Tuesday, January 13


If you dislike dogs, feel free to skip past my little brag pics of the dogs.

Here is my dear little Honey, who is such a dear little girl. She is usually to be found sitting near me, or at least in the same room as I am. She really needs a little haircut, & a face trim, but you should see the glares I get when I try to tidy her!

She turns her little face to me, & looks incredibly hurt, as much as to say "How Could You!"

When I got her, she was so small, she fit in a teacup. Her little wobbly legs could hardly hold her up. It turned out she has faulty knees, which can be a problem with little Maltese, & Toy Poodles, & she is a cross between a wee black Poodle Mum, & a little white Maltese Dad.

Of course she stole my heart instantly, & there was no question of her going back. Our vet says she is doing really well, & appears not to be in any pain, & she still plays when she gets in a frisky mood. She will be 9 years old this year.

Here is Leo. He looks very worried for some reason. In reality he always looks a bit soulful, & it is hard to get a pic of him looking really happy. He doesn't like the camera, & tends to look away, even if I dont use the flash.

I have been trying to trim him up a little, but he is going to have to go to the professional as he does not let me near his feet, or his tail. I just hope she doesnt completely bald him, as she did last time. Even his tail was down to the skin!!


Now, here is the Interview.

The lovely Shirley from Rhubarb Whine offered to interview anyone who asked.
I agreed to be an interviewee.

Stomper Girl set the tone for the perfect interview. However I dont have her talent for sitting on the stage, so bear with me.

I am now in my favourite postition, feet tucked up, as far as the arthritic knees permit, with a nice cup of Peppermint tea.

1. Meggie, you are so good about blogging regularly. Do you think blogging is an egotistical hobby?

I would have to say, I do rather think blogging has a certain egotistical energy. Why else would we get so much pleasure from airing our opinions, & recieving comments from the like minded~ or even discord from those think otherwise?
My regularity has suffered some of late, & tended to be somewhat erratic, as other pressing matters have taken precedence. doesn't that sound self important & pompous!! haha

2. Which blogger would you like to trade lives with for just one day and why?

I have given this question much thought. My first reaction is to say No one. I feel I am comforable with my devil I know, which is me.
On thinking it over, & in fairness to the whole idea of this interview, there is one blogger, whose life is so different to mine I would love to trade for a day~ whether he would feel the same is another story!
It is Kal, Traumaqueen, whose blog is so interesting, & who I have not visited nearly enough, just recently!

3. You have had an interesting life and told stories of some amazing people. Tell me about one person with whom you’ve lost touch. If you hope for a reunion, how would you like that reunion to take place? (If not, why do you hope to never see them again? )

Another query with a lot of thought needed. I have decided to choose the mother of my first ever serious boyfriend. She was/is? a lovely woman, who had 4 lovely sons. She was very very fond of me, & always told me I was the daughter she would have chosen, if she could have. She unfailingly asked an Aunt after me, over all the years until my Aunt retired. I am sure each of her son's married, & she had nice 'daughters' after all, but I don't know. I rather find it curious that it is the mother, & not the son, that I would like to meet. There was no ill feeling at out parting, & if I had not travelled away, I am sure we would have remained friends.

4. If you could go back in time and meet yourself 10 years ago, would you tell your former self anything about the future?

I suspect I would try to tell me to relax about a home. I was so anxious about having my own home. Now that I do, I love it & though it has faults I bless it every day, in my own way. As I sat outside this morning, eating my breakfast, I felt soaked in happiness vibes, just looking at the sky, & feeling the lovely breeze. Later today, I am sure I wont want to be outside at all!!

5. OK, dig deep and confess. Do you have a secret ambition? Something which you know you're never actually going to achieve, but you're still holding on to in a corner of your brain?

I do confess, that over the years, on & off, I have wished I could write a book. It would have to be biographical, since I dont do very much in the way of fiction, although I did invent stories sometimes for my children. I shocked them once by writing a ficional story about a murderer. I think they could not believe I could invent such a story!

Interview Concluded.

If you’d like to join the fun, it’s simple.
1.Send me an email or a comment saying ‘interview me’.
2.I will then email you five questions that I choose.
3.You can then answer them on your blog.
4.You should also post these rules along with an offer to interview anyone else who emails you or comments that they want to be interviewed.


Two slightly blurry pics of one of the dolls I made. Her name is Amber. She always reminds me of my brown eyed granddaughter, & my brown eyed step-daughter, who is deceased.

The pics appear blurry, early morning jitters??
I never even had any alcohol last night either!
I am now off to shop with Gom. Someone has to be able to see!!

Janis Ian, At Seventeen


April said...

I love your dogs they are so cute. I agree with the not taking Honey back because of her wobbly knees. We got our dog Cricket from the pound and it turned out he had hip dysplasia it's a problem large dogs can have normally when they get older but Cricket was a puppy. But there was no way we were taking that cute sweet puppy back.

