Wednesday, August 18

A New Perspective.

I am trying to find one positive to add here, each day.

My positives are less than they were, as some of you know.

I am trying to counterbalance the weight.

So, my first attempt seems to be thwarted by the sodding picture down load feature! WTH??? Yesterday it was fine???

Ok, now my limited brain has allowed for the altered pic upload feature, that seems to be Blogger's latest challenge.

These are the colours of Paua Shell. I love the rainbow hues, and find them attractive in all manner of combinations. They are, truly, the colours of the Universe...the rainbows... the bubbles of childhood... life's free treats!.

When we were young, we stayed at Beach Baches, which in New Zealand, lots of people owned, or had access to use, for weekends spent at  beaches,  beside the sea. A Bach was sometimes a primitive dwelling constructed from old  tram carriages, Quonset huts and disused army huts. Disused bus shells were not unusual.
Often these dwellings were constructed from several of these, and were divided into the living/sleeping quarters and the cooking/eating quarters.

Cigarette smoking was the fashion of the day, and, of course, this necessitated ashtrays. These ashtrays were often in the form of polished Paua Shells, which were decorative, very long lived, and easily cleaned.
I regret that we have no Paua shell ashtrays from that era.
I do not regret having seen them, and enjoyed theirs wonderful colours

Whenever I see a rainbow, I am reminded of the wonderful colours of the Paua Shell.

Johnny Mathis - who could ask for more... if you are of my vintage, of course!


Thimbleanna said...

Those shells are beautiful Meggie. I sometimes run across old ashtrays and wonder what could we use them for now. A little trinket catchall maybe? A place to hold needles and thread? Some of them are so pretty!

persiflage said...

Paua shells are beautiful. I still have a pendant, bought in NZ on my only visit in the late 1980s. Such things help to keep us smiling. Every time I look at Morty's photos I want to stroke him.

Linds said...

I have some paua shell things from when I visited NZ. We had them, or something similar on the beaches in SA but I can't for the life of me remember what we called them!
You are so right - they have all the colours of the universe in them. Diana sent me a little paua angel for my Christmas tree too, and when the light catches it, is glows. Beautiful!
I have been thinking of you, Meggie. Take care and look after yourself too.

Anonymous said...

God bless. I'll say a prayer for you and GOM tonight. Those paua shells are beautiful. May you see beauty all around you that stirs the heart.

Mary said...

I have a feeling that those shells were used as ashtrays here in Australia too - they are very familiar to me!

Jennifer said...

Paua is wonderful, I love the beautiful.

Tanya said...

I seem to remember my smoking father having one of those... Maybe my mother's penpal from New Zealand sent it to her...

Warty Mammal said...

Paua shells are beautiful. One of life's free treats for sure.