Wednesday, January 27

Just the Odd Bits.

Just wanting to update a little.

Only the Odds.

Oftentimes, the Odds are very funny, as in heartbreaking humorous.

They need to be, because if I wasn't laughing, I would be crying.

We have had SG for a few hours here & there.

In spite of a somewhat strung-out, tense, Nanna, he sees the Bright Side.

This is his painting.

A Rainbow, SG on the left, & a bright large Nanna on the right.
There is Sun, a Pool, and Blue Skies.

He is so glad School is back tomorrow!


Just innocently shopping for groceries at our local mongrel minded Supermarket.
They have Freezer Cabinets, which require doors being opened and the packaged food chosen, can be removed from the shelves, by the customer.
Some of the packages are above eye level. This involves reaching up, to get the package.

When one selects a package, one does not expect to recieve sharp boxes or other, heavy frozen packages, to come cascading out, onto one's Breast!
Nor does one expect to recieve large bruises to one's breast, in the innocent pursuit of frozen grocery items.

At risk of offering TMI, I show you evidence of the said package bruises, to my left breast.

How is one supposed to offer proof of such a bruising experience?
I can hardly be expected to race into the shop, and flap out a bruised breast for examination, surely?

Or perhaps I could. I might also be arrested for indecent exposure. Or offensive behaviour.

I thought about taking the photographic evidence to the manager. However, I reconsidered this option. I had no desire to make a "Clean, (if Bruised,) Breast of it" so to speak.

I have had occasion to be taken out to the "Staff Room" to 'wash my hands', which were contaminated by maggots from tins of punctured dog food, which had escaped the notice of shelf stockers. (I did have the brief thought they may have been the puncturers of said tins.)

Apart from the fact that the Staff Room had no running water, with which to wash hands, nor any decent cleaning equipment/cloths, (stock was grabbed hastily from the shop shelf, to offer me something clean to remove the maggots) I also noticed the general filth of the room, plus the prominent "Staff Notice Board". I have no desire to have my Bruised Breast displayed for ridicule, and perhaps defacement, upon this Notice Board.

I also realise that cropping renders the said Bruise photographs almost useless, as there is no recognizable feature to prove what one is supposed to be viewing.

A dilemma with no answer. I will just have to let it go,  and remember never to stand too close to those dangerous freezer cabinets.

I begin to wonder if I somehow attract such disasters, as I was once struck upon the head by several bolts of fabric, in a Quilt Shop. The bolts had been stacked on top of high shelves, which were free-standing. It was a very unpleasant, and unnerving experience. I was not offered any more than a cursory apology, with the implication it was my own fault for standing in the spot where the bolts landed! Goodness knows what caused the fall, I had certainly not even touched the shelves.

Perhaps it was my turn to be slammed on the head!! In the CCTPPO (Cosmic Conspiracy To Piss People Off,) you understand.

I admit to being a lousy Housekeeper. I hate housework with a passion which is better directed to sewing or nursing.

I was treated to a much needed bout of nigh on hysterical mirth, when I discovered that huge bags of leftover Christmas wrappings and trappings have been travelling around in the back seat of a certain person's beloved car. This car has been in for various 'fixings'. It has been to several different work shops for these various 'fixings'.
No one had made any comments. Well, not to the owner's face, anyway. Who knows what was said, in the privacy etc.

However the driver did notice that other motorists, initially drawn to admire this beloved car, it being very unusual, often looked again, with disbelief at the back seat contents, so happily lying scattered, spilling out of the bags supposed to contain said Seasonally Merry trappings and papers.

It somehow appealed to my sense of the ridiculous, that these items have been travelling about bringing yet more seasonal joy to passersby.

In other ludicrous news, GOM's cough persists. More blood drawings show other problems are improved, to a degree I wont repeat, according to the Doctor. However, he is still not feeling very bright and gets very tired.
The weather is very strange. Low grey skies, high humidity. Cheerless.
Reading is the best option, when I can concentrate.


marigold jam said...

I see I am not the first to make a comment!! Bet that will P*** you off too!!

You do seem to have more than your fair share of mishaps - maybe it is just so that you can make us smile with your wry sense of humour when bolgging about them!! However I will definitely stand well clear of piles of fabric and freezers which are above breast height in future.

Glad the blood tests prove an improvement even if not that much - hang in there , keep you lovely sense of humour and let the housework go hang!!

Jane x

Thimbleanna said...

Oh Dear Meggie! Perhaps you should be wearing an armor-plated bra while shopping??? It is indeed dangerous out there. I hope your bruise is healing - breast bruises hurt! (I had one once from a mammogram.) I love SG's rendering of you -- thin and colorful with your wavy black hair! ;-)

Catalyst said...

Oh, Meggie, you've gone x-rated!

Warty Mammal said...

(A brief comment on the comments: Anonymous, have I got a deal for you! Free instructions for urinating up a rope! Seriously, your suggestion to start earning with "money that usually goes on daily food" is alarming. Are the "investors" supposed to feed their families printouts of your instructions instead? Personally, my family is rather fond of having its "daily food".)

Meggie - so glad to hear that GOM is showing improvement. That bruise looks painful. Sounds like a good reason to avoid housework to me!

Molly said...

I so sympathize Meg! Life's been a train wreck around here too since we started this new year....
That's such a lovely, exhuberent painting by SG!
Hope things will perk up for you soon.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

So sorry about your boob injury! I wouldn't want my injury on a bulletin board for all the employees to ponder, either. I hope GOM continues to improve.

Ali Honey said...

You make a cute stick figure Meg. ( no bits to get bruised ) Hope it feels better soon.
I would be shopping somewhere else!

The Sagittarian said...

oh my, how 'tittilating'///(sorry, couldn't help myself...

Hope you're feeling better now!

quiltmom said...

Thanks my dear Meggie for all your emails. I really enjoy hearing from you.

Hope you are not suffering any ill effects from your shopping mishap.It sounds like a terrible experience all the way around-

I am sure that your grandson loved his time with his grandma- great painting that he created.

Here is hoping that February brings you nice weather and good news in the health department- oh and no more mishaps in the frozen food department VBG


Lucy said...

Oh poor Meggie you have been in the wars!

Lovely picture from SG, hope that GOM continues to improve. Thinking of you...

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there. As others have written, despite your adversities, you seem to be keeping your sense of humor. May the bruised boob be better by-and-by. Sorry, couldn't resist the alliteration.

Tanya said...

I guess with sanitary "precautions" like that, I'd go find somewhere else to shop.

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