Friday, October 16

Life's Little Grumbles.

Not so many of the Life's Free Treats. Recently, they have been mixed with Life's Little Grumbles.

Our Daughter has been having crap vehicle car troubles again, so we lend her our car, so that she can keep her job.
Gom walks Leo most evenings, so he is fitter than I am. On the other hand he does not have a buggered worn out knee. Plus, Honey is getting older like me, & her little knees have problems too.

He walked down to the shops for luxuries staples, such as bread, & milk.

One day we decided we were both a little stir crazy, so we hobbled- me walked-he, down to the local Pub, to have lunch.
It was rather a windy day, so we were helped along on the way down, with a back wind, & the fear of falling branches!

As it happened there was a large crowd for lunch, including a 'party' of some sort, which consisted of a lot of aged people- around our age, actually, but we won't dwell on that.
I always endeavour to sit in a corner, as I abhor sitting in 'alleyways' where the constant stream of 'traffic' bumps my chair, or the waitress whizzes past with precariously balanced meals, in danger of landing in my lap.
Gom however, seems to think in terms of economy, & chooses to sit at a table for two, where possible, regardless of where it is situated.
So, here we were, seated next to the longest table of the Party Of Elders, henceforth to be referred to as POE.

Most of the POE had actually finished their meals, so it was time for coffee, & chit chat, & visiting each other, about the table. Some played musical chairs, which was fine. However some chose the "lean-over-and-poke-your-bum-out" option.

One elderly man chose this option just after my meal arrived, so I spent most of my mealtime with a large bum to the left of my face. I kept thinking he would realise, & remove himself, or at least redirect the aim of his rear! Alas, he seemed totally unaware of anyone but himself. I felt peeved & wondered why, so many elderly seem to feel they have the 'Right Of Way' just because they are .... well, old!

Of course, mentally, I was standing up and loudly berating him for his ignorance! Asking would he mind removing his bum from my face, while I enjoyed my lunch?
I am a coward.

I spent a good deal of yesterday in a Medical Center, with our GD.

She was far from well, (So looked nothing like the above pic!) & spent a lot of time asleep, lying on a series of chairs, with her head in my lap.

We were at the center for 3 1/2 hours, in fact. It is a very large Center, & she was depriving noone of a seat. There is a LOT of seating. At times, it does get full! Most people check in, then take off for a couple of hours.
I wont dwell on what I think of the Center. We are lucky to have G Ps we really trust, who will see us in reasonable time, & appointments are available, with reasonable waiting times. It is GD's choice to go to the Medical Center.

As I sat & watched the -extremely slow- passing parade of really elderly & bent/slow, I wondered what it is, that keeps old people clinging so determinedly on to life. Even when the quality of it all has ceased to be of much value, to outside appearances, they still have that urge to live.

To sit, and spend hours, literally, waiting to see a Doctor, for perhaps 2 minutes, tops, for young ones, it seemed like a waste of productive young people's working lives.

That same time spent by the elderly doesn't matter. What else have they got to do with their time? I know that sounds a little harsh, & let's face it, I am getting on myself, so may change my thinking here.

Our son was thinking the same thing, as he attempted to attend a Medical Center close to his work, yesterday, only to find it completely clogged with really old folks, who were most likely just suffering from old age, all clamouring for attention, at the not-yet-opened-doors of the Center.
He took his injured hand, & returned to work.

The Birthday of Small Grandson was celebrated by his family. His silly sister insisted on going to work, after she finally saw a GP. He told her have the day off, but no, she wanted to work, so she was absent from her small brother's 7th Birthday.
Here he is with Gom.
He was teaching Gom the intracacies of Electronic games. He knows far more than we will ever know, even at Seven!

He was excited about his cake, so he stood on the kitchen stool to admire it, then blow out his candles, and make his wish!

David Gray, Babylon.


Kathy's Klothesline said...

Happy Birthday to your little guy, he is so cute! At least you had that to look forward to! I have been a little down myself lately, but just read my daughter's post.... and it was a tribute to me!!! Made my whole day!

Marja said...

