Wednesday, November 18

Have you seen this person??


You must have seen this person. Mostly a female, but sometimes a male. They have dyed their hair in clumps & stripes. So when one is sitting dreamily contemplating the Passing Parade, one is fooled into thinking one has just seen a high cat passing by one’s vision!

Some of these ladiesA very Elevated Tortoiseshell cat, in fact! One sneaks a second look, sniggers ~almost~ as one realizes it is just another middle aged Breakout Artist, wishing to assert His/Her freedom of choice!


I used to look upon such things with jaundiced eye. I used to think to myself, “What the hell was s/he thinking?”

Now, while I could never do such a thing myself, I secretly admire her/his guts. Not so much on the young set. On the older set~ definitely!!

Why should the young have all the fun, after all?


Now I see, on older persons ‘Cankles’  ankle tattoos. I also used to think, a little sneeringly, “What the Hell was this person thinking??” Surely, when the ankles are really no more recognizable as such, why would you draw attention to these swollen body parts?

tattooNow, I judge no more, & think to myself, if it makes them happy, so be it.

Life is, after all, rather short.


In light of recent personal events, here is a Passionflower. I have been told this is a Passionfruit vine, but I am unconvinced. The leaves are not the same as previous Passionfruit  we have grown.


Yesterday, whilst engaged in conversation, with a half sister, we discussed how much be both detest cartoons.We reminisced about how we had loathed the cartoons at the movies, when we were young. We both disliked- intensely- Charlie Chaplin, Keystone Cops, all those pie-in-he-face Slapstick ‘comedies’.

We never thought them funny, in most senses of the word. Certainly, never humorous!!

I love this sister, my full brother & I both love her. We wish we had known her growing up. We were raised separately, and grew to adult-hood not knowing each other, until we we met, at almost, middle age.

We have so many points of similarity. So many habits are recognizable. We have such fun, discovering how much we have in common, in spite of our different upbringing. Nature or Nurture??

We have other siblings, not familiar to us. Raised in another life, perhaps with completely different expectations. It is nice to know we love them too. We do feel a kinship with these brothers & sisters. We mourn the one who died. The sister we have never met is missed.

This is a source of some of my joy.

Engagement ringSuch a pretty ring. So hard to photograph.

When I say, Do you Know this Person? I think I mean me. The greying, slowing person who composes this blog…



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fifi said...

well, I think I have glimpsed you,
here and there
But with no tattoos
Or patchy hair!

persiflage said...

Meggie, I have not yet reached your level of tolerance, and hair that sticks up and is combed the wrong way wants me itch to wield a hairbrush. The cat stripes are astonishing.
Blood ties are fascinating, and it is quite eerie to discover similarities of tastes and interests as well as of physical characteristics. My brothers and sisters are all very different in appearance and personalities, although people remark they see and hear many resemblances and similarities, but we all share some passions, especially for music, and now four of us are now in choirs.
When my daughter recently posted a couple of photos of herself, I could see my mother in her! I do not resemble my mother at all.

Ali Honey said...

Hi Meg,
That is passiflora caerulea ( blue passionflower from Argentina and Brazil)My reference book says it will be followed by 60mm egg shaped tastless fruit. ( boo! )

It may give GOM future pruning delight!

I don't have tats but Soozii does. I do have some foils in my hair - a few dark ones and some purple ones. Grey was such a dull colour! I can't afford to get expensive hairdos every 6 weeks so got something that lasts a while and meantime cut my own hair - at least I know how it will turn out when I do it!

The ring is beautiful.

VioletSky said...

I have never seen anyone with 'tortoiseshell' hair, but it looks rather interesting ... and fun. I think, like you, I was much more sneering about such things when I was younger. So much for being set in my ways!

Mary said...

I hope I still love the tatoo I have on my ankle when I am ancient.

In fact I hope I can still see it then - given the increasing size of my girth!

Joyce said...

Life is short so eat your dessert first. If that dessert is a tattoo or striped hair, go for it!

