Friday, April 16

You know you are really old when....

You know you are really old when the Surgeons who treat your ailments are Doctor Jason Rhubarb*, or Doctor Kylie Grasshopper*.
They do say that names can date people, and you can hazard a guess as to the age, by the given name.

A lovely friend recently had Brain Surgery by Dr Kylie Grasshopper*.
Gom has had (very successful) surgery by Dr Jason Rhubarb*.

*Very competent and expert those Surgeons both proved to be.

However, it was with some shock, we all realised those Surgeons are probably a generation slightly younger, than our eldest offspring!


It is that time of year again. The Camellia are blooming. I know Cat will appreciate this, should he visit.
This is my favourite Camellia, I love it's very simple blossom, plus the really delicate shade of pink. It never has enough flowers to satisfy me, so I savour each blossom.

As someone has mentioned out there in Blogland, it is hard to 'catch up' when you have long breaks, between posts..
I have so many topics I planned on posting.


My 'brilliant' (haha) thoughts on Music, (as I was showering, and not singing.)
 I have a very eclectic, or catholic,  taste in music and a wide appreciation of singing voices from Bass, Tenor,  to Soprano, and all the ranges in between. I love Enya's wonderful gift of vocal ability, and may have had some green-tinged thoughts about it all. She does, after all, seem to have it all. Beauty, plus a wonderful vocal talent. I wish I had been given the gift of a beautiful singing voice. On the other hand, I am so grateful I have been given the gift of recognition, and appreciation,  of beautiful music.

There are people who have no 'ear' for music, or any of the wonderful world of sounds. I know Gom has a certain tone-deafness, when it comes to subtle variations in music. He has no liking for Classical Music at all.

Or many other forms of music, which escape his interest entirely.
I, on the other hand, am filled with admiration and awe, when I listen to so many forms of music.
I consider myself blessed to be able to enjoy so much music, which fills my soul with delight, joy, and pleasure, immeasurable.

I recently visited a weekend Market, which was quite small, but very interesting.
I found a lovely Quilting Stand, with beautiful examples of Patterns and Quilts.
I promised to give the lovely Proprietor, Carol,  a shout out, which I have not done, so here she is- Please visit, as I am sure you will be delighted with her lovely designs. She has some gorgeous fabrics for sale too.

At this Market, I also found some lovely soaps. I bought a soap to bath the dogs, which I used when I returned home. It was a very hot day, and the dogs enjoyed their baths, and I enjoyed the beautiful smelling soap. If you would like to learn more about the lovely soaps, here is a link-


It has been a period of ups and downs, with some low patches, and some very high patches, as good news arrived after Gom's surgery. His problems are not over, but one aspect is very much improved, and though he underwent a very harrowing after surgery effect, all seems to be well now.

We have had our lovely son to stay, and he mowed the lawns, which set Gom's mind at rest.

We have had a problem loo. I jokingly suggested we need a whole new toilet suite. Gom was appalled. Our neighbour Plumber came obligingly to investigate, & came out to heartily tell us we need a new toilet suite!
Gom almost choked. Obliging Plumber said he was joking~ he could replace FOUR washers, and we would be ok with our existing toilet suite. All duly accomplished and no more problems. The cistern is Royal Doulton Porcelain.. but who cares... I would trade it in an instant for a new one. However, I guess we have enough to cope with at present, one way and another.

We have been having some glorious days of perfect Autumn weather. The wonderful cool nights, when bedclothes are welcome, for the fist time for months. A little sleep in has been most welcome, under warm covers.

The gorgeous blue diamond days to follow have felt crisp and comfortable. I have felt quite energised, in spite of worries.

I loved this sunset colour, through the branches of our Lily Pily, looking towards the friendly lights of our neighbour's home, in the evening.

Here, the lovely colours of the clouds as the sun set on a perfect day. (Shame about the lines of power, but a modern necessity.)

I had a small shopping spree, a little Retail Therapy. The beautiful blue-eyed woman Assistant and I had a conversation, and the end result was, she came out from behind the counter, to give me a lovely, big hug! I was so moved, and decided Angels are about, where we least expect them.

The feathery silhouette of our Jacaranda always looks pretty against the evening sky, to me, and I am always inclined to include it, in my photos of the sunset.

Enya, How Can I Keep From Singing


marigold jam said...

Glad you are sounding more positive this time Meg. Such an interesting and varied post - I enjoyed reading it all. Lovely camelia you have there and those pics of the sunset are fabulous. Here we are just finding we are warm enough after the long winter months so the reverse of what you have!! Take care.

