Wednesday, January 13


Just a few curiosities, I have been thinking about.

I suspect bad news, in any form, really makes you stop, and take stock.

For some time now, GOM has suffered from depression. A depression which he would not admit to, so he refused to consult anyone about having it treated. It affected me deeply, and living with it was difficult.

Since I struggle with periods of depression, they began to blob into one continuous condition.

It seems that now, since staring the very real possibility of  imminent death in the face, Gom has had a change of heart. It is almost as if he has decided he wants to live longer, and refuses to believe he may not.

Which is a very good outcome, even if it had to come at such a high cost. We had another heartening visit to the Doctor yesterday, and he told us, that although there is a long road ahead, there is a pleasing response to the drugs. I know he feared there was cancer, which was not evident in the scans. The latest blood tests show no sign of any cancer, so that is very good news.

Once again, thankyou for all your support & wonderful thoughts wishes and kindness. I am sure it all helps.

On another sad note, Mr & Mrs NN (Nice Neighbours) have had some very devastating news. Mr NN is very ill, and is being operated on today, for removal of a brain tumour.

We are keeping them both in our hearts and hoping for a positive outcome. Mr NN is the same age as I am, so he has a lot of living left to do!


Onto other curiosities.

I have been thinking of days past, friends we no longer see, but still keep in touch with, and relatives we hold dear.

Childhood phrases spring to mind, with curious sayings that are never heard today.
Only the more mature (haha) among you, may remember these.

"Excuse me, Mrs Pillharding, it is snowing down South!"  This indicated a show of petticoat -remember those??- beneath the hem of a dress or skirt. It seems hilarious in this day and age, when quite often sheer clothes reveal the knickers or lack of beneath, and petticoats are unheard of! Or, alternatively petticoats are worn as outer garments.

"So what if my shoes are old fashioned? They are clean and well paid for!"   Often, if one's shoes squeaked it was said they were not paid for.

"Little pitchers have big ears!"  Referring of course to small children's listening ears. Or possibly nosey neighbours.

"I hear that June Flashbottom is pregnant. I always knew she was no better than she should be!"
(I never did really understand this one? who decreed how 'better she should be?' than whom, or what needed she to be better than, or not better than?) I suppose it was a reference to 'class' or 'breeding'- especially if June Flashbottom had been "Putting on Airs" or "Above her Station" which are other old terms. These days it would be referred to as being "Up herself" I suppose. Which is a bit silly, since that could not be the reason she is pregnant....

"Of course  Gloria Pullknight is putting on weight, she is up the duff!" Or  "Nola Slatter has a bun in the oven"  Further terms for (usually an umarried) pregnant girls.

"Excuse me Mrs Arden, the pigs are in your garden!" This was a childhood saying when one burped!


Yet more curiosities...

I should write a book on How Not to Garden!

All the money I spent on containers, best potting mix, countless plants, fertiliser etc etc, could have provided us handsomely with fruit and vegetables for one month approximately!
The only things that I had limited success with, are some herbs, and the lettuces, which we did eat and enjoy.

I was told that I was mistaken thinking cardboard boxes would be ecologically sound to use for planting. Bugs love carboard, as it provides an excellent nursery for their growth, along with hand roots and leaves to eat.

I was also told that tomatoes hate lettuce, so planting them together was a mistake.

The white butterflies love my garden attempts. They have feasted royally and well. I caught a fat caterpillar eating one of my Topsy Turvy Tomatoes. I squashed it, which I normally never do!

I had a nice ripe tomato, ready to pick. It was large, about the size of my fist. Imagine my dismay when I found it gone! Who knows what secret predator took it? I wonder if lizards eat tomatoes? Perhaps it was a sneaky rodent? Or a secret Possum? I have no idea, but I hope it choked them!!

In other curiousities, I find I am unable to concentrate to read, or sew or even watch much TV. I suppose the reason is called worry. Try as I will, my mind will not stay away from 'Reasons'.

We did watch and really enjoy a Movie called The Blind Side. If you have to beg borrow or steal it, make sure you see it!! It is wonderful. What makes it even better, is that it is a true story!

We also saw The Lovely Bones. I was disappointed in the casting. I nit pick about things like 2 dark brown eyed parents having a light grey eyed child. I hate it when the Movie is different to the book. Which is not to say I did not enjoy the Movie, it was just 'different' to what I expected.

