Saturday, August 6

One of THOSE drawers.

Do you have one of those drawers?
You know the ones that contain anything and everything, and seems always to be overflowing.

Gom used to despair at ours. He would always suggest I rid the drawer of really essential items, such as a tin opener which only partially works. But, it does have a great bottle top remover!

Or, the egg slicer, that Gom insisted was seldom used, which would then, produce a flurry of boiled eggs to be sliced to use in salads and such. Or, the cheese slicer, which I doubt has ever actually been used, but then... one never knows when it might be needed.

There are the collection of non stick-surface-safe-utensils. Spoons, spatulas, fish slices, forks,  and tongs along with the vegetable peelers, with brushes and other pitting/gouging features. I will admit the vegie peelers don't seem to figure largely on the list of  'most used', but on the other hand, they are handy if we have visitors, who wish to peel or slice.

Being left handed, I am rather protective of my pet vegie peelers. They almost become rendered utterly useless if right handed people use them. My knife collection is sadly lacking in left handedness, due to the righties in the family using them all the time.

Then there are the seldom used Pizza slicers, the sandwich cutter, the knife sharpener, from my Grandmother's era,  which still works really well, for me at least.

There are the garlic presses, some of which are almost useless. The ladles, the whisks, the spoons for various purposes.
The Parmesan grater, which is almost more trouble than it is worth.
The really blunt kitchen scissors, which are really just large, useless,  'normal' scissors and should be discarded.

One of these days I WILL clear this drawer out, and discard the useless items.
It won't be today.


I bought a chilli plant for my son B. He loves chilli, and this plant was named Bruce.
Bruce did remarkably well, for me, who has permanent brown thumbs. Bruce bore two lots of fruit, and they were nice and mild and provided son B with some tasty zing to his meals.
You can see, the last baby is rather deformed and late to ripen. However my brown thumbs have actully produced the Parsley in the same container, so I am pleased about that.

The violets continue to produce healthy looking leaves with much vigour, but nary a flower shall grace their parents.

The Nasturtiums valiantly try to grow, and they produce gems of dew, and even have a few buds, which will no doubt flower in due course.
Unless, of course they are ripped out, in the course of a 'garden makeover', currently being undertaken by son B, with a little help from me.


Small Grandson, who is growing up so quickly, it frightens me, informs us he loves classical music, and jazz is really his favourite, but he hates heavy metal rock, and loud guitar. What a sensible lad!

Ottmar Liebert, Duende del Amor.


Anonymous said...

I actually have two drawers like yours! I could really user that extra drawer for storage of other, more useful items, too.

VioletSky said...

oops, that was me above (although, I am ashamed of my two useless drawers)

Anonymous said...

I couldn't help but laugh when I looked at the picture and said "Oh, I have one of those, and those, and those." I might not use everything all the time but it's there if I do need it. Love
Ms. Austin (Texas)

marigold jam said...

Hope you eventually get your drawer sorted!! I have never been able to get parsley to grow well for me so I am in awe at your crop!


Kathy's Klothesline said...

I have lots of thos drawers. I will organize them this fall, like I do every fall. I am loathe to toss anything, too. You really never know when you will need that one item you tossed.

I am thinking of you quite often these days. My friend will be buried tommorow and I am worried about his wife as she will have to find her way through this time of grief. I am sending only good thoughts your way!

crafty cat corner said...

Hi Meg
What ever you do don't throw anything away, I cleared my kitchen drawer out and threw lots of (useless items?) out and know what......I need them now. lol
Nice to see you blogging again.

Catalyst said...

Oh, I think we all have (at least) one of those drawers. It is a struggle, though, when you're looking for a particular tool and have to sort through all the mess.

BTW, SWMBO planted a Thai chili plant and it has produced several chilis so far. One tiny one grew red and apparently ripe. She took it in and put it in a salad. When she took a tiny bite of it, it about blew the top of her head off. VERY hot! So it goes.

ancient one said...

I have at least two drawers like that. One for things I seldom use and one for things I never use. LOL

I have thrown out things from both drawers, but they soon refill themselves.

Your plants look healthy. Ours are looking dried out, but we did get good rain today.

Pauline said...

When I moved from my large house with lots of storage to this little cottage with just two drawers for everything, I sorted and pared down and immediately needed many of the things I'd discarded! Isn't that always the way?

Our grandchildren all grow up too quickly! Glad you get to enjoy yours.

persiflage said...

Ah yes, those drawers. they come in handy when the tidying urge smites us. Mine remain full, although they have at various stages been rationalised. Bottles openers formerly took up too much space, but are now reduced in numbers.
Kitchen gadgets are wonderful, though. I love my Microplaner graters, and my cleaver, which smashes and chops garlic wonderfully and efficiently. There is even a cherry pipper, which DOES get used. But the prawn peeler remains in its packet.

Cathi said...

Don't we all have at least one of those drawers? Your post made me think about finally trying to organize the drawer. That impulse won't last, I'm sure!

quiltmom anna said...

I used to have one of those drawers until last spring when my son came to help clean out my kitchen. However, I do have closets that are sort of like that- filled with assorted things that don't belong and seldom used. One day soon I am going to be brave enough to tackle that but not today.
Love your pretty new header and the piece of music too.

Linda said...

Hi Meg,
Great to see you post about something "every day". I think I have at least 4 drawers like you describe , and a couple of boxes that have been put away in the garage when they moved on from "drawer" status. :-)

Thimbleanna said...

We have several of those drawers and I've tried so hard to clean them out. Why do I need three vegetable peelers when I only use one because the other two just don't work very well. Somehow I just can't part with them -- what if my favorite breaks?

Very thoughtful post as always Meggie -- it's good to see you back, bit by bit. XO

Aunty Evil said...

Meggie, haven't commented or been around for a while.

So sorry about GOM. You must miss him terribly.

I have a drawer like yours. In fact, that egg slicer looks exactly the same as mine, it was almost like looking into my own drawer! Like GOM, my DH is always coming up with ingenious ways and demands to eliminate the need for such a drawer. I just say OK, knowing he will never bother.

Now, about those Violets. My mum had exactly the same problem. (we are in Sydney, so this is not some other hemisphere solution when you aren't dealing with humidity etc). She despaired, like yours, the leaves were lush and healthy and spreading everywhere, but never a flower. Her friend (a very green thumb) told her to throw blood and bone on it and then.....FLOWERS!! Everywhere!

Good luck!

The Sagittarian said...

Oh yes, a drawer plus boxes in the garage! I still have the gadget that my Nana used to roll over mint to chop it up when we made mint sauce!

PixieMum said...

Another left hander here and as I was brought up in a right handed household I had my own lefthanded Lancashire potato peeler.

Did the sensible thing and married a lefthander, we now have veggie peelers that could be used by our right handed [adult] children and are used by us.

We have a left handed bread knife and of course the obligatory drawer of gadgets too!

Isabelle said...

I'm proud to say that I cleared out my version of That Drawer some months ago.

Anonymous said...

Like your first commentator, we have two such drawers, both in the kitchen. One is cookery 'junk' and the other is 'junk' in general. We regularly vow to get them put in some sort of order. We never do.

lovelyprism said...

In some ways we are all the same, aren't we? I have two of those drawers! Didn't bother me a bit until the reality of moving houses set in. Now I have to go through every drawer and closet at warp speed! Calgon take me away!