Thursday, February 12

Break Out.

I have to break out.
I can no longer wear the muzzle, of politeness.

Just reporting conversations... or fractions, thereof..

"What the hell are they thinking? Why would some female 'reporter' shove a microphone in front of a shocked survivor, from devastating, life-stealing fires, & say "Why do you think you survived?" The woman appeared to almost shatter, or melt. She stammered, confused, "I don't know... the boys??" I thought that one of the sickest monents of commercial TV.

Next to the Ghoulish male reporter, who asked Christine Nixon, "How high do you think the toll might rise?" (breath panting, in the asking) His blanketty blank eyes gleaming! @rsehole! Do these cretins have any idea of the face they present to the world? Do they know how ghoulish they appear?

The female 'reporter', her glittering eyes, as she asks the most inane questions. I take offense, just seeing her idiot smiling face. As she stands in front of the community center, & confesses, it is a "NO GO" zone for media personel.
oh what a surprise, I wonder why??

Watching a staged 'reunion' with a couple. It looked like a f#cking dog trial being filmed, as the cameras circled the lucky reunite- ees. Over the paddock, into the 'flock'...OK the TV channel staged the reunion.. but really? How sick to exploit such human sadness, & despair.

Another conversation, in company.
"What about the stupid cow who had 8 babies... deliberately"
"She is out there, pleading poverty"
"Yeah, well, she wont get any sponsorship will she? She will be like a steaming turd on a shovel to any endorsement companies!"
"They won't want to touch her with a barge pole. She had generated such Odium in the public arena!"
"No "BumComfort Pampers" for her. She is a social pariah"

"I laughed, when they said the "seedy" 'seed donor' doubted he wanted to be part of the upbringing of the babies"
"It is just as I said. 'They can f^ck around, & then f^ck off & who will hold them responsible!"

"The seed donor, deserves his 'nads to be removed".
"I hope, while they were evaluating the mother's mental stability, they used "Discretionary Sterilisation" .
"If only that was a real option!!"
"Is the impregnating (IVF)Dr accountable?"

"I heard they are proceeding with charges?"

I would like to thank the many friends I have, who have cheered me with messages of fun, & laughter, as I have wallowed in this trough of despondancy.
Who am I, to feel such depair. It is not a personal tragedy, though it is a national tragedy, therefore, we are part of it all.

I have personal tragedy, which, upon my soul, resembles all of those photos of devastation & waste. I have lived through that, experienced it all, in my very being. Those pictures represent, my survival.
And, no, I do not wish to sound arrogant over this.

But I have felt that fire of annihilation. I have gazed upon that same devastation. That landscape has been my landscape.
Am I sane? Or completley mad?

I know you never recover. Though you pretend, & life goes on.


persiflage said...

Meggie, we've been reacting to the same footage, and I have just been writing about it. it was disgusting. Such avid slathering. Directing people to run towards each other!

I think we do form scar tissue over our emotional wounds. I think it was Stephanie Dowrick who said something like "there are some things you can never forget, but which you cannot bear to remember."

We must hold on to our common humanity. It binds us together in our individual and shared suffering.

kathi said...

You are MAD, and righteously so. I have been following you here and seen the devastation and sorrow. I am appalled at the way the media covers these national and personal
events. Vultures, they are. Feeding off the pain of others.

Veronica said...

Responsibility for this type of 'reporting' starts at the top with the chairman of the board and all his board members. As Kathi so rightly said, they are vultures and they are sickening, abhorrent, disgusting creatures. I wholeheartedly endorse the use of the 'off' button and the use of some succinct but judicious words to the nation's press complaints board, which I assume must be in existence?? Hugs to you my friend xxx

Deb said...

To become a reporter you have to have a college degree, shouldn't they have to have common sense and use it. How would they feel if they were in the middle of a tragedy and someone stuck a microphone in their face and started asking stupid questions, maybe someone should turn to them and ask them stupid questions, like who colors your hair, is that your real hair or a toupee, how old were you when you stopped wetting the bed. It just drives me crazy! I'm glad everything turned out well for you, I'm truly sorry for the people of your country!

