Thursday, October 13

Life's Sticky Bits.

Life's Sticky Bits.

Sometimes, the 'glue' we have come to regard as part of our lives, becomes unstuck.

It becomes difficult to remain hinged, one might say. We (I) feel as if all the parts have become separated, and one (I) wonders how to gather it all together again.

I bought some plants, hoping to find some continuity in life, of recent times. Some, such as this sweet Pansy, have survived the onslaught of slugs and snails.

Some planter pots became weed paradise, interspersed with a large cat sitting in a pot. Was he pretending to be an innocent flower?
This pic was taken as King Morty sniffed SG's proffered hand. Just before he, Morty,  attacked and scratched SG on the face! Morty is one disturbed cat, whose troubled kittenhood remains a mystery to us. We often refer to him as "Moriarty", or "Psycho".

Another sweet pansy, which has managed to survive the snails.

I have a date, to have my total knee replacement surgery. In the meantime, Honey has damaged a ligament in her left back leg, and is in a plaster cast, for approximately 8 weeks, while it heals.
I broke down when I took her to the Vet. I could not bear it if anything happened to Honey, after my year from Hell.
Honey may yet need an operation. We are hoping it will not have to come to that.

My Pre Admission Clinic visit was full of surprises. Not none all of them were pleasant, and some were totally odious.
It seems they have decided to create new, and highly undignified steps, to perform, and cause embarrassment. Not everyone is happy with this development. Some protest vigorously, or refuse to have them done.
I, being from the old school of 'Obey' did not relish the test, but neither did I refuse.
I later consulted the Internet to see why this new procedure was necessary. I remain unconvinced as to the value. I simply forgot to ask at the time of the procedure. I am sure my brave daughter would have questioned it all, at the time of request. She is much braver than I am.

I have composed many posts, inside my head. None of them have made it to print.
I have been trying to catch up with my favourite blogs, and have not managed to cover all of the wonderful posts I know are out there, waiting to be enjoyed.

I am indescribably sad, and horrified at what is happening in my birthplace, the Bay Of Plenty of New Zealand. It cannot be repaired soon, and the price is far more than any man-made fines, or useless jail terms.

I see Oil and all it's ugliness, as an evil we should be without, in this modern world.

Joan Baez, singing Dylan


Andrea said...

Meggie - was thinking about you yesterday and wondering how you were. I know you are still very sad and I never know what to say but please know you are in my thoughts and I am sending love. Good luck with the "op" - my aunt in Aus has just had it and it was a big success and she is in much less pain now xxxx

persiflage said...

I am glad to read your post and to see your lovely flower photos, and also that of Norty Morty. Good for you for going ahead with the knee replacement. It is a time to proceed with things that in their various ways help get you back together. I hope precious Honey will recover.
I'd love to have a cat but at this stage it is simply not possible.

crafty cat corner said...

So glad to see your post Meggie.
It does sound a bit like you are still a little in the doldrums and rightly so. Life deals us so much to cope with and we all need so much strength not to let it get us down.

I am so sad about poor old honey's leg but am sure it will soon heal.

Your Hospital appointment sounds horrible but I don't know anything about these tests.

Who can blame Morty for his character, he's lucky to have a good Mum like you.
Our 4 kittens were sired by a feral cat and I don't think they will ever let us cuddle them, they sit on the lap but there is always that wariness about them, I still love them all to bits though.

As for the oil spill, my heart breaks when I think of the suffering of all the sea life and birds, you are so right it is an ugly thing just used as a money making commodity.

Chin up Meggie, I know its hard but there is still beauty in the world if we look for it.
Keep strong and lots of love from me in the u.k.


Jennifer said...

Meggie, I hope you and Honey heal well. The indignities visited on us in the name of medicine can be just awful.....I hate them, the invasion of one's personal space and dignity and privacy are very hard to take. So sad too about the Bay of Plenty, let's hope it gets sorted before things get worse.

Thimbleanna said...

Hi Meggie -- it's nice to see you pop in here. I'm sorry to hear about Honey and your knee. I hope you both will be better soon!

Anonymous said...

Before I forget while composing this, I want to wish you all the best during the knee replacement ordeal. My hubby has had both replaced and it's a big deal going through this.
I hope that as time passes that your pain and sadness will decrease, and heal, and that your life will become joyous again. Losing a spouse must be the hardest thing, or one of, that life throws at us. I wish you well and think of you.

Angie said...

Well, damn it all anyhow, woman, how much is one person supposed to handle in such a short period of time!!! I am so sorry you have this knee replacement to go thru. And little Honey, oh crap, I can hardly bear the thought of our little furbabies in pain. I do hope the cast helps and she won't require surgery. Bayley has at his young age of 2 already had some issues with a luxating patella in his rear leg. I'm sending healing thoughts, tons of hugs and love to both of you!

ancient one said...

Love your spring flowers. I have two cousins who have had knee replacements and they have done well. Just think, after that, you can go dancing. Sorry that Honey has a cast. Hope that's all it takes to get her on the mend. I have been trying to imagine what the medical test was that was so embarrassing. Anyway, I hope they get the oil cleaned up soon at your birth place. But most of all, I hope you soon get your happiness back. So sorry SG got scratched on his face. "Bad Morty" !! XOXO

Mary said...

It seems so strange to me that your home country has suffered so much this year - in tandem with your own suffering.

Flowers and naughty cats are distracting of course but I know for you it is still early days.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I thought of you today as I was fussing in my friend's memory garden. The anniversary of my son's death has been heavy on my heart as it is here. I remember that my thoughts were very scattered that year and it was hard to put them down in writing. Time is a big healer, we just never know how much time it will take. I hope the surgery goes well and you are up and about soon.

Ali Honey said...

Hi Meg, Good to hear from you. Sorry about the knee op needed....maybe it will help.

I can't blog about the oil's all way too heated over here. WE are being bombarded with it on all media. The BOP sure has it's troubles at the moment.( the finacial implications for the area along with the kiwifruit disease are just enormous...down stream effects for the entire community )
I am glad we don't live by the sea - much as I love it. The ones I feel most sorry for are the folk who live on Motiti and Matakana Isands. It is going to be huge for them to clean up.

quiltmom said...

My mom had knee surgery as has a good friend and in both cases it was successful.
I was sorry to read about the oil spill in New Zealand- such a terrible mess and will have so many long term effects.
I thought of you the other day when we went to see the Strawbs. I remember seeing one of their songs on your blog.
The pansy is so pretty- I love pansies as did my gran. When I went to the shop in Mayerthorpe I picked up a couple of pieces of fabric with pansies.
I wish I had words to take away the sadness for you- Just know that you are well loved by others near and far. Our life's journey sometimes takes us through some difficult challenges- All one can do, is take one step at a time which you are doing with courage.
Sending you a big cyber hug, my friend,
Warmest Regards,

Tanya said...

Oh dear... I'm so sorry to see Honey in a cast! And you too faced with a hospital stay. Yuck to knee replacements! (though I've known many people who come through them with shining results... not that I want to join the ranks though.) And Morty. Cats are impossible to figure out. That may be why some people don't like them. We that do like them may be the odd ones.

Christine Thresh said...

Too bad about the silly admitting tests. It is hard to hang on to one's dignity when such things happen.
But still, you stop to admire the flowers and share with all of us. Go girl.

Isabelle said...

Oh dear, Meggie, it all sounds very trying. Hope it's all much better soon.

Pauline said...

Keep plugging along Meggie. You know we all have your back, so to speak. As long as you keep posting, i won't worry about you :)