Wednesday, October 19


Are the Crappy Bits winning?

I sometimes wonder.

Justice seems to have taken a holiday.

I am told, 'Don't worry, there is Karma'
I don' think so.

I cannot see where the Karma might be, in this devastating tragedy, in my home bay.
This is a large scale disaster. We are told the guilty are 'prepared to give one million dollars towards the cleanup'. Whilst admitting no guilt! What??
The Company that own this rust bucket of shite, are in the region of millions in proft.

I totally despair.
Morty, on the other hand, has a different perspective.
In the old thoughts of Alfred E Neuman, "What, Me worry?"

Here is SG with Granddog. I love Granddog almost as much as I love SG (or my Honey) . However, I am reluctant to see Granddog licking the face of SG, which is the next pic in this series.

Son and I watched the All Blacks victory over the Wallabies.
This is Pinky, watching the game. He was placed there, in Gom's chair, as a Good Luck Symbol.
As you may guess, Pinky has been in the family for many years. I am sure he was delighted with the final result, though he did not appear to show much emotion.

This coming weekend Pinky will have to work extra hard, to support our All Blacks, for a win for the World Cup.
Who knew I could ever bother about Sport!!

Often, when our Walls surround us, we forget to see the pain and despair of others.

I have learned of much pain and suffering of someone who was dear to our family, for a number of years. She is not now, really, a part of our family, but she remains in the hearts and minds of all of us.
We feel her pain and wish her love and healing thoughts, in her difficult days. Love to you, M.

Honey, my little dog, is scheduled for suregery on Friday. I am hoping she will come through OK. She will aslo have the cast removed from her back leg, so we are hoping all will be well with that, as well as her tumour removal.
My surgery is scheduled for 11th November, so hopefully it will not be postponed. However, if an accident or somenone younger needs surgery, I will totally understand. Such is life.

I keep thinking of The Rose, as sung by Bette Midler. A Song of Hope.


ancient one said...

SG is such a handsome boy and I guess he has your love of animals. I don't do sports unless some of my grandchildren or family members are playing. My husband never cared for sports except a horse race or horse show. Loved the pink thing in GOM's chair. ha ha

Hope Honey's surgery goes well on Friday and you do wonderfully well with your surgery in November.XXOO

crafty cat corner said...

Hi Meg, what a shitty world we live in now though its not actually the world is it? its the greedy uncaring people that inhabit it.

I get very, very upset sometimes and wish that I wasn't such a sensitive person. Oh, to be a bit harder but I must live with it.

Being of the older generation I can remember when things were better and people actually smiled and laughed a lot more, when we could leave our front doors open and go shopping and front gardens actually were full of plants and not paved or decked over. (We hardly see the birds now round here as there are no bushes left for them.)
When nobody looked to see what type of shoes you were wearing and if your clothes had the right logo.

I know we must move with the times but sometimes I would rather go back a bit.
I do hope Honey is okay, I'm sure she will be.


Anonymous said...

There are so many things wrong in this world, I'm hoping at least that the All Blacks will balance things out a little by winning the Rugby World Cup finals this Sunday.

Wishing you and Honey both, successful operations.

Bruce Taylor, a.k.a. Catalyst said...

He may be ill-tempered at times but Morty is definitely a beautiful cat.

Mary said...

Even when you are sad your humour shines through. It always has.


Ali Honey said...

May all the operations in your household go well!

We cannot change other greedy people. We can only change ourselves. We can however live by what we believe in.
Sometimes folk forget there have always been greedy people; those who expect to benefit from others - they used to be called pirates.( there are still pirates and not only on the seas but all around us. )
I am sorry Briony has no birds. We live somewhere beautiful with trees and birds and wildlife. Our coastline has been temporarily spoiled but will in time return to being a beautiful habitat for all creatures.( at huge expense! )

VioletSky said...

I don't really 'follow' sports, but I like to know who is playing and who wins in these world cup type events, so, though I have no idea whether the All Blacks should win against France, I hope they do. If only to give the New Zealanders something to cheer over.

persiflage said...

Hoping Honey's surgery goes well. I will be thinking of you. And while we can be obsessed by our own conditions, our own suffering very frequently does make us think of that of others.

quiltmom said...

Hope that your surgery goes smoothly- Honey's too...
The Rose was our wedding song- It is such a beautiful piece of music.
Warmest regards,