Monday, October 12

Mood or Moon Swings.

How quickly one's mood can change, given different circumstances, or events.

Or maybe, the weather changes the Moods. The Barometric Pressure, exerting it's influence upon the body.

The tidal ebb and flow, infuenced by the phases of the Moon.

This pic, was taken around 15 minutes ago, which was 7pm EST in Australia.
We are about to experience a thunderstorm.
Leo is acutely aware of this change in pressure, weather, call it what you will.

He can sense a thunderstorm long before we can. He becomes anxious, and somewhat distressed. He often seeks comfort from a friend of ours, with whom he is wary/distant at other times. He often comes to seek comfort from me, when he is most often Gom's dog, exclusively.
Honey is totally indifferent, & the electrical storms bother her not one whit.

We have been having rain, and rather coolish weather. Not unusual for this Spring Season, which tends to be very fickle and unpredictable, most years.

About a week to 17 days ago, we had a very hot, dry spell. The result of this was the pot of Lobelia on the balcony, turned into this pot of moss!

See, the dying remnants of the Lobelia. Poor things.

Another picture of ruins, the result of Leo Tap Dancing on this small garden in a pot.
The lettuce was killed outright, the rocket recovered to an degree, but the parsely hangs in the balance... ruins.

On a happier note, this continues to delight me, in spite of large neglect. It is lovely with bloom, at present. It has turned it's faces from me, but I suspect that is because I turned the pot around. At least it still lives!!

Here, I can't be a total failure. These seeds I sowed of Italian Parsely would appear to be thriving. I realise I am going to have to try to transpant them, so they can survive, & further thrive. Wish me luck....

Here, the basil & thyme appear to be happy. I know they would love more sun, but the CCTPPO* is at work, I fear.
Ever since I planted my seedlings, we have had rain, with little sun. I see the strawberries I have planted, have had a few flowers.
The tomatoes are not flowering, but there are promising looking buds.

This pretty little Heartsease is doing it's best to provide a little cheer.
And here, the lettuce that remain appear to be happy. The tomato in the centre seems to be flourishing. I am keeping my fingers crossed for sun, & survival.

Our little Grandson will turn 7 this week. He is so excited.

I can't really remember being 7.

I do remember being 8, as that was when my Grandfather died. A very strange time, with hushed voices, & no information forthcoming. I don't recall his funeral at all, and I know I did not attend. I suspect it was thought, back in those days, not a place for children to be.

I find it strange to think we were not allowed to say our goodbyes to our Grandfather.

We had lived with him, for most of our lives, my younger brother and I.

CCTPPO. Longtime readers here will know, this stands for Cosmic Conspiracy To Piss People Off. It is surprising how often it kicks into being....

Thom Yorke, Black Swan


persiflage said...

I am glad you are posting again. I get anxious when you don't. Where is she, I ask, is she ok? What is happening to her?
A garden is a lovesome thing, God wot, but all the same can be fraught with difficulties. I find that parsley grows for me when the seed is scattered and allowed to sprout without being covered by soil. My tiny plot does not offer much opportunity, but the parsley grows in odd spots, like between tiles where there is no soil. Sometimes 'helpful' people yank it out. Or the council comes around and sprays the parsley in the cracks out the front. Your parsley seedlings look pretty happy, and may they thrive. And that wish goes for you too.

marigold jam said...

Good to hear from you again- gardening can be frustrating can't it? With plants we are not so keen on thriving whilst those we care about giving up the ghost on us! I have heard that parsley only thrives when planted by the one who wears the trousers in a home! Not sure about that but like Persiflage I have managed to have it grow where I didn't particularly plant it whilst that which I have planted doesn't succeed at all though when my GOM plants it he has no more success than me so maybe neither of us wear the trousers! I love the phrase CCTPPO guess it equates somewhat to Sod's Law. Must remember it for future reference!

Jane x

Anonymous said...

My grandsons Owen and Sam are going-on seven in Dec and Jan, respectively. They are at such a fun age, usually it's "out of the mouth of babes" honesty. :)

Thimbleanna said...

Seven! What a wonderful age! Isn't it odd how thoughts have changed about funerals since we were young. Like you, I was around 8 when my grandmother died. I remember the same as you -- everyone was so quiet and I remember after several days of that, just wanting people to smile and be happy again. So different from today when I go to funerals and the "celebration" almost seems disrespectful to me.

ancient one said...

It is chilly and threating rain here today. The Heartsease you showed.. I never knew it's real name... My grandmother called them "Johnny jump ups" and that's what I call them too... LOL I love when mine show up again each spring...

Tell young grandson Happy Birthday from me... Seven is when "teacher said" holds more weight than what parents say...

Good Post Meggie!!

Jo said...

We have sent our sunshine back to you, you lucky things...! It's below freezing here today, but just a couple of months ago it was 110 degrees Fahrenheit. I am slowly saying goodbye to my flowers which for some strange reason are still blooming, even the petunias -- but not for long.

Happy Birthday to your grandson! :-)

Mary said...

Poor Leo, Chesty's not afraid of storms but he doesn't think much of the snow and cold although last winter he wasn't as depressed as the previous two...he spent a lot of time by the fire.

The garden looks like it has lots of green and blooming things doing well in it -- my poor scraggly flowers on my deck have given up.

Magia da Inês said...

Olá amiga!
Seu cantinho é tudo de bom...
lindo, criativo e alegre...
Espero você em:
Beijinhos carinhosos.
Itabira - Brasil

Pauline said...

That basil looks healthy - mine was just killed by a frost.

Love these rambling posts where you move from one thing to another with ease. Fun to visit, as always.

Anonymous said...

As you move into spring we, alas, move into autumn, so I loved the young plant pictures. And the fluctuating nature of life's moods -- oh yes.

Cathi said...

You're moving into warm weather as we get ready for the deep freeze of winter. One of the best things about blogging for me has been following the warm weather around the globe, as I loathe winter!
Our cats are completely indifferent to electrical storms. In fact, they often will sit on the windowsill and watch.

The Sagittarian said...

What a coincidence, I was 8 when my Grand-dad died too. Us kids didn't go to the funeral but were allowed to attend the 'afters function'. I recall asking Mum what the funeral was and she said Grand-dad was put in a big box and for years I had visions of something the size of a shipping container with this little old man in it! At the 'do' my brother and I hid under the food table, sneaking mince pies and the occasional sly sip of blackberry nip....

Ali Honey said...

Gosh I remember when little GS was so excited to be starting school....time is rushing by.

It was the times Meg - kids just didn't go to funerals - I think we are much more sensible about it now.

Good luck with your garden effort and please stop sending all that weather over here when you have finished with it! ( LOL)
Hugs from Ali.

Isabelle said...

Happy Birthday, SG.

Granny J said...

We have almost no blue garden flowers, with the exception of those lovely little blue lobelia, which I buy every year from the nursery for my potted garden. Some prosper, others barely eke out a living.

Warty Mammal said...


I am so jealous. I can grow everything. Everything except parsley, that is.