If you want you can interview me here is my e-mail april9876@gmail.com

Your doll is beautiful it doesn't look blurry to me I'm sorry to hear that your granddaughter passed away

mulist.com said...

Create and embed a list at www.mulist.com/index3.php and share it with others!

Noelle said...

Leo and Honey both are adorable and remind me of my Curly (see my page). It's hard to get good pics of him too, he tends to look sad in pictures and he hates the flash. Cute dolls too.

Krystal Pistol said...

I'd like an interview, if you don't find my blog too abrasive for your tastes.

Anonymous said...

Honey looks so much like our Caesar (he's no longer here).
The interview is quite enjoyable.
There's always something new to be learned.

Sheila@Simple Indulgences said...

Very interesting interview Meggie.
The pups are cute. My sister 'inherited' my dad's very spoiled Shitzu when he went into the nursing home. He's no longer spoiled and is a much nicer dog for that. He's 13 this year and has to go to the groomer as he has become quite aggressive when he realises she is going to tidy him up. She says she'd rather pay someone to be bitten than be bitten for free herself.

Molly said...

This meme gives a little more scope than the usual fare! Rhubarb also gave me some questions. Need to plunge in and answer, instead of procrastinating! Your little dogs look so intelligent! Wonder what they'd have to say if we could interview them??

debt relief said...

Here is a sad, but true story. A friend of mine is a claims rep for an insurance company. Someone had moved out of a home but left the dog behind. It eventually starved to death. I don't know what kind of person could have the ability to do that to any animal. My friend said the dog did amazing damage to the inside of the home. Well sure, the thing was starving.

Arden Reece said...

I love your dolls.

Would you please interiew me?

Sometimes I wonder what people want to know!

Anonymous said...

I just wandered into your blog and here is your interview:

First I wanted to ask if you are taking Glucosamine w/Chondrointin and MSM? If not, you and everyone else should and your dogs as well. It works wonders for rebuilding cartilage that reduces aches and pains in all of the joints. For them, they make dog food with it already in there. Look for it on the label.

Second, Your doll is absolutely precious. How long did it take you to create?

Third, I'd like to compliment your writing. Have you ever thought about just printing off your blog and creating a book???

I wish you all the best!

Becky said...

Interview me!! Please

Marianna said...

oh your dogs are sooooo cute! I was about to put up a picture of our cat. I also have a dog who does not like to be photographed. I just wait patiently now in order to take a picture of him and the cat together (he hates all other cats but ours:-)

I found the interview very very interesting. I'd love to play along...If you'd like you can interview me as well. My e-mail is marianapapanti@yahoo.gr

Take care now
peace and love

Arden Reece said...

Please ask whatever you wish! My whole thought process here is if we can't ask and answer the "tough questions" now... when can we? I promise to answer if you ask. I guess sometimes I really just don't know what people want to know. We are all curious, why else do so many people respond to things like this? Thank you for your kindness.

Anonymous said...

Meggie, I loved asking you questions, thinking of questions for you was tough. You have done my questions so proud, I loved your answers and reading about you and your life. Thank you for the honour of being your interviewer, it was fun.

Michelle Zheng said...

Aw, those dogs are adorable. Honey would have stolen my heart if I saw her too.

Intriguing interview!


Sarah said...

Your pups are inresistably adorable! :)

I liked the interview as well.

Have a great day!

Ms. Burrows said...

Lovely pooches. I have a couple of doggies, myself. They aren't the kind that need haircuts at least. They just shed buckets of fur all over my house on a regular basis. I have cats too. But I'm not a big fan of cats these days.

Great interview! Thanks for sharing.

Ian Lidster said...

I would be honored to have you interview me, Meg. It was intriguing reading yours and I was thinking I have spent my career interviewing others, but have rarely been interviewed mysef.
Oh, and I love dogs.

Blue Mountains Mary said...

I am so enjoying reading these interviews - the questions and the answers. Yours are wonderful of course - and yes to printing the blog into a book (Blurb!)

I need to take our dogs to the groomer - they haven't been for a while - not sure how they will go..

The Financial Puzzle said...

Love the dog pics! My business partner had one that looked just the same -- he was our late night buddy as we launched our company. Thanks for the memory.

Also, I thought the interview was very clever... thanks for including it.

Coachdad said...

Once again, what a great post. I am so glad that you were identified as a Blog of Note. It allowed me to find your blog.

h&b said...

I love that song, thanks for reminding me of it :)

( and great interview ! :)

Freda said...

Id love to be interviewed, sounds like a blast to me!

Kate & Josh said...

I like your blog! Please check mine out, it's a funny look at the life of a teacher who is also a first time, stressed out mom to a growing boy. A unique look into friends, family, and parenting.


enar arshad said...

they said curiosity kills the cat, so interview me!

Ai Vee Tan said...

I like honey! and I have a toypoodle named Lucas too! They're simply too adorable, aight? hehe

Interview me!

