Sunday, February 19

From one minute to the next,,

It seems that Blogger, the  Almighty, has decided I cant upload the pics I want, in the order I choose.
So here goes with what I have.

We seem to have had a Non Summer this year. All that we have had is clouds, rain, and thundrstorms.

It ix not our usual Summer weather. At this time of year we are normally suffering from high temperatures, and are waiting for the 'cool'.
This year, we seem to have had more than our usual share of Thunderstorms, and rain, dismal rain.

 The gathering storm clouds are a warning sign. We are soon to have rain,and possibly high winds.

As that one happened, it all passed us by, and the calm eventuated before the storm.

It is now late, and I have spent a lovely day with Family, and I need to be retiring.
To the sound of Thunder, and the flash of lightning.

Don't you just love being safe and sound for a Thunderstorm!

Suzanne, Leaonard Cohen


Angie said...

I DO love being all cozied inside during a thunderstorm, and I especially love to hear them at night. :) I think of you and Honey so often, Meggie; I hope that the two of you are adjusting to this new phase of your life, and that you are finding some delight in each new day. Sending tightest of hugs of love...Angie

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I love a good storm every now and again. Just not a steady diet.

Molly said...

The weather here is crazy too Meggie! I read in the paper the other day that this is the warmest winter we've had in 120 years! It's not so much that it's as warm as in summer, it's not. But we're missing the cool, crisp days that make winter here so lovely. Not that it isn't lovely not to have snow to shovel or to rarely need a coat! Just different.....

Linds said...

Oh how I love Leonard Cohen!

We have already been put on drought alert for this year and there has been no rain this winter either. It has generally been very mild, but there have been lousy cold snaps too. Europe is in the grip of ice, and the weather generally seems crazy. So if the summer is very hot, who knows what will happen......

ancient one said...

We have cold rain today.. suppose to get worse tonight. Rainy summers mean many weeds around here. I love the perfect balance, but who wouldn't?

quiltmom said...

The weather seems to be strange everywhere. We have snow today but this is the first time it has snowed for quite awhile. We didn't have much snow on the ground and the roads were clear and dry. Very mild winter temps- right around zero mark which is warm for here.
Leonard Cohen is very big in our house. You know that he is Canadian. He wrote a song called Sisters of Mercy when he was touring here in Edmonton many years ago now.
Happy Birthday dear Meggie,

Jennifer said...

We have had a cooler mild summer here too.....not that I am complaining! Recently I have noticed leaves starting to change colour, perhaps that means we are in for an early autumn.

Anonymous said...

Being safe, dry and warm during a thunderstorm and listening to the falling rain has been something that I loved since childhood.

Sandi McBride said...

Lovely photos if the almight Blogger did mess with your head!
Loved this post

*Sheila* said...

Our winter was unseasonably mild, perhaps our summer will be unseasonably cool? I'm not sure what part of Australia you are in, but we have seen many reports from NSW on our news regarding flooding. I hope you will be spared that.
I love thunder storms, and find them energizing. My most vivid memory is as a child at my paternal grandparent's home. Standing at a skylight in their attic, I felt like I was in the middle of it, and have never forgotten the experience.
Hugs (to Morty and Honey too!)

Pauline said...

While you are having a non-summer, we're having a non-winter. In fact tomorrow the temps are supposed to rise in the high 50s. We've been riding the temperature see-saw for months and have not had a major snowstorm since the surprise blizzard in October!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you're having a wretched summer. I think it was your turn since we had an awful one in 2011, so I can only hope the forthcoming one will be better.