, so they don't pay too much attention- they think things are just a bit of an ache- they don't realise a lot of people are a whisker away from screaming 24 hours a day!
Happy quilting etc!

The Sagittarian said...

Have you ever been to the Pancake Rocks at Punakaiki, Meggie? Now, THATS where there are blowholes!
Great to see you mastering the laptop.

Anonymous said...

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~Sheila~ said...

Hi Meggie, just catching up with your posts as I have been so lazy of late. I'm sorry to hear GOM is still so unwell. Maybe the 'boy' Dr will come up with something to help.
First day of Spring here in the Northern Hemi. and it's colder than it's been all week.
Hope the stress tests go well, I hate them, nothing like being reminded of hoe out of shape we really are.
I don't know about all these tests, they didn't have them in Gran's day and they faired all right. They either felt good, or they didn't in which case they just got on with things anyway.
The treatments now seem worse than the compalints they are supposed to cure.
Thanks for the funny emails you send, they always cheer me..
love and hugs

Jerry said...

I'd sign up for the Euthanasia package. It's funny. When I was younger I thought such a concept was horrid. Now I see it as smart and useful.

I do hope things pick up for you...and your computer.

Warmest wishes,


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