Sunday, February 1

Slightly Dubious Doings...

If you read here often, you will by now know that I love Garage sales, & Op Shops.

Lately I have found the better option to be garage sales, rather than the Op Shops, (Charity shops) since they are feeling the hard times too, & prices seem to have skyrocketed!

Not having generous amounts of money for purchase power, & also, having rather a liking for what I regard as 'nice' things, I keep an eye out for those things I could not afford, but would rather like to have.

For some time now, I have wished we had a 'drinks' fridge. At various times, when our kinder have come home for 'respite' stays, when their lives have fallen temporarily apart, they have brought their furniture, & fridges with them. The fridges were invaluable for the overflow, of food drinks, etc.

We are lucky enough last weekend to meet a young man, Tor, who is returning to Norway. He has a smallish fridge which he wished to sell. He only asked that he be allowed to keep it, until this weekend, so it was agreed I would pay him a portion of it's cheap very reasonable price. The balance to be paid upon collection of the fridge.

Gom was not best pleased with this arrangement. It is ok for him, he stacks our fridge with beers, but there is no space for my wine. grrrr. He backed off, not wanting any part of me purchasing the spare fridge. Which will, no doubt be packed up with beer before you can blink an eye.

We have a friend who is going to transport the fridge for us. Yesterday, having not heard from the young man, I sought to identify a time when it would be ok to collect the fridge. Gom began to scoff, when I could get no answer to the telephone number Tor had provided. Jeers, of the nature suggesting I had been 'taken', could be heard coming from the direction of Gom.

So, I rang my daughter, & she agreed to come with me on a searching mission, to see, if indeed, I had been 'taken'. Round we went to the flat. We could see through the windows, that there was disarray- back packs on the floor, some dismantled shelving, blankets. We could not see the fridge from the angle of the window.

We knocked repeatedly on the door. I am not sure why, but I tried the door handle. To my horror the door was unlocked! I hastily closed it again, having not actually opened it. We knocked some more. Then my daughter decided to 'peep' in the door, to see if she could see the fridge.

Yes, she saw the fridge, & quickly closed the door. I wrote a note on a piece of paper to leave at the door frame. Suddenly my daughter squeaked! There was a figure looming on the other side of the window. A man in undies. I am not sure who was more horrified.

It was Tor's flatmate. He hastily locked the door, then put on a pair of shorts. He opened the door, & after ascertaining our identity, he told us Tor was off out surfing, so he was not home. It was agreed he would be home today, & we can go to collect the fridge!

As we walked off down the drive slightly shocked at ourselves, & sniggering, my daughter was rather horrified to think she had actually almost 'entered'. She reckons that the young man will lock his door in future.


I was recently sent an email asking if I would like to be analysed about my writing style. I forget the wording, but the gist of it was, they would study my experiences growing up, to see how that influenced my style of writing.

I decided I dont really want to be someone's study sample, & I don't particularly care how my life to date has 'influenced' my writing.

To me, that seems like asking, "How long is a piece of string?"

I know that I seem to feel comfortable in my skin after years of ups, downs, doubts, & pressures.

I have discovered I like a hotch potch of things. I love mismatched china, odds & ends of cutlery, odd glasses. I feel very comfortable with 'casual', & 'relaxed'.

When we first got married, my brother gave us a Dinner Set. It was Crown Lynn, in an Autumn toned pattern, a design that was very popular in 1966, when we married. I was quite distraught when the first piece got broken. Luckily, Crown Lynn was still making china back in that day, & it was easy to replace pieces if they got broken.

Crown Lynn was probably the most popular china back then. It was reasonably priced, made locally, & was readily available in replacement pieces all over New Zealand.

As it happened the Crown Lynn factory was quite close to where we lived, & Gom got a job there, pouring plates, just after we married. It was even before Gom was HYPH- which was Happy Young Publican Husband- it was before we had moved to his beloved Southern Island. It was before he discovered his true calling in life, which as it turned out, was to be a fantastic Publican. His stint at Crown Lynn, was when he was still "That Bum You Married", to some of my friends. I guess I was the "Fool Who Married Him".

It is true we are chalk & cheese. We are very different people. We don't always like the same things, but we very often dislike the same things. He gives me space to be myself, which is invaluable in a relationship.

