Wednesday, November 25

I do not like this conversation..


I am tired of this conversation I am lately having with myself.

I am trying to change things around in my life, to somehow restart the sewing  spark. Or even the writing spark would be nice. Indeed, any spark at all !

Apparently I am not a very ‘Motivational Speaker’ judging by the results!



Gom has had his annual checkup for his hearing aids. I did not accompany him this time.  I did not tell, of his latest trick, which is to remove his aids, remove his spectacles, and sit, with his ears & eyes closed. As though to shut out his world.

Which includes me, of course.

This fact comes around in my self talks.

Somehow, when we were young, the thought of retirement was attractive. It would give us time to pursue things we had no time for, when we were busy earning our crusts and crumbs.

Travel was one of my dreams. It is lucky we did do some travelling, when there were funds available, and the body was able.

The likelihood of travel now, is about zero. It is not Gom’s fault, that he is losing his sight, so why do I feel cheated?

I need to change the way I look at things, myself.


That damn tree again

As I sat,in our car,  waiting for the test to be completed, I read my trusty book, and contemplated the passing parade of various types. Most of which were perfectly normal and nice looking people.

Then, I heard the raucous screaming, screeching foul language. A couple, who appeared to be drug affected came screaming, and swearing,  up the street. It was just after 3 pm. Parents were collecting their small children from the nearby Primary School.

This hideous couple, stopped to screech at each other, right where children were crossing the street. The woman’s shrilly voice berated the male for his F…ing this & F…ing that. Pointing her finger, waving her arms about, while the dopey male whined '”But Babes… But Babes”…

Then they turned & did it all in  reverse, going down the street again. They seem to lose all sense of decency, of dignity.

I felt tempted to leap out of the car, & give them each a good slapping!! Though I am sure their drug fuelled fury would have seen me beaten to the pavement! That is not really what I have in mind, when thinking of changes!

Recently, one of my Nephew’s had an ‘80s Party to mark his 30th Birthday.

Today is my Beloved Brother’s birthday- sadly it it not his 30th!

In honour of his birthday here he is as he appeared at the Party, AKA Willie Nelson!

BB aka Willie Nelson

Happy Birthday Bro!



Q said...

Happy Birthday to your dear brother!
My husband just retired at age 57! He is young. I hope we do get to do some traveling. My children live far away and I think a road trip to see them would be excellent.
I may wait until Spring. Traveling in the winter in my neck of the woods is not a good idea.
Thinking of you as you go into Summer...

Jellyhead said...

I get into those 'funks', too Meggie. Hope you have lots of lovely things happen today, to get you feeling zippier!


The Sagittarian said...

Its a shame you can't have a video capability in your head I reckon, that way when you saw that young couple behaving badly it would have been great to have videoed them and then shown it to them at a time when they were less 'outgoing'....maybe they would change?
I find myself wondering where it's all going these days too, I see my 2 girls growing up and making plans for themselves and it reminds me of what I haven't done yet. My husband seems to be slowing down too, he is 10 years older than me but even so....
Maybe you need to visit Christchurch and we can go hang out by the river and people watch with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc....

julieQ said...

I can't believe the behavior that is now permitted in public...I have seen this too, and it is not pretty.

Marja said...

Hilarious that picture Congratulations to him He will be please with these good looks on the internet.
About these F..adults. No wonder that some kids trun out bad when there are such adults around

Warty Mammal said...

Hugs, Meggie: ((( )))

I was struck by an "itch" yesterday. I wanted to be someplace else _right then_ with no waiting or travel time. Just snap my fingers and I'd be there. Angkor Wat. A villa in Italy or elsewhere in Europe. Japan.

It wasn't about travel so much as being immersed in "other". Wonderful things beyond my experience. An ancient sculpture half-hidden under foliage, the carved texture of a railing. I had a thirst to live. Do something, have some experiences.

I'm not sure how one relieves this restlessness when circumstances have closed off certain avenues. Maybe this is part of why people become obsessive museum visitors or readers of travel literature. I think I'm going to try going through my old photos and looking for some blogs in which people discuss their travels, such as Jenny Bowker's:

Thimbleanna said...

You always stumble upon the most interesting experiences Meggie - even if they aren't what you might like to see! Happy Birthday to your Brother!

The Sagittarian said...

Oh except I've just remembered there is a liquor ban within the 4 Avenues nowadays thanks to the type of people you have mentioned in your blog! We would have to secret the wine into a sipper bottle...

Ulrike said...

Some days are just a bit trying all round. But even when you are describing days like that, I still love reading the way you describe it. Hope today was better.

Your brother looks a hoot in his Willie Nelson disguise.

Christine Thresh said...

Ulrike said just what I wanted to say. So ditto.

You are a talented story teller.

Isabelle said...

Hope you're feeling more cheery now. Happy birthday to your BB.