Thursday, February 2

Outings- no, not those kind of 'outings'...

This is going to play silly Bloggers with me again. I wanted the type to all align to the left, but it is not going to happen, since I have uploaded all the pics first.
On Sunday last, my Son B took me over to a beachside suburb, where there is a Market.
There were two Elvis lookalikes playing at the small stage in the Market. Sadly I did not take a photo of their extremely bad wigs, nor their white flared suits, complete with huge rhinestones~ and dark glasses.

I did, however take some pics of the Paradiso Resort. It has been here for many years, and has recently undergone a makeover, and I thought it is quite interesting, with murals, ornate doorways and wonderful stained glass windows.

 Excuse the poor photography, the sun was shining on my camera, and I could not see what I was snapping, so it was a hit and miss affair.

There were several murals painted on this upper wall, and it is a shame I did not catch them all, as they are rather good.
I am assuming the balconies are from the apartment part of the complex. Look at those massive doors.

It all has rather a nice Spanish style to it, and it would have been even better with some beautiful guitar music playing!

Stained glass again.

This is one of my Bromeliads, with it's pretty pale pink bract, which has blue flowers. When I lived in New Zealand I wished I owned one of these, but they were far too expensive. Over here, these are almost growing wild in my garden. In fact I am thinking of giving some away.

Here is dear little Honey, in her Please mode. She has done this since she was very small, and it never fails to appeal and tug on my heartstrings.

Here she was, at the top of the stairs, probably waiting to ambush Morty, as they seem to have a running battle with each other. Not really friends!

I think he is scheming on how he can ambush Honey, by leaping off this table, onto her head!
This is the Oregano flowering, before the rain dampened it all down, and the flowers got drowned. We seem to have one or two warm to hot days, then the rain and dull clouds roll over again.

To combat all this, Son B has talked me into going swimming at a pool, to try to improve my knee. I have just seen the Surgeon again, for a routine checkup, and he assures me all is excellent mechanically speaking. It is just the swelling and pain which are not so nice. He assures me this will all settle eventually. He also mentioned grief can affect healing markedly. I knew this, which is why I did not really want to have the surgery when I did. However I was more or less bullied into it, by the booking office at the Hospital. I was told if I cancelled, I would only get one more chance, and if I postponed or cancelled again, I would be off the list. GRRRR.

The good thing is, I am really enjoying my workouts in the lovely heated pool, and have chatted to several others having gentle exercise, for various ailments. Of course one has to listen to what ails them, then they have to enquire what ails me. I am not so keen on these chats, and do my best to head off on my walking laps.

It is win win, for myself and my son, as he does laps in the outdoor Olympic pool, and he really enjoys that.

To go for these swimming experiences, I had to go and shop for a swim suit, since it is ages since I owned one.

My goodness, what a traumatic affair it all turned out to be!
First of all, the selection proved to be nonexistant very very limited. Too late in the season. Of course it is!  Winter stock is all arriving in the shops, and normally, it would be around 30 degrees Celsius over here, at this time of year.

After looking in all the expensive shops, thinking no one would have bought their range, all I found were garments that one would not wish to be caught dead in, let alone still living!

Finally, in a more downmarket store, I found two bathing suits that I felt I bring myself to actually try on.

A most hideous, and traumatising experience, and what I now want to know is "Who stole my nice slim smooth thighs, and replaced them with dimples and cottage cheese??"
When I told my GP of this horrible fact, he actually laughed! All very well for him, he is only 50, and as slender as a Greyhound!

I find, as long as I dont look at myself in any mirrors, I can ignore myself in the bathers, and just get into the water as fast as I can, then slink out wrapped in a large towel, and wait until we are home again, to have a shower and dress in covering garments.

Because it has been so unseasonably chilly this week, I have arrived home shivering and have had to get out the woollies again, to warm myself.

I suspect this cold weather, and the exercise, are causing my appetite to go into horse mode, and the indecent craving for chocolate has really shocked me. I have never before been a chocolate lover.
All very curious!

Hot Chocolate seems appropriate.


Nadine said...

