Wednesday, October 27

Comforts...or are they?

Much is written these days about so called "Comfort Foods".

I know I am somewhat of a freak, when it comes to my choice of "Comfort Food".

Chocolate has never been my choice. Offer me a Chocolate, or a Grilled Cheese dish, ~and Grilled Cheese will win every time!

Or better still, offer me Cheese and a Flaky Pastry, plus, perhaps an onion/combination,  and I am gone! My "Ultimate Swoon" Food!

Offer me a steak, I will shudder. But offer me fish, of almost any type, and I will be transported with delight.

I am not mad about Mussels, nor Pauas. Pipis, or Cockles,  I can take or leave- these days preferably leave! Though in our young days we would -cruelly, I am ashamed to admit- bit the 'toungues' off the raw Pipis as we dug them out of the sand.
I am appalled now, to think of this hideous act, and I wish I could apologise to every Pipi I maimed, or wounded!

I do love a rich Vegetable Soup, and I love Barley as an ingredient for any Soup. Comfort Food indeed, to my palate.

Potatoes score high in comfort food lists, and any method of cooking them, meets with my approval.

Something I do find, of late, is a love of salt.

I suspect this is not a good thing. Salt, tends to make one's aging body retain fluid, which is not desirable for many reasons. Fluid retention, and Heart disease, being two of the major "No No's"

Given the choice between a few chocolates, or a bag or two of Potato Chips, or Crisps, and you can have the Chocolates, I will take the the Chips or Crisp- call them what you choose.
Those awful yellow "Cheese" snacks? Let me have them~ salt and all!

I do love Asian style dishes, with the sweet/salty/sour tastes, and I tell myself the vegetables are extremely healthy! And the delicate Seafoods,  which go so well with the wonderful salty, soupy, dishes, of Asian influenced Cuisine.

I love noodles, and find them to be Comfort Food Central

, to me. I adore Rice Noodles especially. But then, I also love just plain Rice!

I also have a love of Macaroni Cheese, a hangover from my childhood, when I loved my Grandmother's Mac Cheese more than any other food. And next day, sliced cold, it was devine!!

I still love Pasta, and regard it as a Comfort Food.

Do you have a Favourite Comfort Food?

Neil Diamond, Porcupine Pie. I know, I have posted this before, but I still love this version.


marigold jam said...

What's a pipi? I think my downfall could be peanuts so I never have any in the house. Whereas once I loved cream cakes now I prefer simpler cakes such as a Chelsea bun or rock cake. I could happily live without meat of any kind but love vegetables - any sort and the simpler the cooking method the better. Strange thing taste eh?!


Thimbleanna said...

Yes, what's a pipi? And I'm not sure I could take cold mac&cheese. Love it hot though. I think my comfort foods involve potatoes!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Like you, I don't care for chocolate, but a nice stack of pancakes, dripping with maple syrup. I also love a nice bowl of oatmeal. Not the instant or the quick cooking, but the old fashioned slow cooked kind with walnuts and raisins with a good dab of brown sugar and half and half. Tonight for dinner I am making he who loves to eat one of his favorite meals ...... Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans. He calls this comfort food.

Meggie said...

Jane, I love vegetables too.

Anna, and Jane, Pipis and Tua tua are shellfish much like cockles. They burrow down in the sand, adn at low tide we used to dig them up, and cook them on tin on a fire made of driftwood, at the Beach. Can't do that these days!

Kathy, I think most men like Meatloaf. Gom's ultimate is steak and chips.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite Neil Diamond songs and vanilla soup (from the song) sounds like good comfort food. Thick vegetable soup is great for chasing away the cold and wet. But I enjoy dairy products like milkshakes and ice cream when I got the blues.

Angie said...

I want to just crawl through the computer straight into your kitchen and have 'comfort' foods with you. LOL You named ALL of my favorites, with potatoes, mac 'n cheese, and pasta being the top three. What time will it be ready? :D

Pauline said...

oh man, meggie - any food I happen to be eating at the time is comfort food ;)

If i HAD to choose favorites? Save me some potatoes!

Meggie said...

Hi All,
I would love to have you all over for a feast. I make a dish with potatoes and cream and cheese that my Son just adores.
If only we could all bring a dish, wouldn't it be fun to just sit and become delirious with food!!

Sheila said...

Yes Meggie, a pot luck dinner would be great. I'll bring shepherds pie, and steamed jam sponge and Bird's custard!