Friday, June 18

Lost Opportunities.

I never seem to have my camera with me, when I see wonderful photo opportunities, these days.
I saw a beautiful, lemony, buttery,  coloured leaf, just begging to be picked up, or at least photographed, but I was wrestling with dogs, so could not stop to seize the chance~ or the leaf!

I have learnt, as time passes me by, the need to grab these chances, and run with them, because they never come around twice.

Of course these images are old ones, captured in other times.They still bring me a measure of pleasure.

I am rather a hoarder, so I still have the images on the computer, in my collection of :Oldies, but Goodies".

The dogs were due their annual 'shots'. So today was the day, and off we went. Of course they both knew exactly where they were going, so they were nervous, and sort of excited.

Honey was really very good, once we got to the Vet's. Leo disgraced himself vociferously, barking at a small and rather innocent looking, small, and baldly clipped dog.

In the ten years we have been attending the same Vet, I have watched both the male Vets go from coloured hair, to now, completely white. I guess, it is a stressful occupation.
They both got a clean bill of health, and Honey was declared to be in excellent condition for her age.

Leo was surprisingly good for the Vet. That is why we choose this particular Vet. He seems to have a special way about him, with our dogs. The discolouration of the moosh is just 'one of those things'. No explanation, or particular reason. He is healthy, his teeth are fine, and his coat is 'Lovely'.


I have been trying to catch up on my blog reading, which has slipped a little behind lately. 
Below, is one of my Meat Pies.

I read my American friends' mention of pies, and know, the Pies to which they refer, are usually a far cry from the Pies to which we refer, Down Under.

Here, in Oz or indeed NZ, 'A Pie', almost always means a "Meat Pie", usually smothered with Tomato Sauce. They are a particularly 'Sporting' food item, being the food of choice for Footy watching males, and often, females.

The Meat is usually steak or minced beef, and the casing is pastry, usually a shortcrust base, with a flaky pastry top. With lashings of thick Tomato Sauce.

None of these Sissy,  Sweet Pies for Footy Fans! None of your girly biscuit-crumb crust, or cream filling.
No! The Pies of choice are hot, meaty and no doubt, artery clogging!

We are told, they may contain as little as 15% of actual MEAT. However I prefer not to go there. Not that I would ever eat a 'Meat Pie', I had not made myself. And, it would never be Beef!

They are often seen decorating the front of Footy Fans Boofy chests! They might also be seen ~shall we say, making a 'Second Appearance'.
To use an Assie expression, as a 'Technicolour Yawn'.
However, this is usually after copious quantities of beer also, have been consumed, though not always.

We do have other pie varieties here. Apple Pie is not the Institution it is in America. However, it is quite popular. Also Lemon Meringue Pie is a favourite, as are Custard Pies.
As a child my favourite was Blackberry Pie.

I make Apple Pies and Fruit Pies for Gom. He seems to enjoy them, which is just as well, because I do not have a sweet tooth, and he has to eat them all by himself.

Roy Orbison, California Blue.


Thimbleanna said...

Hmmm. So, if you were to talk about a room full of lemon meringue and apple pies in a generic fashion, what would you say? I'm guessing you wouldn't say "There's a room full of pies"??? I don't think I've ever had a real meat pie!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

It is hard to find a vet you trust. My Oscar is likely to bite those he finds offensive. Emmy and Wall-E are very docile and would tolerate just about anything.

Pies........ I doubt I have ever had a real meat pie. But fruit pies are bountiful here. I actually prefer cobblers myself. My grandmother used to make a cobbler with blackberries picked fresh and top the serving with fresh cream from the cow she milked that very morning. Never have I ever had anything that could compare.

Jennifer said...

Yum....blackberry grandmother used to make beautiful sweet pies, including blackberry pie and treacle tart. I have made the occasional meat pie - it's good in this weather! Glad to hear the dogs were given a clean bill of health.

Anonymous said...

I used to love meat pies, still do if I can find a good one, though they are rare. When I was a child in country NSW we had a Scottish baker - the fillings were sparse, though tasty, but his pastry was to die for. Just beautiful.

I am informed by my cousin that my mother makes the most delicious caramel pie, but I've never liked caramel. Always preferred her pineapple cream pie.

Oh, you've brought back lots and lots of memories. LOL

Robbie said...

I just had to comment on the doggies!!! Our Mandy will be 11 this nov. and is taking life easier day by day...your little ones are SO sweet!!! Just look at those eyes!

Warty Mammal said...

I'm doing my bit to help you catch up on blog reading by not writing anything.

Meat pies. Mmmm. Fond memories.

quiltmom said...

I love meat pies- especially chicken pot pie- Some parts of Canada are famous for their torteire which is another form of meat pie. In Quebec where they are made they are often served as part of the Christmas celebrations. Ground beef or pork is used in the filling of the pie.

Pets are so finicky sometimes- finding a good vet is easier said than done so it sounds he is a keeper.

Have a great weekend,

Cathi said...

When I hear pie I think of fruit or lemon meringue pies, not meat pies -- but my mother just loved chicken pot pies.
I think vets have very stressful jobs -- dealing with patients who can't really tell them what's wrong, and the owners/clients who are upset and emotional. It must make for some very tough days.

fifi said...

I like the flowers very much

and that CAT

and pies, of all kinds but not meat. LOL

Molly said...

When I was teaching, straight out of college, I roomed with an old widowed lady who, as well as renting us rooms, cooked for us. Her steak and kidney pie was the most delicious concoction! The meat pies I make are similar to Cornish Pasties and I love them, especially on cold winter days!

VioletSky said...

I have found a place that makes wonderful pies and I treat myself almost every week. They also have excellent bridies, mmmm good.

I remember though, thinking it strange how my friend in Australia always wanted to stop and pick up a pie to eat on the run! That's funny, I never thought about Americans not ever having meat pies!

Angie said...

Helloooo Meggie! I feel like I haven't visited with you in ages and I've Missed You sorely!! :) Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. Yes, the 'biscuits' are different here. LOL They are savory bread, if you will, and 'cookies' are your sweet biscuits. :) Honey and Leo are as darling as always! I always delight in seeing photos of the furbabies. Hope you and GOM are staying as healthy as the two little ones. :D Hugs my dear friend!

Pauline said...

mmm - meat pie! though my version is from my French Memere's recipe book, made with a top and bottom crust between which is a delectable filling made with ground pork and beef, mashed potato, and seasonings. I would happily eat meat pie as a main course and fruit pie for dessert :)

Anonymous said...

The tropical plants only remind me of how much I want a holiday in southern climes. Thank you for those. I want the fragrance of frangipani, damn it. Oh, and the meat pie looks good, too.

Mary said...

Chesty is just starting to get a little bit of brown around his mouth too. I don't notice it much except when he's had something to drink.

How nice that your son is there to help for a while.