Monday, October 18

Not Keeping the Balls in the Air.

So many missed opportunities for pictures! So many milestones to mark!
It seems I have missed most of them.

Where have I been? Where has my wandering mind been?

This is SG, Small Grandson, 'Almost Eight', which is a pretty special Birthday, after all. He came to share it with us, and he was so excited by his gifts and the magnificent Chocolate Cake his father made!!

Shockingly, I dont have the 'Now I Am Eight!' pics.
Nor do I have the wonderful Choccy Cake, made by Dad! pics.

Where was the camera? What was I thinking?

I was off on Planet Numb, I suspect, wandering about, bewildered, and lost.
I have no idea where most of this month has gone.

If anyone finds my Sewing Mojo, please send it back to me, as I really need it now, to complete something I promised to have made, before November.

I received a lovely little hanging, of which I don't have photos to show. Hangs head in shame. I promise I will have them for the next post.

My juggling all seems in vain, & the balls all fall at my feet.

However, I am not resisting the temptation to say, "What the hell?",  look at the balls lying there, & just walking away.

After all, if they need to be in the air, I am sure someone will throw them up. Or not.

Morty has been a true CAT. He refuses to remain an indoor cat, and I swear he gives us 'the Finger' now & then!
He is a rude, arrogant cat. He comes running indoors to yowl and talk, only to run off again, when I try to answer his queries, and set his mind at rest.

He adopted a shabby cardboard box his choice of 'slumber slot' in the evening, beside my chair.

Well, he has lost it now. He caught a poor little bird, and sneaked it into the house.
The first we knew of it, was some thumping, and leaping noises. When I went to investigate, I found the poor little critter, cowering in a corner of a bedroom. I rescued the little creature, and took it to the local Vet. I hope it will recover. It did not seem mortally wounded, though it was missing a few feathers.

I used Morty's Slumber Box, to transport the hapless dove. Morty is getting another, large, bell for his collar!

My little dog Honey is quite jealous and disliking of Morty. However, most mornings, I find Honey on one side of my legs, on the bed, and Morty, on the other side.
It seems a truce is reached in the night.

Would I could reach such harmony in my days.

Janis Ian, In the Winter.


Peggy said...

I think I have Morty's brother Whiskers here with me. Somedays I would be glad to send him to you. LOL Have a great week and love that grandson picture. He is a handsome lad.

VioletSky said...

Maybe your mojo is lost with mine, somewhere over the Pacific!

Thimbleanna said...

You're so funny Meggie. Sometimes we just have to let those balls fall and roll away from our feet. Too much to do and not enough time. How fun that cat and dog can tolerate each other at night. Our cats are the opposite -- by day they play and have fun -- at night, fat Scruff refuses to let sweet Paul anywhere near us. SG is a cutie!

marigold jam said...

Sometimes it's because we are trying to keep too many balls in the air I suspect and whilst I can manage 2 or 3 any more leads to the balls all tuimbling round my feet. I think it must be the time of year (although I know you are approaching spring not autumn like us!) as my sewing mojo has gone too. Still it's one less ball to worry about eh?! Hope things will settle down for you soon.


ancient one said...

I know that feeling well... "the hurrier I go the behinder I get" (or something like that)... and I cannot catch up. Life has really gotten busy since my husband has been sick.

I love your young GS. It's fun watching him grow up.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I know exactly what you mean! Seems all the balls I am supposed to be keeping aloft have fallen. Now I wish I could avoid stumbling on them! As the season is ending I am hoping to get my sewing mojo back myself. I am currently forcing myself to finish the promised cheerleading outfits for my sweet grandgirls, but I fail to find the sense of accomplishment sewing usually brings. I must need a vacation.....

Mary said...

Just sent you an email and then found your post!

You know your posts are my free treat.

SG ! I remember when he was four !

Ali Honey said...

WE all have moments when we wish we had had the camera in our hands Meg. Don't stress.

Grandson looks lovely such an open honest face with a touch of cute!

quiltmom said...

Sometimes juggling is more than one can take- Meggie
Morty is quite the cat- Mars is content to find me the occasional mouse that she can then send me into a state of being grossed out...
Been thinking of you and wishing some quiet along with the love and laughter from loved ones.
Sending you a big cyber hug.

Pauline said...

even in the midst of such angst, Meggie, you write a good post. Hoping things improve on all fronts at once so you can finish projects and remember to take pictures :)

Isabelle said...

It's the one fault of cats, isn't it? Ours don't do it any more.. or at least not as far as we know...

The Sagittarian said...

Oh dear, haven't found your mojo over this way but it seems SOMEBODY'S is trying to escape from the bowels of the earth!!
One year The Stud accidentally shot a sparrow with a firecracker, the cats thought it was great chasing the poor thing about. We finally rescued it and put it inside the cat cage for the night and in the morning he happily hopped out and away!

Tanya said...

Ah, I can just picture Morty... I get this all the time from my various feline friends... How cats can let you know what they want! "Meow, meow and to you too!" So good of you to rescue the birdie.