Thursday, January 22

Talking to the Carrot.

I am going to cheat with the photos on today's post. They all have absolutely nothing to do with the subject.

When 'talking to the carrot' it will not always be a carrot or piece of carrot. It can be any number of things, but it happens often, & is almost impossible to ignore, or avoid.

You will all recognise the phenomenon. It happens when the person you are talking to, has a small piece of carrot, or poppy seed, or spinach, caught in between the teeth.

As they talk, & you answer, your eyes are irresistably drawn to the 'carrot'. Often the 'carrot' is not food in the teeth, but a facial blemish, or distinguishing mark. Perhaps a large cold sore. A huge mole, or a winky eye. Or even a scar. I find I am fascinated with scars, & always want to ask what caused it?

As you talk, your eyes return to the object again & again. You begin to suspect you must be looking 'shifty eyed' as your eyes flick to the 'carrot'.

The GP we used to attend when we lived another life, in a different place, had a wife, who often did receptionist duties. She was a pleasant woman, who tended to be very down to earth in her views of life. She wore no makeup, & her face had several large prominent moles on the cheeks.

(Totally unrelated photo of one of my Camellias, after some rain.)

As it happened I had a mole I was 'over' & I wished to get it removed. I became paranoid about asking Dr M to get it removed. I felt he might feel it was not necessary, since his wife J's moles were much larger, & twice as prominent.

Finally I plucked up the courage to ask Dr M for a referral to have my mole removed. The thing about these things is, when you have one, everyone notices, & though they don't remark about it well, most good mannered people don't you can see their eyes talking to it.

Once it was gone, no one could even remember where it had been. When I next visited Dr M, J began a discussion with me about her moles. She said she kept thinking she would have them removed, but then chickened out, as she is a coward. I assured her the Plastic Surgeon had not caused pain at all.

(Another totally unrelated flower. This time a white Camellia)

I have no idea if J got her moles removed, since we moved away. Last time I saw her, she still had them.
I know some actresses who make a feature of their moles or beauty spots or whatever you care to call them. I guess they are not in the same category as the 'carrot in the teeth'.
(Totally unrelated pink Azalea, with exquisite spider web, in the morning dew)

We spent a part of the day yesterday at a Court. It has been my experience, limited as it is, & thank goodness for that, as they invariably disappoint, & even if you win, you lose somehow that a Court is a dismal, depressing place to spend much time.
We went to support our friend, who was assaulted very badly, & the police are charging the offender with grievous bodily harm (he shattered our friend's arm with a skateboard, you may remember). Our friend had given his evidence, when the court broke for 'morning tea', around 20 to 12 noon. Then everyone went back into court, then everyone filed out again. I had been 'sitting' with the children, who are yet to give their evidence.
The case has been adjourned to another court, at a future date. It is all very complicated, as different courts deal with different cases. Yesterday's court is a children's Court mainly. However the perpetrator of the assault has since become an adult, so it is felt he is better dealt with in the adult Court, or possibly even the highest Court in our district.
All is in suspense until our friend is either notified of the case moving to the higher court, or settling for the Court where the matter is currently listed, 2 weeks hence. It all takes a toll on everyone, & is quite harrowing having to relive the hideous assault over & over again.

( Another pic of the Azalea)

On the eye front, Gom has been to consult with the Opthalmolagist, & has been given bad news. It seems he has macular degeneration. What remains to be determined is how bad, & we are not sure there is anything that can be done.
The Dr does recommend vitamins so Gom is prepared to give those a try. He does have some cataracts, but the Dr seemed to feel they do not warrant treatment -yet.
Gom's mother went blind. She had a blind sister, & a blind brother. Somehow though, it never occurred to us that Gom might go blind. He has always had good vision, & is still apparently quite good at playing pool.

(Here is a pic of the lovely Kookaburra that came to sit in our Lilly Pilly some time ago.)

Ben Harper, Waiting on an Angel.


Coachdad said...

Your post with the music and beautiful pictures brings me peace. Great song!

persiflage said...

So sorry to hear of GOM's macular degeneration. I do so hope its progress can be slowed.
Your flower photos are so beautiful. Your garden must be lovely.
It does seem the brain is hard-wired to seek and admire regularity and harmony in faces and bodies, so that blemishes draw the eye so compellingly. It is hard not to look at them.

Heather said...

I love exotic birds (and since I'm from the states your lovely local Kookaburra qualifies)! However, what I really came to say is that you take beautiful pictures. :)

Jane Doe said...

I just recently found your blog, and I have to say that I really like it :) Thanks for the fun.

shara said...

I am so glad your pics were of your garden and NOT of "carrots". I was starting to get worried as I scrolled down, ever so slowly.

Mac Degen is something we stay aware of for my 18 yo daughter. She was dx w/ diabetes right before she turned 4 yo.

How are you doing?

meggie said...

Hi All,

Brett, so glad you feel relaxed with the pics & the music. I just love Ben Harper.

P, it is a worry about the sight. We do tend to take it all for granted when we have it!

Heather, I love the Kookaburras, & never tire of hearing them. Thanks for the admiration of my photos. None of those are in flower at present, but I enjoy them all, when they are.

Jane Doe, I have been to visit you, & can hardly believe the life you have seen in your young years.
Hugs to you, & your little Doe!

Shara, that is a hard burden for a young girl to have to live in the shadow. I wish her well.XX

fifi said...


