Sunday, April 24

This Day

This day, I stopped to admire the Free Treat of my lovely, soft pink, single petalled Camellia. Not a raving beauty, but somehow a simple soft, and complete flower that brings me much joy. It reminds me of the delicate Briar roses, that grew wild in the dusty little streets, close to the Railway line, in the small country town where I grew up. We used to pick the roses, in those dusty roads, and admire their simple beauty, the hint of perfume. They were best left to their prickly traling branches, as they soon wilted, once picked.

We have an extra Long Weekend, here in Oz, and also New Zealand, because of Anzac Day, 25th April,  falling so close to Easter.

I have blogged of Anzac Day before. It is to commemorate the fallen, who fought in World War 1 and World War 2, and also, all the other Wars which have claimed the lives of valiant Soldiers, Sailors and Air force personnel,  not least being the hideous, (and I believe wrong,)  Vietnam War. Service men and women, were altered irrevocably by these Wars, and indeed, any War, and perhaps, it was the 'lucky' whose bodies died.
Many survived, to spend a living hell, for the remainder of their 'lives'.

Their shattered bodies may have healed, but the mental scars and the long term health issues haunted them, and their families, forever.

I did not intend a dark post.

Here is Honey, absolutely refusing to look at the camera. She badly needs a grooming, and a haircut- or wool clip, to be more exact! She reads me just thinking about the scissors, and she scarpers!

Here is Gom, sitting in his chair, with his beloved Leo at his side.
Gom is not travelling too well, these days. He is very tired and very weak at times. He needs regular transfusions of blood every week.

He does get a lot of comfort from his little Leo, being so loyal. There are mornings when I fear to look at Gom, but when I see Leo there, I know he is looking after him.

Yes, yes, the socks... Gom refuses to wear slippers. He says only 'Old Men' wear slippers, and when I gently suggest he has become an 'Old Man' he scowls.

I am managing better now, with support from our new GP. I still have rough days and sad days, but Gom is calm now, and I can better cope with the highs and lows of our lives.

Some folk suggest I pour a little too much 'personal' into the blog. Perhaps I do, but I have learnt my blog ~friends can be a very supportive and comforting bunch, in times of dark despair!

Oh to be Morty, who can abandon himself with utter ease. Here, he is so relaxed as to be almost limp! What a great art.

We have had mixed weather for the Long Weekend. It has been very warm, then quite cool, and we have had a few cold mornings, Cold early evenings, humid midnights, and a few sprinkles of showers. Four Seasons in one weekend! 

Quilts on, quilts tossed aside! I had a sleepless night last night, so I read a lovely book, and this morning, I finished it!  It is 'Jacaranda Blue', by Joy Dettman, who is an Australian author, and I recommend it to anyone who loves an Aussie story, with true colour. To me, her stories rank up there with Tim Winton, who is a fantastic Aussie Author.

Reading has become a luxury, a stolen pleasure.

Roy Orbison, Blue Bayou


Mary said...

Here I am Meggie - loving your gentle blog posts (including any of the personal you choose to write about) and loving you - though we have never met.


Thimbleanna said...

It looks like things are peaceful at the moment -- and for your long weekend Meggie. Have a Happy Easter and Anzac Day!

crafty cat corner said...

Hello Meggie
I just love your Morty, his colouring is so unusual and I know that you said that he would not let you pet him much but maybe as he gets older he will relent.
As for putting too much in your blog, I think if it releases some of your anquish it has got to be a good thing.
As for Gom, it's amazing how much comfort we get from our animals and I am sure Gom would be the worse without his faithful companion.
Love reading your blog

Molly said...

If you need to relax just look at a cat! Love your briar rose....I remember them growing wild when I was growing up. So glad life has calmed down a little for you Meggie.

Catalyst said...

Our cats are much the same as your cat and dogs. Jazz sleeps on a chair in my bedroom, then he leaves and Blackwell takes over. If I sleep too long, I open my eyes to see him sitting staring at me. Pets are such loyal and comforting friends. I hope you and your "family" have a good holiday weekend, Meggie.

quiltmom said...

