Tuesday, October 27

Green Springy Bits... and Pieces.

This has thus far, been a very odd Spring. It has been the wettest October for blah blah blah. You know the story, every day there seem to be some new record of the hottest, dryest, wettest etc...

The green things seem to like all this rain.
The Basil is flourishing!

Lunch out was without incidence of bums or other annoying appendages. The fish was so fresh it was fantastic.
The lettuce are delicious.

SG came for a day.
"Nan" he said, "My tummy is sore. I think it is my body telling me it is missing school!"
"Oh?" said Nan doubtfully...
Then there was a popping noise.
"Oops" said SG.
"Ah," said Nan, "I think your body is telling you it needs a poo!"
SG raced off giggling. "Yes!" he said.

Why do my violets thrive, so?
With narry a bloom.
But I see they are now minted!

I have not tried the blood & bone.
I have been told dogs will try to eat it, and will become very ill, should they do so!

All this rain suits the strawberries. At least they are flowering.
I just hope we get enough sun sometime soon, to set the fruit, and ripen the berries.

It seems a most curious thing.. the larger more vigorous plants do not seem to be flowering, or doing much growing.
However the smaller ones, are positively flourishing!

Attending a fund raising Rumble sale, Jumble sale, call it what you like.
Looking at assorted rubbish donated goodies. Grabbing a couple of good quilting magazines. Upon asking the price, from a young girl clutching bags to contain the goods, the girl is accosted and accused of "Taking our bags! Look, you've got our bags.What are you doing?"
The poor girl, blushing deeply, meekly tells the accuser, that she is a volunteer, & she is, in fact, helping!
She places my magazines into a bag, & I make my way round further tables.
I overhear several b!tch sessions taking place, about how 'disorganized things are' and how 'someone should have told her' 'what does he think he is doing' 'who told her she could..', etc etc.
Always the same story in every club or gathering.
It is partly why I remain a non joiner.

My cooking is benefitting greatly from the herbal growth.
This wonderful Oregano, was a gift from friends. It died down but has made a splendid comeback! I love it in salads too.
There is a chive plant in there too, doing it's best to survive.

On clickage, you can see a little pink flower on a shrub- well I thought it was a shrub, but it is turning out to be much larger than I anticipated.

It is growing up to the Maple, & the Allamanda is desperately trying to beat off competition on the fence.

You are now looking at a $20 mushroom!!
Doesn't look like much of a mushroom does it?
The story is, I bought a mushroom garden in a box, some time ago.
I did all the right things, & sat back to watch my garden flourish.
Except... you guessed it... it did not flourish.
Thus far, this is the one & only mushroom to appear.
I know it must be my fault somehow, but I am beggered if I know how, or why.

In the Supermarket, a woman was having a very lively discussion about the merits of various packages of meat..... which was fine. Until I noticed she was totally alone! She seemed to be talking to the meat! No, she did not have a mobile phone in her hand or anywhere that I could see.
She seemed quite unconcerned, when she noticed that I had noticed her. She made her choices, them moved on, to talk to the breads, and bread rolls.

Here for your viewing pleasure is a delightful photo of young O, with his proud Dad. They were at the local Tractor Show.
Peas in a pod?
His mother, had a wonderful time, watching people's faces, as she told them she has named her son after a tractor!

Not for any particular reason... just that I love Bob Seger.
Roll Me Away.


Mary said...

Now all I want to do is make a lovely big crunchy green salad.

With mushrooms too!!!!

marigold jam said...

What a lovely change to see all that Spring growth after so many autumnal posts here in Blogland! It all looks so delicious and fresh.

Intriguing to hear about the lady in the supermarket - many years ago when I was at college there was a fellow student who often chatted to herself too and it seemed really weird to me but nobody in authority was at all concerned about her! Wonder what happened to her (perhaps it was her you came across in the supermarket!)

Jane x

Frankofile said...

Yay basil! Oregano is a bit subtle for me, or perhaps I have a feeble variety. But I'll try it in a salad (next spring).

persiflage said...

I wonder what the pink flower is. It certainly looks vigorous. You've reminded me I should plant some basil.
Herbs bring out conversations with people. A dogwalker and I had an animated discussion about the herbs in my pocket handkerchief front garden this morning. She admired my vigorous rosemary and I invited her to help herself to a sprig - the way everyone else does. Tip pruning, it is called.