I could never afford Villeroy & Boch ware these days. I got this lovely dish in a garage sale for $1. A deceased estate sale. I felt sorry to think of the owner, who had obviously used it. It had little browned on 'leftovers', which easily cleaned off. I love it, & use it often

I like the grape leaves pattern.

Another favourite of mine was Temuka Ware.
My mother knew I loved it, & for my birthday or Christmas she often sent me the money to purchase a piece locally. I still have all of the pieces I got way back when. I have since collected some more, over here in Australia.

I have some in dark brown, but this was my favourite & still is.

This is a pattern of Crown Lynn that became popular in the 70s. I had the whole dinner set, with jug sugar bowl etc.

These are the only pieces I have left now, as it seemed to chip & break rather easily. I am surprised that these 2 pieces have lasted so well, as I use them still.

This is a garage sale find. Beautiful handmade pottery platter, with 2 little bowls. $2.

This is my favourite cultery of all time. I think they called them Sporks, or Splades. I have had my original set forever, it seems, & have gathered more along the way. So handy for eating at a party or in front of TV.

This is some of my current crop of mismatched dishes for everyday use. I use the term 'everyday' lightly... it is my all the time set, posh visitors or not! Some of it is my original china, but most of it is from garage sales. I still love those old colours... am I set in my ways?? Does this mean I live in a time warp?

Haha, I find I dont care at all. It is so relaxing to not worry if a piece gets broken or chipped. It is lovely to just enjoy company, & small fingers don't need to worry if they lose grip on the plate or cup.

I don't have to impress anyone with my 'matching china glassware & cutlery'. I impress myself with oddness, comfort, & ease.
Some of my quilting readers may notice the Bunny Hill Designs button up on my sidebar. I have not decided whether to make this or not, but I really like the first block. I have it all ready to go, should the weather cool down!

Gomez, How We Operate


Ms. Burrows said...

Wow, cool finds. I'm terrible at garage saling (that doesn't look right as a verb, oh well). But I am hoping to do lots of it this spring, and hopefully improve. I have a baby on the way, and my goal is to get as much stuff secondhand as possible.

Linds said...

Wonderful finds, Meggie! I love hunting for treasures at sales. We have great car boot sales in the summer here. And I too still have some of my crockery from when we got married.It was definitely the brown or autumn fashion back then!

Mary said...

We had a garage sale once - Keith and the boys set it up and worked it but I was mortified at the neighbors going through all my stuff and ever since I've insisted we donate our surplus when we move (which is often).

We all have so much extra stuff don't we?

Warty Mammal said...

My opinion of your estate sale find: the prior owner would probably be delighted that someone values and enjoys her possessions, rather than their being thrown in the garbage.

My analysis of your writing style: cozy, chatty, warm, spiced up with the occasional honest snark. Just the sort of thing one wants to read.

Molly said...

You'd have fit right in with some AF wives I knew in Germany! They would go on bus tours to the V&B china factory and get great deals. Some of them would deliberately buy only one place setting of a design they liked. The thinking being that they'd rather have one place setting each of several designs than have to choose only one and have everything matching! I noticed the Bunny hill logo! I succumbed too. Post a picture when you finish. Mine is on my flickr photos in my sidebar.

VioletSky said...

I enjoy going through old dinnerware at second hand shops and yard sales. Sometimes, it just brings back memories, othertimes, I simply must have the item. As a result, I have no full sets of anything, except cutlery, which I do like to have matching.

Mike said...

My wife, for whatever reason, will not have anything to do with garage sales. My oldest daughter,however, is quite good at them. I have thought about having my oldest daughter come over here and have a big garage sale for us. We could probably pick up a few bucks.

Marja said...

I I so love garage sales or the schoolfairs. I always come home with a bag full of stuff.
I work close to the salvation army shop and have taken away heaps there is well. I have far to much stuff but once in a while I pack a lot and that goes to....a schoolfair

Kitty said...

I love charity shops, car boot sales, etc. Later this month there is to be a 'giant jumble sale' in a local barn. I am SO going to be there!

I don't 'do' matching china either - mine is all bits and pieces, and I like it that way.


peppermintpatcher said...

