Wednesday, August 29

Dear Neglected Blog...

The Free Treats seem to be (bloody missing_) sparse, recently.
I have not been to visit you, dear Blog, and I confess I have neglected you, sorely.

I dislike blogging about the sadness and ugly bits of my  life, peferring to find the 'free treats'.

It can be very difficult, when you seem to be up against the wall, and out of all 'luck'.

The 'free treats' vanish, in the dross and dilemmas of the everyday plodding along with my life.

I still enjoy smelling my freshly sun-dried washing. I still love the feel of fresh sheets on my bed.
I try to look for the small things, that can make a day. The free treats, that we least expect. Some of mine are the sudden smell of blossoms- one being my Daphne shrub's heady flowers. Now the Jasmine is blooming, and spreading it's beautiful perfume around our airspaces.

My Son had a wonderful Auction Night, arranged by his friends, in the suburb where he lived for 16 years.
It was a magic night and it raised a lot of money to support my son.

We did not attend. I was carer for my grandson, as his parents attended the Fund Raiser.
Son was too overtwhelmed and embarrased by his friends support.
My daughter and son in law attended, and were blown away by the support for Son.

He received crushing news today re his payments from Centrelink. He does not qualitify for a 'Disability Pension' because he is not deemed to have a 'disability'. As he says, what part of his amputated leg will grow back, to change his disability?

He had regressed, as far as his stump is concerned. He can no  longer bear to wear his prosthetic leg, and the reason is the swelling of his stump. He was advised today, to leave the prosthetic off, and rest his stump, for a week.
It is very frightening, as he has had an Ultrasound, and no one can tell him the results, as yet. Tomorrow he goes back to see his GP, who had the Ultasound done. The 'Specialist' who handles his rehab, was not available today. He was sent a report on the Ultrasound. Tomorrow Son goes back to GP for results, and further referrals.
It seems some people get their money, and repautation, by doing nothing.

On another front, we have been searching for a small, well behaved dog for Son. We don't seem to be having much luck, and I wonder about providence, or whatever it may be called.

I  have a friend wo believes in "Putting it out, in the Universe". I wonder what part of the Universe had decided to sh!t on us today.

Ah well, our lives go on, regardless, and we are just a small blip in thr greater plan, as it is said.

I will not post my usual music link. I believe it is too large, to the file of the blog...or something of the sort.
All I can think of, is Que Sera Sera, as sung by Doris Day, & I am sure noone remembers that!


marigold jam said...

I remember it! So sorry to hear that things are not going well for your son and do hope that your turn for having some good luck will be along soon! How lovely that the auction went so well though. Hope the little dog turns up soon for your son. By the way I received some photos from you a while back and was unable to reply no reason given but Googlemail just refused to accept my reply - anyway thanks.

persiflage said...

Life has certainly dealt you many severe b lows. I hope that things get better for you and your family. Perhaps your local MP can assist with things such as the disability support - seems pretty rough, given his condition and all the circumstances. I hope your son, despite his embarrassment, can accept his friends care and support - so many people do want to help, if they can.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I opened my computer today and found a free treat! You. I always look forward to reading you. I am so sorry to hear about your son's problems, but am happy to know he has so much support through his friends.
Some days I wonder what deeds from my past have come back to haunt me. My wish for you today is that one thing, big or small, will go your way!

ancient one said...

Meggie, good to hear from you in blogland again. So happy that things went so well with your son's auction. He is loved and appreciated by all his friends. I know it is hard to be "up" when things seem not to go your way. I look for any little thing to brighten up my day. I was able to get up by myself this morning. I had food to eat for breakfast. My husband is well and able to do things for himself. (all the little things ...which are really the bigger things.) You've been through a lot lately.. I admire how you have handled all the circumstances.. and you and your son continue to push on and look for the best... You're going to find it....

Jennifer said...

I remember Doris too, that song was part of the background of my childhood. We're a little behind you with our perfumed flowers, it's colder here inland! As persiflage said, is it worth seeing your local MP about your son's problem?

Ali Honey said...

Hi Meg,
Lovely to hear from you.
Don't take that answer...go back and ask for an explanation.
Yes freshly laundered sun dried sheets do smell good.
Hugs from Ali.

Bruce Taylor, a.k.a. Catalyst said...

What do you mean, no one remembers Doris and Que Sera Sera? Not all of your readers are freshly hatched, Meggy. I wish, somehow, a rainbow could break over you and your son and all would be bright again. Don't forget to stop and smell the flowers...especially the jasmine.

anne bebbington said...

Whatever will be will be - oh Meggie I do feel for you and your son - as said above can your Member of Parliament intervene on his behalf with these *@%$&"?s - or is there a charity/support organisation for amputees in your country - it saddens me so much when we have tv coverage at the moment of the Paralympics that he should be struggling not only to come to terms both physically but psychologically with his disablement but thatr he should also have to fight the establishment - disgraceful!!!

anne bebbington said...

I was just telling my family about his situation and my little one summed it up - as an amputee he would be allowed to participate in the Paralympics so what part of 'disabled' do the bureaucrats not understand as he wouldn't be allowed to take part if he wasn't disabled

Lu said...

My mother always believed in que sera sera, sadly l've found you sometimes have to challenge what life throws at you. Old age has been very unkind to her and dispite dementia, blindness, strokes, double incontinence and being unable to do a thing for herself, her family were told she did not require nursing. Which meant she had to pay for all of her care. It has taken a year of letters and meetings each needing a 400 mile trip and over night stays to finally get the NHS to agree they should be paying for her care, we are still waiting for the money back.

Jerry said...

Of course I remember Doris Day. As a youngster I had a crush on her.

And my free treat for the day was opening your blog. Keep at it.