Lovely pictures, dear Meggie ! And your little friends are Oh-so-cute ;>)
Your bathing suits trying-on session reminds me of mine : is there anything SO unadvantaging/ frustrating than being in a tiny shop cabin, with those horrible lights, trying to fit into those horrible "big size" bathsuits, and then discover the "disaster" ? HeeHee...
I'm sure we must be plenty in the same case. We should start "The Cottage Cheese Ladies Club" ! LOL
OF COURSE, you deserve a nice cup of hot chocolate, after all this, dear!
(I'm so glad you're having some exercise, your son is really a nice & caring chap).
Heartful thoughts to you,

Jennifer said...

Buying a new bathing suit is up there with buying a new bra, in my opinion......something which must be faced occasionally, and not for the faint of heart! Good for you for giving it a go.

persiflage said...

Good for you for going swimming. I am glad that your doctor sees some signs of healing, but he does not sound as though he has had to endure all the pains and torments you have had.
Swimming is good for people. I keep meaning to do more of it, but it has been quite cold here.
I managed to buy a new bathing costume at a large store in Melbourne, placing myself in the hands of a middle aged woman and explaining my very basic and plain needs. I came away satisfied with my purchase. It seems the natural leg line is back in fashion. People my age do not want to have to shave all the previously private parts!

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Meggie -- I've very impressed that you would go bathing suit shopping -- that's almost my least favorite thing to do on this planet. Ick! Your description made me laugh. Where have those young bodies gone, indeed!

I know people who have taken well over a year to heal from knee surgeries. Be kind to yourself -- and most of all patient!

ancient one said...

I love this post. I'm glad you are doing the swimming exercises. My cousin who had both knees replaced is so faithful to her swim class. She enjoys it so much and has made so many friends. I loved the pics of your flowers and pets. We are having a mild winter and spring flowers are bursting out all over.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I haven't bought a new bathing suit in 10 years! I will have to this year. My old ones are dying of thread rot! I usually swim before the pool is open. I can get in a good swim and clean the skimmers and take a net to the surface, then grab a quick shower before my day swimmers show up. I try hard not to subject the general public to my finely marbled cottage cheese thighs. I have what my children always referred to as "very gross veins". Not the spidery little things, but the worm-like bulging purplish ones. I save that experience for he who loves me!

Good to hear that your knee is coming along, even if it is not as fast as you would like. I was happy to see your post on my blog roll this morning. I was thinking of you just two days ago.

*Sheila* said...

Swimsuit shopping is at the top of my HATE to-do list. I am currently in possession of 3 suits and hope they continue to fit for a few years to come. I always tell myself they is always someone bigger, and lumpier than me on the beach or at the pool, and once I'm submerged they can't see me! Funny thing is I have a photo of me in a suit at 17 and I used to think I was lumpy then! Hah! youth is wasted on the young.

I'm glad you are enjoying the swimming anyway, and who knows perhaps doing it regularly will help tone up any wobbly bits.

Morty has that delightfully smug look on his chops that I love in cats. I'm sure Honey is soon to be on the receiving end of his plans!
hugs ♥

Ali Honey said...

Reading this post Meg I thought you have made great leaps really have. You are exercising; being brave; laughing at yourself ( and your aging appearance - we can't do much to stop it so live with it ).Be glad to know that there are ever so many women in the world who wish they had their younger bodies back for all sorts of reasons.....but that's not life....all creatures are born, grow up are in their prime then start to age and unless you are a turtle your body and mind will change and alter. ( probably the turtle looks different too I just don't notice. )You are still a lovely mature version of yourself - be glad that you can hear and see and think and move and dream and blog.
Hugs from BOP where our weather is marginally better than yours this Summer.

Tanya Brown said...

Swimsuit shopping. Dear god. It may be worse than lingerie shopping.

Wonderful photos!

Pauline said...

I have a wonderful excuse for not buying bathing suits - i don't know how to swim! You sound very brave to me! And your son sounds like a gem.

Isabelle said...

Good for you. I hope your knee appreciates the lengths you're going to.

fifi said...

I think there is a serial thief out there because my thighs have been stolen and replaced too...and I'm not even 50 yet!

but OH that CAT and the bromeliad! How VERY splendid! Both!

(the look on the cat's face, hehheh),

Tanya said...

I love the pictures of Morty and Honey! Yes, Morty looks like she is ready to ambush someone!

Ah, and I know the trauma of buying a bathing suit. Yuck! I have not been swimming for nearly 8 months and though I think of going back to it, the idea of being seen discourages me from going. A vicious circle!