Monday, November 29

It is all in the Details.

I think, most of our lives are contained, right there, in the details.

You know the ones. They are never evident upon first inspection.

Then they seem to seep into consciousness, and finally become the significant items, or aspects, that they acutally ARE.

At first, we may notice them, in a secondary way. They are part of the Wallpaper, or the Background Buzz. The misty glimpse, off to the side... the Ghostly Peripheral.

As they pass, we are suddenly aware of how truly signicifant they were/are.

Our Daughter has recieved her "Official" wedding Album.

I would say, for the most part, it is lovely and all that they had hoped for.

However the "Ghosts" are somewhat disturbing, or unsettling.
We can clearly 'see' the apparitions.
Since our Son is an expert in the field of Retouching, we are acutely aware that these pics have been faked.

It begs the question, Why would somone do that to Wedding Photos?
Why would they play such cheap tricks?

Morty is Officially "Naughty Morty". He has become a Neighbourhood Busybody.

He can be seen lolling about the street, on the heat of the tarmac, pretending he is on the Riviera, (or some Kitty Equivalent!)
Newly added Son In Law, was to be seen flapping his arms and shouting, all to no/little avail, to get Haughty Morty off the very road he, SIL,  was about to motor upon!
Morty just rolled over, then dashed off to hide under a wheel of vehicle parked on the side of the street.

SIL drove off, hoping the silly little feline did not choose to leap under his wheels!

Morty is now exploring the delights of the Newly Moved Neighbour's Three Story Boat!! This mighty edifice is parked on the newly owned front lawn, in place of much lovely, but now deceased,  vegetation. Sad to see lovely plants cut down in the prime. But Newly Moved Owners can do as they see fit!
The Three Story Boat, has an ostentatious name. It sits there, almost dwarfing the modest house, in which it's new owners dwell. It rather takes one's breath away, this Three Story Boat.

However, Morty will not be intimidated. I am assuming he chooses his moments, when he knows the owner-dogs will not be present. On the other hand he seems to be cat, who does not give a sh!t!! He is bold beyond belief! He visits our Catless neighbour, and boldly Meows from his terrace, as if he owns the place! Luckily our Catless neighbour does not mind at all.

The Owners of the Three Story Boat would seem to be lovely people. His dogs are certainly impeccably behaved! They are obedient, and wonderfully well mannered... (as opposed to our little demons, who are apt to bark inappropriately.)The man mows  Mr & Mrs NN's lawn, since learning of Mr N N's illness. We really do have the nicest Neighbours anyone could desire.

Our Lovely Son fears he may have broken a bone in his foot, or worse, done tendon damage, after a leap into water, too shallow. The Xrays have proved inconclusive, but his pain is very real. The swelling is an evident detail. He awaits a 'higher' opinion. An expert reader of the 'details'. Two days before he learns the outcome of the Expert Reading. After we spent 4 hours waiting for some results...
I suppose 4 hours was short, compared to the 7 year wait for a knee replacement in the UK, a Podiatrist told me about!! And I have been told to expect 10 months! I feel very lucky!! (Or Not)

They do say , "The Devil is in the Detail".

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persiflage said...

Naughty haughty Morty! I love to read about him. He is evidently a /Cat who Walks by Himself - a bit of a scallywag. Every time I look at his photo I admire his gorgeous colour fur.
I am amazed to read of the wedding photos being retouched.
I hope your son's foot heals and that he gets a diagnosis quickly. I had a stress fracture of the foot which went undiagnosed for ages, until I could barely hobble, and it needed lots of physiotherapy after six weeks in a stiff boot.
XXX and hugs.

Thimbleanna said...

Ha -- Morty is becoming a cat-about-town! Here's a cute posting for you and Morty:

Sorry to hear about the wedding photos and your son. I hope his foot heals soon.

Selina Kingston said...

I'm disturbed to hear of the photos - it seems such a pointless thing to do. Morty sounds a complete joy in his haughty naughtiness and your neighbours sound fab

The Sagittarian said...

I guess if you're going to touch-up photos you should at least do it so it isn't noticeable eh?

Morty sounds fantastic, we had a cat visit us for awhile and he was huge and grey and the kids called him Austin Powers because he was so full of day he just strode off and hasn't been back.

Ali Honey said...

I'm not quite sure what you mean about the photos Meg?

Perhaps Naughty Morty has dreams of being a ship's cat.

I sympathise about the sore foot - having recently had one, which I am glad to say is now right back to normal- I am still wearing the special insole and arch spports in my walking shoes.

Isabelle said...

Sorry for the sore bits.

(Would you like me to send Morty some snow?)

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Hi, from a grumpy old man to the wife of a grumpy old man!

Pauline said...

Meggie - hoping the wrongs get righted and Morty gets enlightened before he gets flattened!

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