Ms. Burrows said...

I've given you an award.

My Rights said...

wonderful life is free of treat but you can see my blog how life can be easy....

Melodieann said...

What adorable dogs! I adopted a little shelter dog myself, only to find out that he has something wrong with his eyes and so he is partially blind. I have to be careful not to move things or he walks into them, but I love him and I wouldn't take him back for anything. He's been with me for 11years now.

Loved the interview!

Ulrike said...

Your dogs are beautiful, Meggie. Great interview, also. Rhubarbwhine's questions gently cut to the chase. Excellent. As were your answers. I have been too busy to get a new post on my blog. Hope to put something new up in next couple of days.
Janice Ian song brought back memories. Haven't listened to it in ages. Thanks!

Pauline said...

I can imagine you soaked in happiness vibes - enjoyed reading your interview. Thanks for sharing :)

Jeanette said...

Gday Meggie. , I would have to keep honey also both your dogs are cute.My Daughter has a Maltese Poodle cross bought from the breeders they call them Moodles.. My little Penny is Maltese Shizu x and was only 800grams when I had hergiven to me after I lost my old dog.. she now weighs 2.2 kilograms and she goes to a groomer to be groomed, picked up and delivered back only $25

ancient one said...

I loved your doll.. I've seen dolls that remind me of people... my Aunt had a doll made of my grandmother from a picture of her. We were all amazed at how much the doll looks just like Grandma.

Your dogs are cute. For some reason, I had trouble downloading the pictures yesterday, so I came back today and everything worked fine...

Lady Isra said...

your dogs are so adorable.

Thimbleanna said...

Wonderful interview Meggie. And great questions too. Your dogs are so adorable -- no wonder you call Honey by that name -- she looks so sweet!

Lucy said...

I've got a razor comb that's the best thing I've found for emergency trims to Mol's facial hair! She still doesn't like it, but it seems less distressing than the sound of scissors.

Interesting interview!

Cloth, Yarn and Life said...

Hello Meggie,
I really loved the interview. I have just recently begun reading your blog which I find so encouraging. Your secret ambition to write a book closely parallels my own. I read things and think to myself, "well my life is at least that interesting." We'll see. I would love to be interviewed as well. I"m not sure I have as much to say, but it would be good for me to dig a little deeper.

Love your pooches. Over that last 10 yrs or so we have had 3 rescued greyhounds. They aren't exactly the lap dogs that your are but they are wonderful companions. We are down to one now, Hopscotch. She is a darling and is learning to play which is something they need to be taught.
Best to you,

Miss Feona said...

You made those dolls? I've always found porcelaine dolls slightly creepy, but still they look wonderful. It's probably because when I was little, a friend told me that porcelaine dolls with blue eyes are evil and will try to kill you.

Emma said...

I love your dogs they're soooo cute. Bless Leo's eyes they're gorgeous he'd be able to get whatever he wanted off me with just one look. Honey is also very very cute! I would never take back or leave a pet either; one of my cats Queenie is now 15 and has lost her balance so she has a slanted head. She needs to be fed every half an hour (only eats a few chunks) but she's in no pain and I know she's had a happy life so that's all that counts :). Congratulations on being a blog of note. How did you put a Youtube video into your blog I can't get it to work so keep on just having to put links :(. Could you interview me please (ema_J_M@hotmail.com) if you have time as you have alot of requests already! x x x

Jim Miesner said...

I used to think i would tell myself about the future, but I've watched Back to the Future enough to know that's a bad idea.

Isabelle said...

Very cute fluffy dogs! Such soulful eyes.

Stomper Girl said...

Wow, Meggie you are going to be VERY busy interviewing people!!

Ady said...

Leo makes my heart melt. :)

I agree that blogging is slightly egotistical, but I am not sure of why. I do not think that the craving for interaction and communication really sums it up well. It is probably more the craving for attention...

But... you should definately get around to writing that book. :)

Peggy said...

I love your Leo!

Q said...

Honey looks to be a dear.
I enjoyed the interview. Always nice to get to know you a wee bit more. If ever I get your way we will be as old friends.
Thanks for doing this.

Marja said...

Hi dear Meggie. Still a happy New Year. Your dogs are so cute. Your interview is very interesting. I too would would like to see the mum of my first long term boy friend. She was like a real mother to me.
I hope you have a good summer time
and I look forward visiting you this year

Dhanasakthi said...

Your way of interviews sounds interesting.. Why not send me a 'interview me questionnaire..'. Thanks.

shara said...

Love this post. I had my teen daughter sit down and listen to Janis Ian. She didn't want to at first, but then listened alll the way through. She is a new fan.

Thanks for your blog!

Orlando Realtor said...

I loved reading about your dogs, and the photos.

Take a look at my blog, I stick my dogs in all the time and write about them alot.

I am a volunteer for Small Paws Rescue and currently have three fluffs of my own.