I was laughing away to myself at you and the moles ( i had a tiny one removed from my neck: I never asked permission, just told the doctor I wanted it off.)

then the bad news about the eyes. That's my greatest fear, my grandma was blind from that. I'm always taking vitamins that supposedly prevent it.


Marianna said...

Goodmorning from Greece!

Now that is an interesting subject with some...irrelevant but excellent pictures ;-)

Thank you for the music
Take care now
Peace and love

Blue Mountains Mary said...

That photo of the spider's web is exquisite...

I have a largeish gap between my front teeth and am always worried about what might be caught there.

I am so sorry to read the news about GOMS eyesight. I will keep my fingers crossed..

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear of GOMs issues. I'll keep you both in my thoughts.

I have amole on my cheek, and know exactly what you mean!

kathi said...

I am enjoying your posts. This one was very clever. I love visiting Australia from afar!

iVan Chong said...

Wow, your Kookaburra rocks!

and i like your side stuff - being a crabby bitch is part of my charm starring mary poppins! LOL.

ancient one said...

My DH has two siblings with the same diagnosis... they are both on the vitimans and one takes a shot ever so often... they both still drive... and they've known about their problems for years... let's hope that GOM's can be controlled..

Loved your photos of the flowers... I, for one, don't think each picture has to have something to do with the subject matter of the post!

Mike said...

My grandmother suffered from macular degeneration. She lived well into her late 80's with it with only minimal loss of eyesight. I guess it's different for everyone though. Best of luck to GOM.

Catalyst said...

I am so jealous! You have such beautiful flowers. And that Kookaburra - wow!

Good luck to GOM.

meggie said...

My mother had a large mole near her ear, & I remember when it was literally carved off! Poor thing went to bed for 2 days.

Hi from OZ!

It is said the gap in the front teeth denotes a lucky person!

It will be hard convincing Gom not to drive. I must admit I am rather a nervous driver now.

Hi from Oz!

Hi over there in Malaysia!

I hope we can slow the progress for Gom's eyes. His favourite passtime is reading.

Thanks for your wishes. I know he is 72, but he doesn't seem 'old'.

Cat, Those flowers are not in bloom at present. We dont get many native birds around here lately, the damn Indian Mynah birds have scared them all away.

Sheila@Simple Indulgences said...

There are different types of macular degeneration, I hope he has the least damaging one. I am a chicken when it comes to eyes and hate the visits to the eye doctor.
I love the kookaburra, I've heard of them obviously, but I don't think I've ever seen one before. Do they really laugh..?

Anonymous said...

I love your photos! Your blog is a great read!! Thanks!


Marja said...

Didin't know that expression It takes quite a while to lean that in another language. My son has a huge mole on his legs and has to get it removed when he is full grown. I get nervous about it You are brave.
How awfull that assault and to go through it again in court must be hard. How can they do things like that.
Hope things turn out not to bad for Gom and the vitamines will help

lakeviewer said...

Flowers, an exotic bird whose name I learned, a reminder of all the beautiful things we share on the web.

p.s. I hope your husband's vision doesn't deteriorate. Haven't we made medical progress?

Ali Honey said...

I do hope something can slow the degenerative progress for GOM.

Lovely photos of your moles (oops I mean flowers ).

Pauline said...

Loved the way you interrupted the text with seemingly unrelated photos. Isn't that how life is - always the balance of beauty with the not-so-beautiful? Had to chuckle at your description of 'talking to the carrot." Now I will be super-conscious of doing that!

Tiger said...

I know wot u torkin abowt. Mrs Grant oo is ower IT teecha as a mole wiv a big hair growin owt of it an I star at it all the tiym. NA i liyk ur piccys. An I well sad abowt ur Gom. R u sure ther nowt the hospitalitudes can do? I fort they cud sort eye fings owt nowadays.

Granny J said...

oh, such a beautiful spider web -- wish we had spiders that talented! As for the kookabura -- his relationship to his cousin the kingfisher sure is evident in that picture. Thanks, as I'd never seen a picture of a bird who has dwelt only in song for me.

Jeanette said...

Gday Meggie.. love the unrelated Photo's from your gardenI was worried we were going to see someones moles or carrot in someones teeth...I choose the flowers instead of moles and teeth..

teodo said...

I'm sorry to read about GOM's eyes. I hope that all will be better soon.

The spider's pic it's fantastic it's seems a lace.
ciao ciao

Thimbleanna said...

You're so funny Meggie -- I've never heard the phrase talking to the carrot. Love your pretty pics. And I'm awfully sorry about GOM's eye's -- I'll be hoping for the best for him.

Kate quilts... said...

Meggie, I so love how your mind works, you refresh me every time I come here. Sometimes you make me laugh, or cry, but you always make me think.

Keep well. All my fingers and toes are crossed for Gom.

Warty Mammal said...

I remember your mentioning your friend being assaulted some time ago. Bless you for being so supportive of him.

I'm sorry about GOM's macular degeneration. Oy. Good sign that he's still a pool shark, though.

Better to talk to a carrot than someone's breasts. I've seen men do that one plenty. Bleah.

Sarah said...


I'm sure this sounds strange, but you're one of those ladies that I wish I could have tea with! :) You're so unique and interesting.

I love Ben Harper; nice choice. I'm so sorry to hear about Gom's trouble. I went nearly blind in 2007 from a condition called neovascular cornealization, but there were able to fix me. I'll have trouble past age 50 again, however at 25 I'm able to see; I consider it a blessing. :) Anyway, give him my best.

By the way, your pictures, while completely off the wall in context to your post (hehe!), are beautiful! :)

Have a great day!