Another engrossing Movie, which was harrowing, but excellent, is Brothers. Distractions I found could stop the 'Reasons' intruding for short periods of time.

Here, Queen, some of my favourite music.


fifi said...

Sometimes it takes a HUGE wakeup call to make us see what wonderful things we have!!

I wish i had your luck with the vegies. Everything from the fruit market at the moment goes rotten in half an hour..

good luck, meggie..XXX

~Sheila~ said...

Worries about a husbands health, and depression are things I am famioiar with too. I'm glad GOM has decided he wants to stick arouind for a while longer, it makes a huge difference to recovery.
My husband has been retired for 7 months now, and most days he does something which makes me think of you and GOM. He reorganizes things,
has decided he wants to do the cooking, and is constantly asking me what I plan for today. AAARGH!!
Since he has been ill, I should be happy that he feels able to do things...he calls it helping, but ungrateful witch that I am, I find it quite annoying. Hopefuly we will both settle into a new routine soon.
I remember those sayings, and here's one you may not know.
On being asked where you were going, by someone who had no business to ask, we would answer either..."There and back to see how far it is" or "To see a man about a dog".

~Sheila~ said...

That strange word s/b FAMILIAR!
sorry for the typo.

Jennifer said...

A positive way of looking at life can make a very big difference to one's health....I hope for both your sakes that GOM stays positive.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I am glad that GOM is taking this turn and I am hopeful that you both will be able to get through this. There are still repercussions from the death of my son that I am dealing with. Some days are more trying than others. I just hope for a good day when I open my eyes in the morning and go from there. I am thinking of you and hope that when you awaken next you will have one of the good days!

Ali Honey said...

For your sake I am glad GOM is facing up to his problems. Small steps in the right direction.

Squashing caterpillars on food crops is a must if you wish to have any food left. I figure there are other sources of nourishment they can find.

I'm very sorry top hear Mr. NN has a trial to cope with. They are good neighbours and that is a huge benefit.( and source of pleasure, lovely gifts and company for you )

persiflage said...

It is really good that GOM is now more positive, so that you can both row in the same direction.
I'd be livid about the tomato! and lie awake wondering who or what the hell....
I remember 'snowing down south'. It was a good day when I removed the petticoat from my life. In those days it was an embarrassment to have any underwear showing. 'No better than she ought to be' always sounds like a contradiction in terms. Did that saying EVER apply to men? I bet not!

Joyce said...

A positive attitude can work wonders. Here's hoping for the best.
As for odd sayings, we used to say "what do birds do?" to tell someone their fly was open and to zip up their pants.

Granny J said...

I do so hope that GOM stays in the Up Cycle! And that his tests verify that it's a good iea!

Pauline said...

Paste little smiley faces all over to remind GOM to keep cheerful. I remember Mama saying of the occasional snooty person - "She acts like she was born from her mother's mouth."

quiltmom said...

As always a thought provoking post- I love the part about sayings - not familar with " Mrs arden,the pigs are in the garden" but it made me laugh out loud.

The movie Forrest Gump is full of sayings like that.

Ones that come to mind are " your horse is going to get out" when one's zipper is down.

I hope that you enjoy a wonderful summer with a bountiful garden and no more critters steal away your treasure trove of vegetables and herbs.

Hope that GOM continues to improve he is a lucky man to have you and you are a lucky lady to have him- through thick and thin- I know you are there for each other.

Warmest regards,

Anonymous said...

I wish not concur on it. I assume warm-hearted post. Specially the designation attracted me to be familiar with the unscathed story.

Tanya said...

I hope the medication will help with the medical issues and that you can help with GOM' outlook on daily life. I think love and smiles in the home can do a lot toward health and happiness...

ancient one said...

This post lifted my spirits ... so glad GOM's spirits are lifted ... I hope NN's operation went well and that he will have more good days...We all need a wake up call from to time to time to help us appreciate what we do have....XX00

Isabelle said...

I do hope your "blob" goes away to stay. More blogging, less blobbing. So sorry about Mr NN, though. Hope he and GOM regain their health.

Christine Thresh said...

I'm glad GOM is perking up a bit. Sinking in a slough of despair is so awful. Fighting and feisty is better.

Anonymous said...

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