Coachdad said...

Nothing is more upsetting than an unsensitive TV reporter. There is an award for you on my site if you want it.

Ani said...

You said EXACTLY what I think about TV reporters and anyone else who wants to be in the news because of their own agendas. I have not watched TV in years, just can't deal with it, my husband gives me any news if he feels I need to hear it but knows there is a limit to what I can bear. Bless you, you are RIGHT ON SISTER!!! Best, Ani

Strider said...

I thought it was only the idiot news reporters in the USA that asked stupid questions like that. It does my heart good to know that it's not the genetics of the American reporters, but idiot people in that business regardless of race, creed, or color! Have a great day.

fifi said...

This is one of the many reasons I ceased to watch any form of tv about five years ago. I listen to the abcradio only, and read news online.

I cannot bear the whole news as public entertainment.

Turn it off!!

I just made a donation online and then had to stop mother watches all the tv news and is at home wailing and weeping...I feel really sad, but I don't want to participate in this kind of nonsense. It's ridiculous. We can mourn without all that.


Rosie said...

wow! it has all been happening over there. Hope things look up soon

Pauline said...

I'd say you are sensitive. And this rubbish needs to be pointed out and stopped. Turn off the TV and don't buy a single newspaper or magazine until editors, publishers and reporters realize they need to set high standards of decency and respect. If the world revolves around consumers, as we are constantly being told, then as consumers, let's revolt until we are treated properly by those we elect to or allow as authority.

ancient one said...

Always amazed at what some reporters will do for NEWS...

So sorry for what is happening in your country right now. We have a field fire not too far from home that helicopters and airplanes are dousing as I type. High Winds today, and everyone was told no burning!!

Lorna said...

The insensitivity of reporters and the media in general is outstandingly plain. To ask, ”How do you feel?“ after a tragedy hits is intellectually vacant as well as socially inept.

I cannot stand those vultures.

The Sagittarian said...

Anything for a story eh? I personally think that reporting would have been more powerful by having no voice-overs, no gleeful reporters all shiny and toothy yabbing on...just a silent look at the horror.
You're on the button as usual Meggie. Kia kaha.

Lover of Life said...

Why do they think we want to watch them make total fools of themselves, asking inane questions of devastated and shocke individuals? Dumb asses.

Warty Mammal said...

My husband has a phrase for this kind of thing. I think it's called "tragedy porn" or maybe "child abuse porn". It's the publicizing of painful or hideous details in order to sell newspapers or get eyes on broadcasts.

I am sick of it. I want to know about when there are tragedies, fires, child molesters. However, I think the details, unless I legitimately need to know them, are none of my business. People shouldn't be further traumatized in vulnerable moments to satisfy someone's sick curiousity.

Wishing you the best, and wishing brighter days for the people and creatures who have been on the receiving end of those fires.

Blue Mountains Mary said...

Well said Meggie - if you are mad then we all are!

Lucy P. said...

I can't believe that woman had all those kids. She's completely irresponsible and is bleeding that county dry of resources that should be going to people who really need it. She has a serious mental problem that she feels she needs to fill her mother's home with all those kids. I don't see why she can't find a work-from-home type of job. People like that drive me crazy.

Ian Lidster said...

Maybe it's because I'm an old newspaper guy, but I detest television news, its vulgarity, its cruelty, its cheap sensationalism, its heartlessness, and virtually anything else one can throw at it. Well stated and your distress with this crap is well understood. We know what pain these people are going through so why does it need to be articulated?

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Reluctant Blogger said...

Like Fifi I don't watch TV news at all (or TV much at all) - I just find it distorts things and it can lead you to panic about stuff that you have no need to worry about. And yes, that kind of reporting just makes me feel ill.

As for personal tragedy - yes, some things do change us and scar us and they will never go away. But we wouldn't be who we are today without them. And I don't want to be any different as I have no idea what that different would be.

Be strong.