Thursday, April 29

Little Portraits

Out & about. Small details stand out, as they tend to, when I am 'watching'.

Gom has a favourite Fruit & Vegetable Shop, at a Mall close to us. He likes to visit,  to catch some of the bargains. Which of course, are not always bargains.

But the persuasive patter of the Spruiker, gets a lot of ready customers. Gom included.

The man who Spruiks, is very thin, has dyed his thinning hair, so as not to appear grey, or elderly, in this youth oriented world. It is a rich Auburn, which I suspect may have been his natural colour, since his skin has the marks which would indicate a Red Head.

He must be very effective, since he sells quite a lot of his 'specials' by spruiking the bargains. People tend to become excited in the moment, and free samples of the sweet fruit or cheeses, gather in the crowds, who become willing to part with more money than usual, to 'grab the bargains'.

Today it was sweet strawberries, from Victoria. The samples were delicious. I am happy to say the bought product is equally delicious. I really dont know if they were bargains, but I feel they may be. We will enjoy, regardless.

A sharp faced man, with little hair, and an unfortunate cast in one eye, who assures me he knows his procucts, when I venture to enquire about his wares, on a Market Stall. It is quite hard to address this person, as I am unsure which eye I need to look at, when making conversation, and asking questions. I rather guiltily pass on by, unsure of the value of his wares.

The distant gaze of the swarthy skinned, incredibly handsome,  man on the stand of wonderful Olives, Antipasto foods, Artichoke hearts to die for, plus Sundried Tomatoes which melt in the mouth. I so badly want him to make eye contact, perhaps smile in greeting... He does not, and his gaze is firmly fixed on some distant point, which does not include me! Nor any of his customers, it seems, so I do not feel personally neglected, and purchase some Antipasto, in spite of the ignore.

A wheelchair bound lady, sadly perusing the clothing, in a shop offering incredible bargains. She appears to have an 'escort' who may be a Carer. The Carers have a difficult task, and appear to have endless patience. The lady in the wheelchair sighs constantly, while declaring nothing is in her size. I spy several items in her size, so indicate them to the Carer. They are all rejected. I think about the life of the Carer, but also the life of the incapacitated lady. What is left in her life to amuse her? I am sure there is very little, that she can pick and choose about. I sense the Carer is very aware of this. She remains patient, and caring.

The excited children, laughing at the Pet Shop Puppies. So trapped, so desperate to have cuddles, and company, those little animals. I suspect there are several, older than the optimum age for adoption.  Their soft, pleading little eyes look out at the spectators. They are mostly too expensive for the best possible owners. I hope their little lives are saved, for a better life. Who would want to live in a glass enclosure lying on shredded paper? Unable to feel warmth of loving contact. Gom refuses to look at them, becuase he feels too sad, at the fact we cannot possibly adopt them all.

Another haircut, from my favourite Stylist. He is amazed, he tells me, when I say my son is 42. He declares I am not old enough to have a son of that age! He holds his hands up, and asks "What is your secret??" What a charmer he is!! (He is Italian!)  He has other customers, who love his loud playing of a Pavarotti tape. The man customer sings along. All is joy, as we all enjoy the music. His waiting customers tell me I have beautiful hair! Fading and grey streaked as it is now, I feel suitably flattered, and leave on a high. I am soon brought to reallity on my arrival home. Cut right down to size by Gom, who declares the hairdresser, & his customers to be short of sight. Never mind, I had 30 minutes of happy!!

My driving skills are improving, since I am now the 'Driver'. It is not an easy mantle I wear, and confess, there are moments when I would wish I was anywhere else on the Planet.

It is almost 21 years since we became the proudest Grandparents of a gorgeous little girl. We are planning a Protrait session. Perhaps I will share.

Leonard Cohen, Everybody Knows


Mary said...

That haircut is gorgeous and suits you so well!

marigold jam said...

Glad you are sounding so upbeat today and don't let GOM deflate you - did he have HIS glasses on when he commented? I think you look great and certainly not a day over 25!! I myself have been 25 for a very long time so I recognise another lady of my own age!!

Take care and keep smiling.

Jane x

Ali Honey said...

Oh, I agree with Marigold Jam.

I think I have met most of those people you described.
Glad you are mostly happy today.

R likes L Cohen, I can enjoy one song at a time not a whole CD...the sandpaper voice wears me away.

persiflage said...

Lovely photo, Meggie, and the haircut looks good too. I am a fan of Leonard Cohen, even though I don't know what it all mean.
Looking at and selecting fresh food is such a pleasure. The apple season is wonderful.
Keep driving but do not listen to the comments. Thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mary's comment above, great photo!

ancient one said...

Love your haircut. Enjoy your 30 minutes of happy whenever you can. We know Gom can't see... you look wonderful!! Driving just takes practice, and the more you do it, the easier and less nerve racking it becomes. You're doing great!!

Love the descriptions of the venders and customers. You notice so much when you are out and about. Loved this post!!

Anonymous said...

What counts is that you like how you look. The haircut is very becoming and you have a lovely smile!

Seeing the fresh strawberries has me going to the market for some...yummm!

Keep smiling.

Layla from L.A.

Catalyst said...

Loved this post and the photo of you smiling for the camera is very flattering. I like the hairdo!

Ulrike said...

Wonderful word portraits.
Lovely haircut.
Love listening to Leonard Cohen.

Your post put a wonderful spark in my day. Thank you.

Pauline said...

Meggie, give GOM a few of those strawberries to sweeten him up! Love the haircut - it's very flattering.

Molly said...

Great word pictures, great haircut. When GOM starts being negative fake deafness!

Thimbleanna said...

Another great update Meggie. Molly's comment cracked me up -- I was going to say when GOM gets grumpy, pelt him with strawberries!

Warty Mammal said...

The hairdresser's eyesight is just fine. You look great!

quiltmom said...

I love the vignettes- Meggie- It is nice to feel the joy from life's little gifts. I think your haircut suits you to a T- I have thin and fine hair - yours is gorgeous and thick. I guess we all need something thin about ourselves - mine is my hair :D
Leonard Cohen is Canadian - My husband is a big fan of his music. I love his poetry- can't decide if I love his voice or not.
Have a wonderful weekend- the time is flying by these days.
Warmest regards,

Granny J said...

What does it mean, dear Meggie, "to Spruik"? sThough I'd take those strawberries any day -- it's been years since I've seen properly sized berries. All we get are those huge muscular ones.

Cathi said...

What a great post! The vendors at the farmer's market stalls here are always interesting to watch as they interact with their customers. Those strawberries look wonderful -- we're waiting for ours to come into season.
Your haircut is wonderful.
And oh, how I understand not wanting to look at those poor little puppies unless one can bring them all home. We tend to avoid the adoption centre at the pet shop as, if we had our druthers, they'd all come home with us!

Marja said...

Meggie always a treat to read your posts. You are so reflective and also turn ordinairy life into a theater. I would love to have that man as a hairdresser and he is right you look great.

Jerry said...

A true observer...not just the surface shades but the underlying hues. I suspect that in short order you can see through people and understand their motivations. A gift.

The Sagittarian said...

Great haircut, and your hairdresser is correctc - you don't look old enough to have a son that age!
Those strawberries looked lovely, did they taste as good as they look?

Isabelle said...

You look lovely - and so do the strawberries!

How can you have been a granny for 21 years??? I'm still waiting for this to happen to me and I'm nearly 60. Sigh.

Tanya said...

I cringed at your description of the pet store. Like GOM, I too cannot bear to look in the pet shop windows. My imagination takes over and sadness overflows...

I love the white streak in your hair. I wish I could get mine to do that.