Tuesday, May 4

Win some, Lose some.

Small Grandson was taken to the local Show on Saturday night. He had a wonderful time, and he is now the very proud owner of a monstrous Tiger, won for him by his Father.
It was a Top Shelf Prize and his pride is obvious.

SG brought the Tiger for some small repairs. His mother said she can't find a needle or thread? She is not sure why they Gremlins of the House have hidden them away.

SG had to get some photos of 'Stripey'. He made a house with rugs, cushions  & quilts then asked Nanna to do the honours, with the camera.


In other news, the Council has not had the decency to reply to my letters of complaint. However, a truck arrived yesterday afternoon, with two burly men towing lawn mowing paraphenalia. One BM proceeded to Whipper Snip the grass in the ditch. Friends arrived, and were sure they saw Two BM spraying the grass inside the ditch.

Not exactly the results we want, but better than nothing, I suspect, and possibly more than I expected, going on past records.

Here, is the rotting power pole, which appears to have been prodded and poked and inspected.

I don't think there is any way it could be declared to be a healthy pole?

We think it is invaded by Termites, and are filled with dread, as they also appear to have infested a palm tree in our back yard, and that is far too close for comfort.

We have been riding the crests and wallowing the troughs, so to speak.

We recently watched Avatar. I confess, I was prepared to dislike it. I was thrilled to discover I really enjoyed it, and was totally absorbed watching the wonderful colours, and creatures. It deserves all the praise it gets.
I found it absolutely engrossing, and it swept me away from the hum drum of present events.


Mrs N N sends me nice mail, and though they have their desperation, they are ever supportive of us, in our travails.

Mrs NN sent me this gorgeous sunrise shot, from a few mornings ago.
My thoughts go with you today, H. XX

Carly Simon, Blackbird.


Thimbleanna said...

SG is adorable -- he looks so cute with his tiger. Thanks for posting your experience with Avatar -- I've avoided it, but maybe I'll give it another chance!

Warty Mammal said...

Holy smokes! If that power pole wasn't already deceased, the termite attack would send it there.

Fiona said...

What a memory for SG - who could forget the day their Dad won such a great prize?

Anonymous said...

Being a gramma to such a sweet boy is wonderful. Gotta' love that tiger too ;)

~Sheila~ said...

SG looks so happy with his prize.
Tigers are good friends, but bad enemies..!
That pole might come down in a storm, have they thought of that?
Maybe it's time to complain to a higher up. If you had a plant that infested others property they would soon do something about it.
It's much the same here, politicians forget the people who voted for them once they are in power. I will not vote anymore for that reason. What if the termites get into your house?
I'm getting quite annoyed..let me at 'em..!

Selina Kingston said...

That tiger is HUGE but looks very, very cute with your grandson

The Sagittarian said...

Meggie - you mgotta come back and vist, am more than happy to take u for a stroll along the Avon!!!

Pauline said...

SG looks so sweet - stuffed tigers make great pals. glad you are weathering things

Rosie said...

Hi Meggie. I am always cheered when I stop by your blog

julieQ said...

Great to see that lucky win, and the boy who loves it! I am wishing you luck on your pole and ditch problems, it can be so hard to work with the authorities.

Katherine said...

A win like that can set you up to feel you are a 'winner' all your life...

Finn said...

Ah Meggie dearest, all the travail of life's little jerks and twists. Love seeing GS and Strippy...really handsome, both of them. Three cheers for a granny with a needle!! Been there at Thanksgiving...Curious George had apparently poked his nose(or neck) where it didn't go...LOL
Reminds me I should make that DD a little sewing kit!!! Bless her DHs heart, HE owns a needle and spool of thread which he lent this Granny for the repair.
Love the Carly Simon, and you too, hang in there girl! Hugs, Finn

Marja said...

Love that tiger What a great price!! I have the same prejudice about Avator You made me curious now Meggie Have a great weekend dear

The Sagittarian said...

Sorry, the naughty tart in me is chuckling about the thought of grown men poking and prodding a rotten pole....:-)

ancient one said...

thanks for coming by to comment on my Saturday photo hunt. I thought someone would comment on us driving on the opposite side from the way they drive in Europe and other places. Hope you are doing well today!