Sunday, January 3

What could be worse than…


Finding wasp maggots writhing in your tomato?

Knowing that you have just eaten a small slice of said tomato, of course!


Finding that the same small wasps seem to have deposited eggs in ALL the lemons on the tree?

Having not bought lemons, for your drinks and your cooking, because you knew you had some on the tree!


Seeing, often, tripping about the local Supermarket,  the Dapper, Trim, Immaculately dressed, Small but perfectly formed Surgeon, who supposedly performed your ‘urgent’ surgery after a whole year’s delay? The year’s wait for this extensive repair, caused fourfold the damage initially done, therefore causing the surgery to become far more extensive to repair.

Having to resist rushing up to this man, grabbing my offensive deformity, and shaking it at him, and asking him is he proud of “his” handiwork? I could one day snap and resort to actual Assault. However I am sure it was the students who did the work of surgical ‘wonder’, and it was only in his name. Little wonder he no longer does ‘Public Surgery’. I sure hope he makes a better job for his private patients.


Having your GOM going blind, by degrees, and admitting he is now not seeing colours?

Why, having him INSIST on driving when I can, and do have a license! I admit I am not a very confident driver, & tend to use caution, but I can still see perfectly well, colours included,  and I do know how to drive!


Having a very unwell GOM?

Having a very unwell GOM who flatly refuses to go to a Medical Centre, because our own Docs are on holiday! (Well deserved holiday I might add, having had some devastating conditions themselves.)


Because I realise I need to balance some of the horrible things in the first half of this post


What could be better than….

Suddenly feeling the urge to do some sewing?

Actually beginning to do some! Which, I confess, because of reasons, I have not yet begun.


Having all your family that is possible, gathered at your Festive Meal Table for the Christmas Feast.

The answer to this is Nothing could be better, except perhaps having absent members present.


Having wonderful friends?

Having wonderful Friends who gave me a replacement Topsy Turvy Tomato!



Having a dear little Small Grandson come to visit?

Having a dear little SG willing to pose with the TT Tomato! Woe betide any wasps!


Being Retired, and able to please yourself if you want to read all day?

Being able to do it all again the next day, if you so choose!


Having several cool days, with gentle rainfall?

Having an efficient Aircon, that can deal with the high humidity!


Having interesting Blog friends to read, all over the Globe?

Having the time to get around them all!!


As I said Elsewhere, “After last year’s bag of dud nuts, there must be something good coming for all of us”! Happy 2010!

For my gorgeous generous Daughter.

Leather & Lace


Thimbleanna said...

I'm sorry for the bad parts sweet Meggie -- but very happy for the good parts. Best wishes for a happy, HEALTHY 2010!

The Fibers of Life said...

Hi Meggie,
Just to say hello and wish you a Happy New Year. I think last year held so many hard times for folks all over the world. To continue to work at being positive all the time, it was tough and you and GOM have certainly faced some difficult thing. It was a new moon for a new year, this has to be good!

Mary said...

I worry so about GOM but do love all the positives about this post..

VioletSky said...

I worry so about you living with GOM, but am glad you have the positive things in your life.

persiflage said...

I am glad that there are some positive things still, and know that with you there always will be. I find I have had to become much more assertive, which does not come easily, and wonder whether it would be helpful to present any decisions as a fait accompli, no ifs, no buts. Maybe you have already tried this and GOM is worse than Dr P? (Hard to believe.)
It is good to have you post again after a break. But oh, how awful to have wasps in the lemons!

Selina Kingston said...

But those good things are sooo good. And GOM is so lucky to have you in his life, especially at a time that must be quite frightening. Happy New Year to you both....and to your lovely family.

Pauline said...

As long as you can balance your bads with your goods, Meggie, there's hope, though it doesn't make the bads better, I know. I say surreptitiously trip the doctor, gag and blindfold GOM when it's time for you to drive, and kiss that adorable grandson a LOT!

Anonymous said...

The thought of a having anything growing outside right now is so foreign to me as we are in the early part of winter and it is quite cold here. How nice a fresh tomato or just-picked lemon sounds.
Your little DGS is a darling!
Happiest new year wishes to you and GOM.

Isabelle said...

Sorry for all the bads. I'm feeling a bit gloomy myself for various reasons. But roll on the goods!

Mike said...

As long as there is balance, things are tolerable. Hang in there Meggie.

Ali Honey said...

Thanks for the photo. GS is growing up.
I have never seen a tomato growing like that! Hope you manage to kill the offending small wasps!

No advice on GOM . Keep your chin up Meg. Hugs, Ali.

Pat said...

Aaah, Meggie, life does not come with guarantees that all shall be easy -- but, am glad that you have the things to be happy about.

I think that the best we can do is balance things out. Hold on to your happy things and your sense of humor. Visit them often.

Was catching up today and read your post about Gom's nightshirt --thank you for giving me a happy thing -- I'm sure you don't consider it as such. LOL

May this decade shine better than the last.

Molly said...

Happy New Year Meggie! Hope 2010 will bring lots of good to balance the not-so-good!

Stomper Girl said...

Happy 2010 to you Meggie. I wish you a year without "dud nuts" which is a saying I hadn't heard, and made me chuckle.

The Sagittarian said...

Oh blimey, what a start!! Sending you big fat Christchurch hugs Meggie.

Marja said...

Dear Meggie I wish you heaps of happiness in 2010 along Gom Your Gom is almost as stubborn as my hubby Good to see you had some good times and that cute grandson coming over. Retirement might be a different story for us My brother told me that in Holland they already put the retirement age up to 67

Cathi said...

I hope the goods in 2010 outweigh the bads!
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

It's all about balance isn't it? That's the thing that keeps us strong when we have to be. Wishing you some brightness in your new year.

Warty Mammal said...

That first batch is worrisome. Sounds like GOM is running into some tough life issues. He mustn't be allowed to let his pride, depression, fear of aging, whatever to endanger your life. Give the word and I'll come around and steal his set of car keys.

Wasp larvae. Gadzooks. They must have some powerful egg-depositing gear if they can bear getting it near citric acid. I certainly wouldn't want the stuff near my bits!

All the best -

Julia said...

Oh Meggie, Life has a way of throwing up a wobbly every now and then..I hope yours is not a big wobbly and GOM can get let go if those keys and see that it's time you did some driving...
Thinking of you and hoping all will be better soon.
Hugs Julia ♥

Rosie said...

happy new year my all balances out in the end doesnt it?

~Sheila~ said...

Having long since learned to accept good along with the bad, I have few hopes that 2010 will be better for us. I just ask for the fortitude to cope with the bad, and the energy to enjoy the good. I wish the same for you and GOM.
Hopefully he will soon be seen and the eye condition will be dealt with. Sending good thoughts Meggie.