Monday, January 5

Taking stock..

Another year underway. Five days old already.
This beautiful little boy has come to add to our family.
He is the precious first grandson of a loved cousin, & his wife.
He was born on 2nd January, 2009.
We wish him a long healthy & happy life!

We have been having hot weather, which is extremely enervating. The humidity saps the life out of me, & I just want to cringe in the cool air of the Airconditioner.

There has been much contact by phone with friends & rellies in New Zealand, & a small lump of homesickness, for family, & those friends we hold dear.

I have promised myself a 'stock take' of sorts.
Some of it is a mental taking of stock.
Some of it will need to be a material taking of stock, which I must say, I am not looking forward to.

While we didn't get a lot in the way of 'stuff', for Christmas, the evergrowing piles collections might need a little culling, or pruning.

I hasten to add, this will not include fabric! In fact I am intending getting a little more, ~just as an incentive to keep sewing, you understand! Haha.

These 2 little bears seem to have begun a New Year courtship.

Russell came into possession of a very nice bike, all shiny & wonderful, so he leapt onto it, & cycled over to see Annabelle bear.

Annabelle was sitting on the bench, just hoping that Russell might come to visit, seeing he now had some transport.
Here is Russell's wonderful cycle. It is a Western Flyer, authentically reproduced from the the original model, first made around 1950.

I wish I had the space to display all the knick knacks in similar vein to this cycle.
I used to imagine I would one day have a room just for the dolls with their tea parties, & the bears & their antics.
I have been dreaming about these things & wonder what it means.
I don't do resolutions. New Year's day is just another day in my calendar. I did feel some sort of hope at the thought that this might be a happier year for the world, but on a scale of things, there is much that will not be improved, though we might all wish it could be.
I recently rewatched a programme on TV , called "The Girl in The Cafe". It gave such hope, yet somehow I felt a measure of despair. Real life is never so satisfying in matters of wrong being somehow 'righted'.
I think there is a lot of hope out & about, that somehow Obama will achieve miracles. The reality, as I see it, is that he is about to receive a poisoned chalice, & he will have a major struggle ahead.
As my grandmother would say, you cant get blood from a stone.
We are being told we will need to tighten our belts. Economic cuts will be necessary, we must all take a share of 'having less'.
From a material point of view, that could be a really great thing. I watched with horror the TV reports of all the 'stuff' being dumped at the doors of charity organisations. A lot of it pure rubbish, & the dumpers should be ashamed of themselves. At the end of the day though, don't we all have 'too much'.
It makes us wasteful, & the young are so heedless of recycling or making do. If it has a small tear, or a split seam, they toss it away. They have no concept of mending, or repairing.
I watch the oldies around us when out & about. They have beautifully laundered, & maintained clothing, that is obviously years old, not in shabbiness, but in styles which are now gone, but is in lovely condition, & they dress with pride. They buy themselves the cheaper cuts of meat, the seasonal vegies. They know how to cook, & make do, yet still seem to know more about nutrition than the average teenager.
It is a worrying thought for the future. How healthy will today's teens be, in their old age?
Groan!! I must really be sounding old! I am perhaps feeling a little 'old' tonight.
I was going to 'make hay with a big stick' today. Didn't happen. Probably wont happen tomorrow either, since it is tipped to be high 30s again.
Gom offered to run me a bath of cold water, tomorrow, to soak in!
Here is a pic of Gom, in his 'Kingdom' of green glory, relaxed & happy on New Year's Eve.

The Verve, Catching the Butterfly.


anne bebbington said...

what a sweet rosie cheeked little chap - and you'll have to watch those bears - or there may be the patter of little tiny paws :o)))

teodo said...

Happy 2009 to you, to your great family and to the new little grandson.
a kiss fromm Italy. Ciao ciao

Pauline said...

such a beautiful baby - and they come with such hope. Enjoy your warm weather. We had freezing rain overnight and both path and roads are icy rinks! Gom looks happily celebratory! Hope 2009 is good to you Meggie!

jovaliquilts said...

Congratulations on the ever-expanding family. What an adorable baby!
Wishing you a very happy 2009!

myfloat said...

What a sweet little baby. I love newborns, they're so precious.

I can't believe we get and give so much unnecessary stuff. The 2009 Christmas will be different - not sure how, but I can't bear the waste. A hardly plays with any of the toys he received.

Am thinking I sound a little 'old' too, now!! Happy New Year, Meggie

Mike said...

Lovely little baby Meggie. I think most of us will be doing less economically speaking in the coming year. Happy New Year to you Meggie.

Sheila@Simple Indulgences said...

What a beautiful child. I love babies, especially other peoples'.
Couldn't resist that, my gran always said it. She had so many g/children that were always being "dropped off for a half hour". She loved them but wasn't sad to see them go home!
I hear you about the taking stock, I just commented on another post to a blogger who is of the same mind. I've been doing it for a couple of years now, and have very little around here that I don't use.
Good luck..

Ian Lidster said...

Lovely child and randy teddy bears on a classic bike. All the components of a delightful array of your life at the moment.

Happy 2009.

