Monday, August 16

Happy Birthday Gom.

Gom is 74 today.
We had a Roast Pork with the usual suspects.
I think he had a nice day, though he felt unwell for much of the early part.

However, he did enjoy his dinner, and thankfully, we did not sing to him! Our voices have little to commend these days, and were never particularly melodious.

This is around when it all began, in November 1964.

A plump Meggie, & a jolly Gom, who was HUS (Highly Unsuitable Suitor) back in the day.

This was our wedding day, in 1966. By this time, there was a thin Meggie.

This was with our Granddaughter and Daughter approximately 1993

At a family gathering around 1996

This was taken with our Grandson, Xmas 2003.

We dont have any recent pics together. My best attempts to get some seem to have failed.

Latest health reports are positive in most areas. However his feeling would almost seem to belie the blood results.

Dusty Springfield, Wishing & Hoping. HUS would play this on the jukebox.... remember those??
Back in those faraway days, they had jukebox players in booths, in the local Cafes. Dust was big in the Sixties in New Zealand.


marigold jam said...

Happy birthday GOM! My GOM will be 74 in September too! Did we ever think back when those early pohotos were taken that we would get to this stage? Of course not - we didn't think beyond tomorrow then! Glad to hear the reports seem to say GOM is doing OK and hope that perhaps his feeling is wrong.

Take care of each other and here's to the next 74!!!


Angie said...

Happy birthday to GOM, Meggie. I hope hope that he will start to feel better soon.

Mary said...

Happy Birthday GOM..

and thanks for sharing the photos Meggie..

Catalyst said...

Happy birthday, GOM! My SWMBO thought you were pretty good looking and a few months younger than her!

Better watch out, Meggie!

Anonymous said...

I hope he has had the happiest of birthdays.

Molly said...

Best wishes to GOM and the woman who's stuck by him all these years!

Ali Honey said...

My how time flies. Luckily we didn't think about getting older way back then did we.
Dear Meg I hope you are finding some things to make you smile each day - little things - Life's Free Treats.

Stomper Girl said...

Sounds like you did everything right to give him the best birthday possible - well done you and best wishes to him.

Warty Mammal said...

Happy birthday to GOM! You two look good together.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks you got yourself quite a jolly, handsome suitor and he won the top prize in snagging you. Enjoyed the photos. Wishing you and GOM every blessing.

Thimbleanna said...

Happy Belated Birthday to GOM! He certainly doesn't look G in the pictures LOL. You both look so cute and happy!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Happy Birthday to your GOM!! Sounds like he had a good day. It really is all about family, isn't it?

quiltmom said...

Love the photos through time-Meggie.. GOM is the same age as my mom. I hope that he had a fabulous birthday and that the new year brings him many wonderful things including improved good health.
Sending you both warm wishes and happy thoughts.

Anonymous said...
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Christine Thresh said...

Happy birthday to your GOM. He is a lucky man to have you. I loved seeing the timeline photos.
We all looked so young and innocent back in the day, didn't we.
I do hope his health improves. It is such a worry when our loved one is not feeling well.
I am sure you will do your best and draw on your wonderful sense of humor.

persiflage said...

Happy birthday to GOM. I love your photos, which have a lovely cheerfulness.

Tanya said...

Enjoyed the pictures! Happy Birthday to Gom!

fifi said...

Meggie, you really are so pretty. You have such a fabulous face.
And happy birthday GOM. What a lucky man to have such a pretty wife.