Anonymous said...

Imagine the old people someday in their nursing homes wearing their sagging tattoos...

Thimbleanna said...

Well Meggie, I might not completely "know" you, but I certainly recognize large parts of you -- in me. Isn't it funny how, as we get older, we get more tolerant about some things and less so, about others? Like you, I've taken a different opinions of tatoos. I'm not quite there with piercings though -- especially when they're all over the face!

Robbie said...

Can you imagine being in the 'home' and all of the nurses saying "check out the old lady in bed 2 with the tatoo's"! Yikes! I'll just keep my freckles and moles, thank you! They're bad enough!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

You are funny! I find myself mellowing, too. things that I used to find so important are no longer worth even giving thought to. I might even try a tatoo on my fat ankle....... you know, the kind that is applied with a wet cloth!

Warty Mammal said...

Holy cow. That's human hair?

I think if I tried anything, it would be to my hair. Not sure I have the level of commitment necessary for a tattoo or sticking safety pins through my nose.

Problem is, I'd forget to keep up the dye job. I'd end up with pink and blue tips and blonde and grey roots.

Marja said...

Good on you You go and have fun your blog is great fun i agree judging is a wast of time. we all have our things. Pretty ring indeed

Molly said...

I think you're mellowing Meggie!

The Sagittarian said...

Who said "Youth is wasted on the young" person whoever he was! Great post Meggie. I quite like the idea of torteshell hair!

Jo said...

Life is short, yes. And life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer we get to the end, the faster it goes. :-)

ancient one said...

I'm old.. I'm set in my ways..

I still don't like tattoos .. I know an 80 year old man who's girly tattoo he got in the navy can still shake (with a little help from his hand behind the muscle..ha ha) If she were on my flabby arms she would never cease to shake...LOL

I'm glad you like your half sister... and the ring is so pretty.

Loved the flower .. the striped hair not so much...LOL

I'm old and set in my ways...

ancient one said...
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Granny J said...

I find myself torn between the stability offered by mores of the past -- and the liveliness of the new. Just what is wrong with pied hair or tats on the pecs? Any sillier than 4-inch heels or a bustle?

Meggie said...

Thanks for all your great comments.
I was thinking of your comment Granny, & remembered the ridiculous backcombed beehive hairdos we had! My grandmother laughed at me, & told me she had done that to her hair when she was young!!
The ring is very pretty- it is not mine.

Isabelle said...

I'm surrounded at the college where I teach by young people with many and varied tattoos and I think they're horrid (the tattoos, not the young people). And I can't help imagining them in the future, when the tattoos are wobbly and wrinkly. I also have a problem with piercings, even in ears a bit, so I'm sunk... They gar me grue, as we say in Scotland.

Stomper Girl said...

I'm not much of a one for cartoons either, slapstick is my least favourite comedy style but my two young boys adore it and fall over giggling.

quiltmom said...

HI Meggie,
Life is pretty interesting- it is true that in some ways we change what we think about the small stuff in life and what is really important..
I don't want a tattoo or piercings but others can do as they wish- I don't know if I would be so liberal in my thinking if I had a teenage daughter who wanted a piercing in some private parts of her body... Interesting thing to ponder...where one draws the line in the sands of one's opinions.

As always an interesting post- love the tortoiseshell cat though I love my orange marmalade cat more:-)

Be well,
Warmest regards,

Anonymous said...

I had a torty cat, she was gorgeous - individual and self assured and aloof and in charge. I *have* seen you. :)

philly5113 said...

Great post meg. These days folks are doing everything they think of or dream about, it seems. I guess if you can tolerate it or find the beauty in it, its not off limits.

Anonymous said...

About appearances, I believe life is short and people should be free to adorn as they so choose without me or anybody else judging. On the other hand, and this is personal bias, I do not find tattoos on women (other than Maori women) to be an attractive sight, unless said tattoo is perhaps on her bum and out of sight to the public.