Wednesday, November 17

No, Really!, I live in a Parallel Universe..and it is all GOOD!

You know the one... it has no arthritis, no ugly bits, and all is much the same, but without the pain. There are no dental dramas. No news of possible 'freaky diseases' with no known cause, and no known cure.
Or the fuzzy bits where the brain forgets the correct spelling for words.
HALP!! I ased to be such a good speller!!

These are some pics of my most loved beings on the Planet. I am sure they exist in my Parallel Universe, just the way they appear, here in this Universe!.

This Girl loves her Dad, who came through for her Wedding Day.
This is some random crap I came up with, while we sat in our Parallel Universe, waiting for the Thunderstorms to arrive. They did arrive, but my photographic record was NIL!
Of course, in the Parallel Universe they were all recorded in complete clarity, and somewhere out there, in Cyber Space, they glow!

Here is a loved Sister in Law, in a garden. SIL is a wonderful gardener, and her fingers and thumbs are so green, they are dazzling!! And luckily, she carries this talent into the Parallel Universe!! (Or from here-on, it shall be known as PU!)

Here, below,  are all people I love. Most of them are rellies, and some are Honorary Rellies. One is my Step Granddaughter, on the right. A Gorgeous, Sweet, Loving, Girl..
The Gorgeous Girl on the left in the pics is an Honorary Granddaughter. A part of our loved family. Hi Jas!!XX
And next to her, is my Gorgeous Granddauther, who has been so kind, and so caring for me ove the past few weeks. Love You Gorgeous Girl!!
These people are loved dearly and they are the NN"s,  and Family.
OMG! I forgot how to spell Tuesday?? This is a real worry. This does NOT happen in the Parallel Universe I really live in. In that Unieverse, I can still spell.

In that Universe, I have not gone quietly crazy, trying to deal with all the dross and crap that life hands us all, in due time.

My teeth are still perfect, and I have no issues with strange oral diseases. or denture fittings. I am still able to walk freely, with no broken rib, and no fecked knee, or foot.
The folks- read Specialists!-  I have to see, to sort out these 'wrinkles' are not nasty, nor do they have 'guard dogss' on their phones, who are even nastier!!.
In this Universe, the problems all have solutions.
In this Universe, I am singing and dancing.   With no 'flat notes' and no 'faltered steps'. Mrs NN and I are dancing up & down the street "Naked"!! in this PU.! We love it!!

Trust me, we have discused this scenario, & all it's gaudy minfestations. I think we have decided to wait another five years before we actully do it!!
One might be thinner, but heaven forbid the other is thinner!! We trust she might 'fatten up'!!
All good for laughs in the Parallel Universe!

Wasn't It Good. Tina Arena


Thimbleanna said...

The PU sounds wonderful -- although I'm not sure about the dancing naked in the streets??? I'm thinking I'd need a quilt to wrap up in....

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

Sorry you are having a rough time ... what a year eh! love the PU idea :)
Take Care

Anonymous said...

What a funny, nutty post! I hope that PU has lots of nuts for squirrels to enjoy .....apart from you nuts, of course. Although a visit would be worth it just to see all those perfect teeth on them naked dancers in the street. (This squirrel will only be looking at teeth. I swear!....oh, well and nuts of course).

Jennifer said...

Wonderful post - I love the idea of your parallel universe, can I join in too?

ancient one said...

We all need that parallel universe.

The Sagittarian said...

I'm thinking we might end up neighbours in the PU!

Michele Bilyeu said...

I've lived in a parallel universe...actually perhaps all 12, or more...for as long as I can remember! And I'm thoroughly delighted to meet another who admits it! I've yet to visit the one without arthritis etc. Perhaps, I'll find it through the zigzags tonight and introduce myself ;)

Pauline said...

A parallel universe sounds like just the thing - wait for me!

Sheila said...

I love the photo of your daughter with her Dad.
Looks like you were all having a good time.
I think my DH lives in a parallel
universe, he's often on a different planet than me anyway.