Christine Thresh said...

Such a beautiful baby. Happy new year to him. Happy new life to him.

Kitty said...

Welcome to the world little man. I love that there are so many grown ups around him in the picture.

I also love that word 'enervating' - don't often hear it these days.


Thimbleanna said...

Awww, what a beautiful baby! And adorable teddy story. I'm expecting very little from Obama -- not because of a poisoned chalice but because the politicians are all the same. He's surrounding himself with the same old people -- not much in the way of big, new ideas!

Julia said...

What an adorable baby!
I trying so hard to just use my stash...
I think most of us will looking at cutting back a little and be doing less economically speaking this year. Happy New Year to you Meggie.
Julia ♥

ancient one said...

Hi Meggie,

Love your baby... I hope he has a very healthy, happy, life. I wish the same thing for you and GOM..

I think everyone is feeling the anxiety that this new year has brought. I'm trusting GOD and know that he's in control...

Loved seeing your bears...

I think the same thing about older folk taking better care of "things" .. My grandmother saved everything and I have a tendency to do that too... but my children don't ... they know how to toss things quickly...LOL

Have a good day/night!!

Strider said...

Good looking little guy! Have a great New Year.

persiflage said...

Lovely baby! Newborns just snuggle into your shoulder - such a wonderful feeling.
I relate to all the comments about ironing and mending too. And to de-cluttering, but I have a long way to go. But at least I have stopped buying much stuff.

Anonymous said...

That sure is a sweet little baby! Congrats to the family.
While you're down under in the heat, we're in the cold here in the north. Suppose we could trade? Wishing you a happy new year, in spite of your attitude, can't help myself. ;0

Blue Mountains Mary said...

That baby may well be one of the prettiest I have ever seen!

Anonymous said...

Your garden looks so green and lush and cool, what a good place to relax. (And what agorgeous baby, how sweet is that face?)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous baby. I came over all broody looking at him.

Not a great birthday for him though, is it? So soon after Christmas.

I know what you mean about the "throw-away" society. We do try to mend things here or get them fixed but often, unless you can do it yourself, it is cheaper to replace than to repair.

Happy new Year!

Alby Sure said...

I must say I can understand your statement: "young are so heedless of recycling or making do"

We live in a time where it iseasier to throw away and rebuy than to fix what we already have. I believe technology, especially, has made us lazier in a lot of respects, because everything is now at our finger tips and therefore we have no real sense fo ownership or attachment to anything.

Check out the blog: MMHighlights

Ms. Burrows said...

Beautiful babe. He looks just like a doll.

Best wishes. :)

Rebecca said...

Love babys!
and Congrats for being the 'Blog of note today'
ps, I bet that you would much rather be there than here, in our sub zero, snow-filled climate :) Atleast I know that I would much rather be ther!

suka said...
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Peggy Johnstone said...

Congrats on being named Blog of Note today! I adore your blog header! And welcome to your family's new addition. Thanks for letting me stop in to visit today. :-)

lakeviewer said...

Fun read! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on what life is like in your part of the world.

If you're interested in finding out about cooler places, in the the American Northwest, check my blog:

illyna Li~ said...

hye.if you dont mind.just want to say that,the baby too cute.=)

networkchic said...

I have always thought January 2nd was not a good day to have a birthday, it's mine too. But when you look at a picture of another innocent life entering this world of ours, it makes me change my mind. Beautiful.

Pat said...

My first grand child, a boy also, was born last year in the middle of December. I hope the world will be kind to both new little boys!
This post is very refective and so true --it is a changing world. The simple things in life are the best!

i cant sew said...

i just named my latest hand made bird annabelle... congrats on making it on blogs of note.
%*_*% rosey

TiaChica said...

Congrats on the new life!

Kellie said...

What a beautiful little baby! Congratulations to you and the clever Mummy & Daddy! And I'm with you ... I absolutely need so new fabric and there is no way that I will be parting with any existing stock!

t i m said...

congrats on your new addition to the family - just another visitor here tresspassing via 'blogs of note' :)

henzy said...

adorable baby, great song. Congratulations to the proud parents and ecstatic grandparents

babylamms said...

What a precious baby boy. He is beautiful. ... and shares a birthday with my daughter. :)

Anonymous said...

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Ms. Latina On A Mission said...

What a beautiful baby! God bless him and your family. You are truly blessed!

R2K said...

: )

Becky said...

Hope he continues to recover. New life in the New Year is extra special. x

jess said...

What a beautiful little boy. Reminds me of last year when my litle boy was still small. I had wanted to call him either Oliver or Bailey. He seemed more like a Bailey :)
Wishing you lots of warmth and happiness


jess said...

What a beautiful little boy. Reminds me of last year when my litle boy was still small. I had wanted to call him either Oliver or Bailey. He seemed more like a Bailey :)
Wishing you lots of warmth and happiness


Alice said...

I hope 2009 will be a happy year for you, Meggie, despite the same worries that many people of our age have for the future of the world and our families in it. Maybe the current financial problems will have some positive aspects in that we will have to learn to do with less, and to do with it for longer.