Thursday, January 29

The Wheel Keeps Turning.

This was going to be a pissed off rant! I seem to have so many things I am feeling angry about.

GOM, aka, The Garden Vandal, has dug up bulbs, that have been peacefully sleeping, & producing magnificent blooms for the past 5 years.

I have wept, begged, threatened, & sworn, with what my mother would have termed a navvy's* toungue, to preserve these precious bulbs.

I am not sure if it is the onset of dementia, or something worse, that makes Gom forget these things.

I come to regard his acts as 'spiteful'. Which tends to breed bitterness, & resentment. It tends to generate a thirst for 'revenge'. Which is utterly lost on those that are 'losing it.'

As I discovered when my MIL developed Alzheimers. You can never 'pay them back'.

I have also learnt, over the years, that forgiveness is not mine to give~ it is theirs. So I ceased to lose energy or sleep over the percieved 'wounds'.

Why not rejoice in what we can, & enjoy the present wonders.

Regard, this joyous, loved, & beautiful child~

He is so innocent, so free, so beautiful, & so expectant about life!

Here he is, on his Grandfather's knee. Surrounded by Uncles, & his father on the extreme left.

Here is his Great Grandmother, with his father as a baby. A picture of love personified. She just adored that little man!!

Here he is, on a holiday to the South, to stay with his Aunt (me) & Uncle, & cousins, with his beloved Grandmother. I have always loved this photo of him. My heart swells with pride, to think he is now such a proud father of his own son.

This is a recent photo. He appears so serious. He has a very 'heavy' job. He carries repsonsibilities, & cares about his status, his staff, & his standing in the company he works for. He is very skilled at his chosen career.
His Grandmother would rejoice at the realisation of his wonderful potential. We all love you, DJ!

Here are some pics of our little visitor. He/she looks so cute. Alarmed, maybe, at being discovered in our kitchen!!

Nervous, & anxious to leave, as soon as possible!

A longer shot, below, to give persepctive. It is really not that large a lizard. It is so cute...but... I have observed the 'waste elimination' - outside I hasten to add! I am glad we are not finding evidence of indoor waste processes!

In the background of this shot, the oven & some cupboards.
Perhaps the lizard is 'housetrained?' I think I will name it Slinky the Skink. It seems to sneak in when the dogs are dozing, so full marks to it, for slinking!!

The rants have receded.

But why...??
Does Gom need to stir his coffee 40 times to dissolve one teaspoon of sugar??

Do they have to dress the TV presenters in fecking suits that would cause a grown wonan, or man, to weep??

Why does one male reporter on TV look like a Pox Doctor's Clerk?? His suits, in broad stripes, are deplorable!!??

Why do some of the gorgeous girls get dressed in severe 'dyke' suits?? If they are of Lesbian persuasion does it matter, & do we need signals to state the fact??
I think many of them are not of the "L" persuasion, but that may be the impresson left? Is this intentional??

To really go out on a limb here, why does every TV station have to have duplicate 'gay' males, providing the Hollywood CRAP report on daily shows??WTF???

Or, to put it another way, a "Pet Poof"???
As for TEN's miserable unattractive speciman... well how embarrassed does one celebrity have to be, (Brendan Frazer) before they get the message...

Lard & Gay poof does NOT cut it!!! It has nothing to do with the sexual orientation of the person, but that display was squirmingly odious. Flick the 'person'.

I suppose I will be seen as intolerant, but I am not. We have many family members, who are loved, & accepted, who are of the 'third gender'. It is life, & nature. We love them., & accept them , as they are.


Pearl said...

Hello Meggie, thanks for visiting my blog & leaving lovely comments.
I had to smile at your rant tonight, I hope your feeling much better for it, I agree with most it, the little skinks are lovely aren't they, & I love the photo of the frog you caught.
Cheers, Pearl.

Pauline said...

perhaps you should post signs in the garden warning GOM off ;)

Dr. Nature said...

Thank you Meggie again for your comment on my blog, the color of leaves near Mt. Fuji was to be more beutifull if the time I took the movie was earlier and if my camera had better resolution.
I have just included a Bogger translator from Japanese to English at the upper corner of my blog, but I can not know if it can translate well to English on PCs in other countries or not. Kindly let me know the result of the translator when you are free.

Femin Susan said...

I appreciate ur work rather than appreciating anything...
u r really a fantastic author..
may god bless you !

persiflage said...

Oh Meggie, you can certainly turn a phrase!
I feel your pain over those bulbs! Why, oh why, indeed!
Rant away. It is good for the psyche. I'm right with you on TV presenters. Why is there so much meaningless babble in the media? So many journalists give me the pip. They are so sanctimonious and never acknowledge anything positive, but instead encourage a whinging mentality.

iVan Chong said...

the baby is so cute!!! :D:D

Ms. Burrows said...

Sorry about the bulbs. You do have a beautiful family though.

As a teen I used to get asked if I was a lesbian. People probably still wonder at times. FWIW while I find women very beautiful, I've never had interested in bedding one. I just am completely fashion clueless, lol.

Strider said...

Sounds like you are having a great day!!!!!! Oh well, God is good and He loves us! Have a great weekend.

Isabelle said...

You are such a beautiful family, Meggie! (If a little incompetent in the garden, in one particular case.)

Ulrike said...

Meggie, you are wonderful. I was having a bit of a crap day, when I read your rant that was not really such a rant that was really beautiful and crazy and loving all at the same time. Now I feel better. Thank you.

ancient one said...

Loved the family pictures and especially the baby. Enjoyed the rants... some of it is my thoughts exactly! I would have cried over the bulbs too!

varun said...

good one, it would be great if you could post at share thoughts this way more people can read it

Thimbleanna said...

You crack me up Meggie. Sorry about the bulbs. And Ack! A lizard in the kitchen (a cute lizard, but a lizard nonetheless!) If the dogs had been there, what would they do? Bark? Try for dinner???

Marja said...

Just say what you want to say You are so funny Meggie
Who wouldn't love that child so cute and adorable.
We only find tales of lizard here Our cat loves them

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Sorry about the bulbs but I am glad your rant was shortened by all the anti-rant stuff in your life (such as your adorable grandson).

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Julia said...

Rant away Meggie, get it off your chest!.....feels good to do that!
Sorry about the bulbs....beautiful baby!
Julia ♥

Ian Lidster said...

Your pissed off rant was wonderful, dear. Sometimes we need those. Keeps us from going into the post office with an automatic rifle

Lucy said...

Oh dear, GOM at loose in the garden again! Perhaps there's some kind of electric collar which will give him a deterrant shock when he comes near your plants or something!

Isn't that babby like his dad was when he was a babby!

My float said...

Goodness, that IS a rant! The entertainment reporters drive me insane, particularly since i don't know what they're doing on 'news' programs in the first place. Since when was entertainment 'news'??

The little babies look gorgeous.

Reluctant Blogger said...

No, never any point really getting stressed about why anyone does or says anything. WE can do little to change that - only the way we react to it. That is what I try to concentrate on these days and it works - it really does. So liberating. I mostly only get cross with myself these days.

But a rant is good for the soul.

Christine Thresh said...

I enjoy your rants. I enjoy your blog every time I read it.

Coachdad said...

Great great grandmother kived with our family the last five years of her life and she suffered from alzeimers. It was tough on us for sure.

quiltmom said...

HI Meggie,
I love how you write about the rainbow of life's situations - all the colors - happy , sad and every other feeling in between.
The picture of your nephew and his boy are so beautiful- they radiate joy ..
Thanks for sharing..