Friday, July 30

The Fabric of Life

A friend, who reads here, remarked that I had not posted, lately.

It is not exactly from lack of desire.

I find excellent- well,.. in my headspace- posts suggest themselves, when I am preoccupied with other, mundane activities, such as showering, or chopping vegetables for Laksa, or chicken for Curry. My goodness, I do loath chopping chicken for dishes! I suspect I should be a vegetarian, but I cannot deny my enjoyment of chicken dishes- mostly when they are prepared by someone other than myself.

And much as I adore small piglets, and even full grown pigs, I cannot deny, I do enjoy a nice roast of pork, or a nice piece of bacon.

Here is the arrogant Morty, declaring "We Seez things Differently". I feel he should be available for cuddles, but he feels he can dish out minor purrings, and smooches, as he sees fit!

He is convinced I am tricking him! He is sure there is someone, or something, hidden- by me!!
"I know you are joking!!"

"Oh well, if you won't tell me the secret, I will just pretend you are not there!"

Dear little Beau, the sweet, gorgeous, model, dog, of Mr & Mrs NN, has disgraced himself, when he got over excited with a bone, in the rain, in the garden!

"Aww, Mum! Dont take my pic, when I look so dishevelled!!"

Lastly, but not really Leastly, OK I know there is no such word, but it is a sad predicament , our loved Leo is in disgrace.

It is true, his little 'habits' are not always the most polite. Since our Son has come to live with us, he has waged a war of sorts over our spoilt canine 'son'.

Leo is a very intelligent dog, as opposed to dear little Honey, who is the love of my life, but a little dim, about her role in the 'Obedient Dog Stakes'. She is small, cute, and slightly crippled, so we forgive her many things.

Leo on the other hand, is bright, intelligent, healthy,  and very domineering, and very smart. He has been Top Dog, with Gom.
Our Son sees this as a very bad situation, so he is trying to change the balance of power.

It is causing me sleepless nights, and Gom is even more depressed over his life in general.

The Fabric of our lives is fraught with snags, and slubs, misplaced threads, and tears in the very cloth of it all.


Kathy's Klothesline said...

Sometimes we have to get through that whole bolt of faulty fabric before we can start on a new, flawless piece.

I am ready to see the end, myself! I am hopeful that we will be accepted for health insurance that will ease the burden of our prescriptions so that I won't have to keep eating away at my reserves for the winter months. Business is fair, not really good as the whole nation is no doubt feeling the same burden in some form or another. I have noticed, though that they will pay almost anything for junk food, but they all balk at the price of a night's stay. I have checked around and I am the lowest price in the area. Do they think I grab numbers out of the air?

Thimbleanna said...

Gosh Meggie -- I don't even know what to say! I hope Leo can adjust to his re-training. ;-) Ant that Morty can see his way to be a little more affectionate!

Kate quilts... said...

As always, Meggie, lovely to read when you post. Cats are so contrary aren't they? The very thing that's annoying (their unavailability) is the thing that keeps us trying, I think.

It sounds as though neither Gom nor Leo want Leo to be retrained. Perhaps point out gently to your son it is much less stressful - and egos less bruised all around - if the status quo is maintained?

Take care.

Mary said...

Bichon's are SO stubborn - I wonder how much progress your son will make?

I have to admit that Chesty listens just enough that we don't force obedience training on him. Plus he's small - we pick him up or put him in the crate if it's something important and he's not listening.

One of our favorite sayings is from Star Trek, we tell him *resistance is futile* right before we pick him up and MAKE him do what we want.

quiltmom said...

Thanks for the many funny emails lately.
Your pets do get themselves into interesting predicaments. Just wanted to say hi and that I was thinking of you.
Warmest regards,

Ali Honey said...

I share your love of Daphne!
I am so sorry you are having ongoing trials with Gom. That doctor's bedside manner leaves a lot to be is easy for someone not having to live with it to give advice so I haven't any.

Grab onto the small moments of fun and joy as they grandson and smelling the daphne and try and keep on an even keel yourself.
Hugsfrom NZ.
The weather here today is awful!

Sue said...

Meggie, Thanks for visiting my blog! I was surprised to hear from the ladies who made a couple of the quilts, it was really nice of them to stop and leave a message. And you, too!

Pauline said...

Sons, husbands, dogs, cats, chicken - your life is full of things to dodge and mend and mind. Hand the dog to GOM, let Son cut the chicken, and you and Morty go for a walk ;)

Warty Mammal said...

I was thinking about you the other day, while reading about New Zealand (where you lived years ago). "I'll bet she knows all sorts of things I can't imagine," I thought to myself.

So lovely to see a Meggie post.

Cathi said...

Morty is being a true kitty -- and such a beautiful one, at that.
Retraining an older dog must be challenging, at best. Perhaps the easier thing is to accept his habits for what they are and leave it at that?

The Sagittarian said...

Those pooches are so very cute, but it's your Mr Ginger that I really love.
Good luck with the 'civil' war!

The Sagittarian said...
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Anonymous said...
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Ian Lidster said...

Like you I have composed many wonderful blogs in my head, but they too haven't seen the light of day for assorted reasons. Sometimes I even start them and then they do in directions I don't want, so they are abandoned, my poor bastard blogger children.

Marja said...

Hi Meggie you are surrounded by all these adorable creatures.
I love your quote at the end A very wise and great insight. Wish you lots of love from a cold and wet Christchurch

Angie said...

Wow, Meggie, I've been so very negligent...I had no clue that your son has moved back home. The new 'baby' is beautiful, but I have to know how Honey and Leo are adapting to a feline in their midst. And now I find that they are also having to adjust to a mere HUMAN who thinks Leo needs to take a lower rung on the ladder....oh my, Meggie, I think you should just grab Honey and Leo and come to the States for an extended visit with me and the hounds here at Ships Landing! When shall I expect your arrival???? :D

Selina Kingston said...

Morty reminds me of a cat we had when I was young that only dispensed affection as he so desired!
You know Meggie, recently I have read such sadness in your posts - mainly between the lines. I think GOM's current state is affecting you a lot more than you let on. So I'm sending you a long warm hug and entreating you to look after you x

persiflage said...

I am glad you have the pets to cheer you up, notwithstanding their foibles. Stroking cats is such a pleasant thing to do. Anything which distracts from the seemingly increasing problems life is throwing at you! I feel for you. There is a lot of sadness to contend with, as well as the practical and physical problems.
Perhaps if we knew the duration of our 'problems' they would be easier to deal with. Will they get better, or worse? How will we cope?

julieQ said...

Your cat is just so gorgeous! What a lovely color...I am sorry for the curves that life is throwing you right now...hoping each day is OK for you...