My Pete loves a spork! He prefers them for every meal. Not me, I like to use a fork.

Joyce said...

Second hand is the way to go no matter where you purchase. I haven't found a good quilting garage sale though.

Pauline said...

aha! A fellow crockery collector and garage sale connoisseur! The earth tones of your dishes are lovely - my first set as a young housewife was cream colored with bands of burnt orange, sage green and sunflower yellow. I loved those dishes and not a one remains.

kathi said...

I love reading your posts. I'm a garage sale/thrift store shopper myself. Who would pay retail if you can find such pretty things on the hunt? If I need something, which is rarely, I go first to the thrift stores. Garage sales are great but it takes so long to find what you're looking for. I always find something to buy though. I've furnished my entire house with good finds! Some of them free for the taking by the road!

Thimbleanna said...

I have faith that you are collecting that fridge, as we "speak", Meggie! Loved the stroll through your dishes -- I love dishes all all sorts! I'm with you on the handwriting analysis -- who needs to pay for something you already know?

Sheila@Simple Indulgences said...

I like a bit of everything too. No one style, but it got out of hand. I like your 'earthy' coloured dishes and I remember having similar when we married in '68.
I think mine were called Hornsea.
Now I've made a list of what I really love and donated the rest, so that although not everything matches, it is a more manageable collection. Hubby doesn't fill our frig with beer, but he fills the garage with 'stuff', and there is no room for cars. He has now slowly, and sneakily started to take over my garden shed.
I'm amused that you almost walked in on the young man sleeping, that'll teach him to lock his door..!

Sheila@Simple Indulgences said...
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The Sagittarian said...

haha, oh those brown and oragne plates and the "brown" Temuka ware full stop! Do you know they have progessed to colours now and we often find the brown bits in Opshops etc, seems nobody wants brown anymore (until its the "new" colour). I love Opshopping/secondhand shopping - call it waht you will. Even on our recent trip to Australia I managed too squeeze in a few visits (much to my kids horror even finding a few treasures!!)

Ali Honey said...

Oh Meggie, We really are of the same era...I recognised all those,designs and brands - I've some you may have if you collect them when next in NZ...I don't really like brown or fawn...but have some all the same. I'm more a black and white or bright colour person even in china and pottery.

Marianna said...


I know what you mean Meg. I just got back from Thessaloniki (went on a test-taking trip grrr) and while out shoping I saw this huge, green and pink, coffee mug that I had to have. I love mugs myself :-)

Take care now
peace and love

My float said...

I love garage sales. I love looking through people's things and holding things they've obviously loved so much. Would never go to a neighbour's though - that would be terribly embarrassing..especially if we couldn't find anything we liked!!

Sarah said...

I love that you love garage sales----because I love them too! :) That must have been funny. I'm smiling. Oopsy! :)


Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

I too am a garage sale junkie. I wish we lived closer to each other. You find some be-yoots!! I'm kind of jealous.........haha.

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Sarah Lulu said...

I also love mismatched crockery! Although I lean more toward colour ..especially pink and red.

Splades!! I still have a couple ..I was given as a wedding present 30 odd years ago (very odd as it turned out).

Thank you for being the very first person to comment on my blog. Really made me smile.

I don't do the heat well either ...forecast down in Tamworth this week is 40 up here in the mountains it will be 30 something.


Lilly's Life said...

Hi there, just found your blog from Sarahs blog. I am an Aussie so its good to find other people who live in Australia. I love garage sales too but hate doing them myself. It gets nerve wracking! You have a great sense of humor and your posts are great reading.

Pearl said...

I always enjoyed garage sales & swap meets, but we ended up with so much stuff we had to have garage sales of our own to thin it all down. I like the old cups for tea, the china was much thinner & delicate in those.
You have a great writing style, very enjoyable to read.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I love estate sales and have found some wonderful things at them.

I'm fond of Villeroy & Boch china, too, and have several lovely odd pieces.

I'm glad you weren't taken on the refrigerator - that's a very bad feeling.

workhard said...

Garage sales are a thumbs up for me but my mom hates whenever i go to one, i make sure she doesnt know.
so did u get to pick up your refrigerator

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