Happy birthday to your grandson He has a beautiful smile and hope your GD will be fine soon. She is a good looking girl.
happy to read your blog today as I needed a laugh. I just would have kicked that bum and about GP's ours takes hours as well. You have to take half a day to go to the doctor. have a great weekend Meggie

Thimbleanna said...

What an adorable picture of your little grandson. He looks like such a pleasant and fun boy. Isn't it amazing how easily the children adapt to technology, while we, more experienced people struggle so much???

ancient one said...

You have such beautiful grandchildren...

I have grumbled a little myself this week... rain all week except Tuesday... and cool..

Loved your post.. you seem to find humor in every situation...

Ali Honey said...

Didn't you have a fork on your table? Don't you know how to use one? Ggee I would have!

Lovely birthday photo.
Do hope everyone else is on the mend.
Old age sounds a bugger; I don't think I'll go there BUT I do know what the alternative is!

marigold jam said...

Oh Meggie - I had to laugh at today's post. Do you think it is obligatory to turn into GOMs and GOWs as we get older? I do know just what you mean though!! I had a similar occurence once at a works dinner do when the folk at the next table got a bit rowdy and I had a bare bum right in my face as the lad on the next table tried "mooning" (I think that's what they call it but I am a GOW so we didn't do that sort of thing when I was young!). I wish I'd thought of using a fork as recommended by Ali Honey!!

Hope today will be full of good things for you and your little grandson is lovely so that kind of makes up for the oldies doesn't it?!


VioletSky said...

I know that story from the restaurant is only funny in the retelling, but thank you for the good laugh!
You are so fortunate to have young 'uns around to help with the technology and who are excited about birthdays!

persiflage said...

What lovely photos!
I would have been grumpy about the bums in the face, too. How does it happen that some people have so little awareness of or consideration for others?
Happy birthday to SG.

Anonymous said...

Oh Happy Birthday to that little Cherub. Beautiful.

Molly said...

What a handsome pair they make! I agree with you about the lingering.....When I was a child it seemed old people had a preference for just going to bed and dying in their sleep when they got tired of it all. I don't think there was as much medicine to keep them ticking along, long after they had really ceased to "live!" Which, it seems to me, was not entirely a bad thing....

Pauline said...

You have lovely-looking grands!

As for the lunch bum, I think my fork would have accidentally slip as I, ooops, dropped it on the floor...

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I hope the lovely young lady feels better soon. Apparently GOM doesn't live up to his name when his grandson is around - they both look as if they are having the time of their lives.

I would have had to say something about someone's bum in my face. That is one of the circumstances in which I don't do meek very well. Such a person does not deserve my polite suffering, or yours.

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

We are all 18 inside - I just can't figure out why everyone else is looking so old.

I did enjoy this

Selina Kingston said...

Oh please! Bum in the face for lunch is not what anyone would order!!! But that lovely picture of GOM and your grandson - that's gorgeous!

Tanya said...

It is the same here with hospitals and elderly. I think it must be a hobby of theirs to hang out at the doctors and chat with each other for hours and then say much of the same that they said the week before to the doctor...

Christine Thresh said...

Your granson is a darling lad. Happy Birthday to him.
What funny stories you write (sometimes sad ones, too). I love your blog.

Rosie said...

when I am really old I want my own personal doctor in waiting...but for now, being just old, I will wait with everyone else

Mary said...

I hope your granddaughter is well by now. I also often wonder why the elderly go through so many procedures and surgeries -- I know that for me, I will be ready to go when my body starts falling apart!

Warty Mammal said...

I hope granddaughter is doing better now.

You've left me with an interesting etiquette problem to consider. How exactly does one ask a stranger to remove his/her rump from one's vicinity? "I hate to trouble you, but ... no, no. You don't have to remove the whole thing. Say, 30%? And if you could just aim it at the window rather than our table? We have a candle here, you see, and I'm afraid of what might happen if it gets more fuel. Splendid."

I once went on a trip with a client who turned out to be schooled at the art of SBDs. (Silent But Deadly farts) I finally reached the point of asking her, as evenly as I could, If she could perhaps hang her rear end out the window. It didn't go over well. There were many protestations about the fact that gas-passing is a natural function, etc. Indeed. But I don't wish to share it.