Hi Meggie,
Love the photos of your treasured pets and GOM- Blogging is about writing the things you want to share- I enjoy reading about you and your life good times and not so good times.You have friends near and far who love and care about you - blogging friends included.

Roy Orbison is an old favorite and I love his piece Crying with a local girl named K.D Lang she hails from Castor which is just down the road from Edmonton.

A good book is a joy isn't it? I just finished reading a woman named Jodi Picoult's book called House Rules and enjoyed it very much. I have the new book of the Elm Creek Quilters Series called The Union Quilters by Jennifer Chiaverini to read next.

Have a great weekend- We have four days off this weekend for Good Friday and Easter Monday. I have been busy quilting and have got some things accomplished.
Warmest regards,

Christine Thresh said...

I'll take your word for it. I just ordered a used copy of Jacaranda Blue by Joy Dettman from Amazon.
I love Australian stories. I've read Jill Ker Conrad's (SP?) first book twice.

I enjoyed your post today. I am glad things are easing up for you a little bit.

ancient one said...

Good post! I started reading it before and had to leave home for a few minutes.. so I just read it all. So happy that things are going better right now. To look at the pics of GOM, you would never know he is sick. I love the socks. I wear them myself most days with out any shoes. Hope you get many, many, more good days! xoxoxoxo

Ali Honey said...

I'm so glad you got to do some enjoyable reading Meg.( so did I )

I too enjoy flowers with simple structure. Ones that rekindle other times by their shape or perfume are special indeed.

My love to you both.

persiflage said...

I am so glad things are a little easier for you, and that GOM is calmer.
Like you, I love all those beautiful flowers, and the sasanqua camellias are such a joy at present. Your photos are great.
I was tempted myself by lovely soft velvety socks which are on sale at the local pharmacy. And in purple. I might have to go and buy them...

Sandi McBride said...

Hello Meggie, came by to thank you for visiting my blog and read your was not dark at all, simply from the heart! We too, as a Military Family (retired) pray for our Military men and women. They are in our hearts constantly. Prayers also for your Gom. Love your fur babies, they know when they've got it good! I love camelias, have one growing by my little koi pond, along with a gardenia...I'll certainly be back to keep tabs on you Meggie!

VioletSky said...

Pets can be such a comforting companion when one is in poor health (sometimes more so than a human companion!)
I don't think you pour too much personal stuff - just enough to help us know you better and build those all important connections of support and caring.

Q said...

Hi Meggie,
I love the way you post. It is like having tea with you at the kitchen table.
My blogging friends are dear hearts. It is because of you and your gorgeous quilts that I am learning to quilt.
Glad to know GOM is finding comfort...socks are the best!
I saw Roy Orbison in concert many years ago. I have always thought I was the Pretty Woman!
I so enjoyed catching up with you this morning. We are having a rainy Easter Monday.

Kate quilts... said...

I don't think you pour too much of the personal into your blog posts, Meggie. I envy you your expressiveness, gentleness, honesty and courage.

You are a much braver blogger than I.

Pauline said...

Glad to catch up with you. One of the reasons I like reading here is that personal touch. It's like reading non-fiction rather than fantasy. Besides, it's your blog, isn't it? Aren't we allowed to post what we will without the need of criticism? Glad things seem calmer at the moment - life can be like that rose, can't it? with peace and beauty at one end and thorns at the other.

John Gray said...

thank you for your comment

Tanya said...

I hope you are feeling better Meggie. It is good to see a picture of your hubby with Leo by his side. Animals know when humans need comfort. I have to laugh at Morty being "limp". Cats are like that. A couple of my cats aren't very cuddly either. So why do I love them!? Give Morty a hug from me. Be careful of getting scratched!

Isabelle said...

Glad you're feeling a little better, Meggie.

caramaena said...

You know that home is a relaxing, loving place when your kitty can get that limp!

Steve said...

Enjoyed your post and the photos. Hope all is well.

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The Sagittarian said...

Cats and dogs do seem to have a special penchant for being where they are needed, don't they! I think of you often, sending you a hug.

Anonymous said...

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