Friday, June 11

Small Treats

Many of my recent Treats, have been in connection with Morty, our new little Cat Boy.
He never ceases to delight me, with his lovely little body, and his delightful poses when he is totally relaxed.
I like to think he feels totally safe, in our house, with his new 'brother and sister'. His Big Brother loves to play with him, and his older sister is wary, but at times quite tolerant... unless he sneaks up to sleep beside her, and then she gets a little indignant!

I am so fascinated by those little pink paws, so clean and neat. I love that Morty is so fastidious with his personal hygiene and his cleaning routine.
We have had cats in the past, but I suppose I was too busy to study them very much, and in the everyday hustle and bustle of life, did not appreciate just how graceful they really are.

Gom is not exactly well, but he is about as good as he can be. He continues to take utter delight in Leo, who is his Best Friend in All  The World!
We cannot work out why Leo has suddenly developed a stained surrounding of his mouth. His diet has not changed, so we are left wondering. It is obviously something in his saliva, that is causing the staining. He has quite a pink bottom area now, because he licks himself in that area, to ensure cleanliness, I guess.
Any tips, or suggestions are welcome!

Another shot of Morty, on the computer desk, where he comes to commune and smooch with me each evening. He is not a cuddly cat, but he can be very smoochy when he wants to be!

We have been out shopping for a furniture item. A new lounge suite to be precise.
We have heard all about the slump in sales, and how desperate businesses are, to increase sales.
It also happens to be the end our Australia's Financial Year at the end of June, so one is expecting bargains galore, with heavy discounts.

Obviously we dont look prosperous enough, or poor enough, or something, because we were struck with a singular lack of enthusiasm to sell us anything.

Plus al distinct lack of energy in trying to sell us any items.

With one notable exception.
A very portly Gentleman, who claimed to be the " Maufacturing Owner" of the store. He sized us up, and had a stab at our ages.

"Come with me Good Lady" he oozed to me. "I know what you need, Darling."
Steering me over to the recliner chairs.
"You get to be a certain age, you need some comfort, you need some aid."

I am lead to the recliner chair section of his shop. I am shown the 'Fabric Covered Chair'. Gom is tagging along in the rear.
"This is lovely, so comfortable. But when you get to Sixty, Sixty Five... Seventy,"- studying Gom & I for reactions- "You need this Leather".
Indicating a handsome chair, of very soft and attractive Leather.
"You might lose a little liquid, not good. It will smell on the fabric. What you need is this Leather. You can clean a little spill. It will still be a nice chair".

I found myself fascinated with his plethora of GOLD. His large chubby neck was adorned with heavy gold chains. One carried a huge heavy gold cross, another a rather strange looking item.. an eye? something quite exotic looking. I get the feeling it is some symbol of significance to Good Fortune. I am not sure, but dim recognition stirs in memory.

I note the heavy wide gold rings adorning several fingers. The really elaborate, huge gold watch. The huge heavy gold bracelet chain adorning the meaty wrist. His neatly "Grecian 2000" dyed hair. His attractive hazel/brown/green eyes, peculiar to his Mediteranean Heritage.

My eyes become fixated on his faded, and obviously, very vintage, checked polyester, short sleeved shirt. It appears to have some small cigarette burns on the right front below the collar area. It also has some small paint stains on the lower left of the front. I am slightly puzzled as to why a man of obvious wealth, would wear such an old and worn shirt. Is it his Good Luck Charm Shirt? I privately wonder to myself.

We are pressed to sit and operate the Electric Leather Chairs. Yes, yes, they are indeed very comfortable. For the price of one, we could possibly have an all inclusive Cruise to some Tropical Island Paradise. Gom makes 'considerate' noises.
Mr Richly Orante, Salesman/Owner, luckily gets an incoming call on his Ostentatiously-Loud-Ringing Mobile Phone, and we gracefully and gratefully slide out of the shop. His beringed fingers are making clutching motions in our direction.
We do not actually run, as we are leaving.
However, the thought does cross our minds.

We have not made any hasty decisions regarding the seating.  We will keep open minds.
However we are amazed at how little ground retailers are prepared to give, when desperate to make sales.

Guns N Roses, November Rain


Thimbleanna said...

You're so funny Meggie! I laughed when you made the comment about the salesman being of such obvious wealth. All that "gold" screams something different here! And I'm so happy to hear that cute little Morty is so happy in his new home!

Elaine Adair said...

Interesting character, that salesman! hmmmm, also a teensy bit fishy, IMHO! But the chair, yes, the chair would be comforting, although cost high if it's electric. I keep thinking of the people I know, and am watching them as they age into the nursing homes and beyond, and what will happen to those expensive chairs - do they go to Good Will or are they a Hot Ticket at the Nursing Homes, and never get "for Saled" in the open market.

ancient one said...

My neighbor gave away her mother's chair to someone who needed one... My cousin has already broken her lift chair... I could feel you as you say you didn't run but wanted to.. I have a long story about feeling like that.. ha ha... I love the way you are able to describe people... another good post!

~Sheila~ said...

"You might lose a little liquid"...LOL
There's an original sales pitch if ever I heard one!!
You always make me laugh Meggie.
Little cat boy is gorgeous. He may become cuddly as he gets older, ours did.
Something just occured to me, leather and cats are a poor combination, as we found out after purchasing leather furniture some years ago. Something to keep in mind.
Enjoy your weekend.
PS thanks for the funnies..xx

Mary said...

A classic piece of Meggie writing - no -one describes people quite as well as you!

Ali Honey said...

Oh Yuk...I don't care for that sales man.
Keep looking ; it may take a while but it will be worth waiting for the right one.
Last year when we did the same shop we got a fabulous bargin / job lot reduction and we are just thrilled with them.( 2 )

Cathi said...

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I read about that salesperson!! Yuck!!
Morty is so pretty -- such soft colours in his coat!!

Molly said...

Your new little friend seems like a sweetie....Cats are such good, undemanding company, and he will be a great help on your next quilting project, if he's anything like the cats I know!

Pauline said...

Morty is gorgeous!

Your description of the shopkeeper had me chuckling and by the time you fled I was laughing outright. Who needs a camera when you can paint such vivid word pictures?

Katherine said...

" You might lose a little liquid, not good. It will smell on the fabric! " - yes, that was my favourite bit too! What a hoot!

Frankofile said...

Great to see you are keeping your feet on the ground! Lovely post - I'm smiling.