Jane x

Thimbleanna said...

Lovely to see you posting again Meggie! It sounds as though things are remaining on a rather even keel -- some up days and some down. Wishing for more up days for you. Beautiful sunset pictures!

Caroline said...

Great sunset pictures! We are enjoying some extremely rare brilliant weather over here in bonnie Scotland this week.Honestly I'm melting- bring back the snow and rain!
with love Caroline x

Catalyst said...

Yes, Meggie, I love the camellia and I always read your stories whenever you post. Glad to hear GOM is doing better and I had to laugh at the joke the plumber (and you) played on him!

Isabelle said...

Glad GOM is doing well. I have become resigned to the fact that since I'm almost at retirement age, the world is in future going to be run by younger people. And I must say they're welcome!

Laurie said...

Lovely to have you back in blog land love to read your blogs although I don't comment to often....autumn here in NZ also and it is beautiful the colours are a dream come true...probably due to the wonderful summer we have had. Cool nights also help with sleeping ... love the cuddly warmth of a bed in winter.
Glad life is in the up mode.. keep the chin up

Laurie Rotorua NZ

Ali Honey said...

Good Meg, you are happier today or at least trying hard to be. I'm glad Gom had a bit of better news.
That's a lovely Camellia. Aren't simple flower shapes delightful, I too love them.

I giggled at the Drs' names. ( hard to take them seriously ) What I find amusing is when the name fits the occuaption.
Around here we also notice the number of men especially who have 2 Christain names , one as a surname.

I am also enjoying the calm days of Autumn and the cooler nights.
Best Wishes from the BOP!

Meggie said...

Hi All,
First of all, I have to confess, I made up the surnames of the Doctors. It is odd how often names fit occupations though, I am to see a Dr Limbers for a foot problem I have. He must be popular, because I cannot get in until August! Seems a long time to hobble!
Thankyou for your welcome comments, they brighten my days.

Jennifer said... you, I knew I was getting older when people with names like "Kylie" and "Jason" started showing up at my fellow workers.

Molly said...

I love Enya's music too, and I never see a picture of her that doesn't make me think of my sister! Glad GOM's operation was a success and that you are sounding more cheerful!

The Sagittarian said...

Oh thats one of my favourite Enya songs!!

Pauline said...

Sounds like things are on the upswing - always good :)

Love Enya's recordings...

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Hi there Meggie. This is a courtesy return visit from my blog over here in Merry Olde England. Wow! You really crammed a lot in to your Friday blogpost. It's often strange to come across blogs like yours that have been merrily growing and earning thousands of "hits" in a parallel world to my own.

Jerry said...

I've always had a soft spot for Enya.

The Spring weather her is beautiful with the early mornings cool. Alas, the allergens in the air keep me fretfully inside.

lovelyprism said...

I've missed so much again! I'm just going to say hello :-) Then scroll down and start reading in February... sorry!

quiltmom said...

Such a fun and newsy post- loved your story about retail therapy- especially about the assistant giving you a hug - Kindness and caring is a rule that we live with in my kindergarten. It is nice to see adults sharing that sentiment.
I have loved Enya's music for a long time.
Beautiful Camellia and sunset. I love seeing all the beautiful flora and fauna from the land down under-some familiar and some so very different.
Spring time is coming to Alberta. We raked the front lawn to see if it could go from brown to green. The flowers are peeking their heads out of the ground too.
Have a great week-

Cathi said...

I'm glad to see you back posting. The sunset pictures are gorgeous! We're slowly warming up -- I can't wait for the first hot and humid day of summer.

Marja said...

Great that the surgery of your hubby went well. I love music too My favourite is andrea Bocelly and he can take me up in the clouds Beautiful.
We've had a warm Autumn as well and indeed it is getting crispy at night

Kitty said...

I would much rather retain my love and appreciation of music than have a good voice. I can't sing for toffee, but music enhances my life in ways I'm sure only others who love music, can imagine.

That camelia is gorgeous. Sending love to you both.


ancient one said...

I was here before.. but didn't see a comment from me.. I must have been in a hurry (yeah right)

I loved this post. So many things covered. I know I'm getting old. All I have to do is look in the mirror. All the doctors and nurses are younger than me. Everyone calls me "Miss Ann"... LOL

I'm glad GOM is better. Glad your son got to come. Glad you got to go shopping and do some fun things.
Hope your foot heals before your appointment even gets here. ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

Are those doctor names for real? On a related matter, see my blog today.

And I do wish we had a climate that would welcome jacaranda trees. I love them. Oh, and frangipani, too, for the blossomes.