Joyce said...

Basil is my all time favorite herb and yours looks so fresh and crispy!
My friend who taught me to quilt always talks to herself while quilting. I told her I had mastered everything she taught me except talking to myself. I'm working on that. Lol.

jovaliquilts said...

Your basil looks gorgeous! In fact, all your plants do. It's so amazing to think of you all green and springy while we are turning red and gold and the leaves are blowing everywhere!

Knot Garden said...

Such an entertaining post, and your herbs look amazing. So green and lush.
I too am a non-joiner, I think maybe we're best off out of it, LOL! Now I just have to stop talking to myself...

Molly said...

I agree that women in a group sometimes get bitchy and gossipy, but I also think the best comes out in people when they work together. At least that's my most recent observation......Your basil looks bursting with health---I can almost smell it! My favourite herb in the garden is tarragon...love the smell and the lovely yellow flowers.

The Sagittarian said...

I love basil (and so do the rabbits!) however, my violets look like yours - all leaf! My mum tells me that you need to pick them, kinda like basil, to keep them flowering.

ancient one said...

I loved the thought that someone named their son after a tractor...LOL On facebook my family is trying to name Will and Ashley's baby.. Such fun trying to choose a name... LOL

All your lovely green pictures... everything around here is turning brown... but the colorful leaves did put on a show...

Are you sure the person talking to the meat didn't have something on their ear.. (phone)... I never even pay attention to people talking now.. I used to think everyone was speaking to me.. LOL

Enjoyed your posts...

quiltmom said...

Hi Meggie,
You are such a great observer of life - I love the story of the woman in the meat market - and all the beautiful greenery in your photographs- We are in the drab part of fall-everything is going brown and the snow has not yet arrived. Hopefully the snow stays awhile yet- it rained today but no flurries.
I hope that your strawberries are very fruitful this year..
I love Bob Seger's music
Nice post Meggie-

Sunnie said...

Bless you for the fresh Spring photos!
I am so very confused about what time of year it is anyway... I grew up in the northern part of the US, and think that October should be cool & grey, but now I live in Florida and it's 85 degrees (Farenheit, not C). Truly confusing!
The basil was so beautiful I could almost smell it all the way over here! How abour some fresh pesto?

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Love all the spring photos. We are very wet here, too But the mums are happy!

Thimbleanna said...

You know, no matter how many AU posts I read, I just can't get used to October and spring in the same sentence LOL! Looks like you have a very productive herb garden. And I love a woman who's confident enough to talk to the meat LOL!

Pauline said...

lovely herb photos - how I miss my kitchen garden now that the frost has killed it all!

Yiota said...

Hi! I like autumn but with my son being ill for the second time this month I'd so much prefer it if it was spring here, too. Love all the green pictures (for a change!)

Steve said...

The green in the photos came out very nice. We are going into fall, wish it was spring.

Anonymous said...

Great photos, Meggie. I like Bob Segar too, did he sing "Nine Tonight"? can't remember.

Anonymous said...

Sliced fresh basil with vinaigrette on garden-fresh tomatoes. Sheer ambrosia.

Granny J said...

Thank you for reminding me that after our current fall and winter ahead, there will be yet another spring, all bright green

Kate quilts... said...

Meggie, you have the knack of reminding me what life is about. There is always renewal.

And thank you for the Bob
Seger clip. I love his music and so does my sister - it's nice to know he is good to his mother, too. :)

Q said...

As my gardens are winding down I look to yours for bright green. My mint is still nice enough for garnishing. The basils are gone withthe last frost.
I was tickled about the lady talking to the meats and moved on to the breads....
I talk with the bees and the birds and the trees, never thought bread would listen!
Have a wonderful November.

Tanya said...

Oh dear. Good luck with the mushrooms. In Japan there is a certain type of mushroom that runs about $100 for each one! Needless to say I have never eaten one. But they are supposed to be exquistely delicious. If I had $100 I would not buy a mushroom.

Warty Mammal said...

You always make me smile.

Regarding the lady in the market, I wonder if she was wearing a discreet headset? Lovely the way technology has given us all the means to look like crazy people.