Wednesday, November 11

So what have they been doing on Blogger??

So, while I wasn't paying attention, they have changed blogger all around, & now I can't tell WTH I am doing! Grrrrr.

I find it very disconcerting to have the cursor in the center of the page before I begin to type.
I have also been having   fun tedious trouble getting the photos in the preferred order for posting.

Today this gorgeous girl, light of our lives, is 40 years old.

As I have previously stated, she has been both our Rainbow, & our Pot of Gold.

I am quite dismayed to see the old photos are becoming damaged.
I used to take our children for regular photographs at an excellent outlet called "While-U-Wait" and in about an hour you could collect as many prints as you chose.

Since we lived in the South Island, & my relatives all lived in the North Island, I found this service affordable, & an easy way to keep the rellies updated with growth progress.

My photographic skills were seriously lacking in those days, with many a missing head or legs.
Bless the advent of Digital Cameras!

This happy shot was taken when our baby returned to the nest after a year of 'Overseas Experience'.

Natally speaking this is another busy month for our family.

This gorgeous boy, my nephew,  turned 30 on Monday. I think he was about 4 when this was taken.

Here he is today, all grown up, and still a gorgeous man!

It was also Honey's 9th Birthday, and next is my sister, then Gom's sister -not that they are on friendly terms, but I still think of her. Then it is my Beloved Brother's birthday.

I was looking forward to having a real rant today. The subject matter was to be "UGLY PEOPLE".
By ugly I don't necessarily mean the ugliness of the physical kind, though that can be a factor, however, that is often a unfortunate side effect.

Random observations,
Whilst waiting at the Bus stop with SG, a large vision resembling a sack of pumpkins, accompanied by a rather unfortunate cringing child. I immediately nicknamed the pumpkin vision Mrs Oxenslat.
It proved an apt name. She stopped close behind me, & proceeded to bellow out in unintelligable screeches, what sounded like "Looka this bitch! Muz beadyejob, whaddya reckon? Same as moin-same colour"
I am sure that is not what she actually said, but her shrill twisted tones were beyond interpretation... to me anyway.

SG & I froze on the spot. I may have even cowered a little, expecting a gigantic thump, from a pumpkin limb.

The people she was apparently addressing, Mr & Mrs Limp & Shrimp, were waiting across the road at the opposite bus stop.

Mr & Mrs Limp & Shrimp froze too, looked aghast, then attempted nods, mutters & grunts. I am sure they had no more idea than I did, what Mrs Oxenslat had actually said.

Yesterday, we took SG to the local Village to get bread.
Mr Seedy was striding about, accompanied by a nice looking lad, I took to be his son. Out in the carpark, Son of Seedy was stainding waiting patiently with a trolley containing some goods.
Next thing Mr Seedy barrells up to the boy, snarling "For F***'s sake get a bloody move on!"
The poor boy. I noted he didn't flinch, so I guess that is a normal way to be addressed.

What are these monsters doing to these innocent children?

We have SG staying for a couple of days, while his parents are away together. This morning we took him down to catch his regular bus to school.
The bus almost zoomed right on by, but he stopped in front of our car, & SG got on board. Imagine our consternation, when the bus paused, then did a U turn, & roared off with SG, going in the wrong direction!

We remained, anxiously waiting to see if the bus would return. I walked to the corner to see if it was at the other stop. Just as I was panicking, it came around the corner, the bus driver waved, & SG waved & off it went, to collect other little passengers along the normal route!
I wonder what that was all about!


Warty Mammal said...

Your descriptions are so wonderful. Sack of pumpkins ... Mrs. Oxenslat ... the monologue ... Mr. Seedy. They are the Australian version of the folks one sees depicted in the People of Walmart blog.

( Warning: actually looking at this blog may cause permanent neurological damage.)

ancient one said...

I love how you observe all things and then write about it using your names for the people. Maybe SG will be able to tell you why the bus driver turned around...??

Loved the pictures of your family... Happy Birthday to your daughter...

Molly said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter; beautiful then, beautiful now!

Thimbleanna said...

You're so funny Molly! Your phrasing always cracks me up. What an adorable baby your daughter was -- and a beautiful woman too! I always cringe when I'm out in public and I see people yelling at their kids. One of these days I'm going to get up enough courage to tell them how stupid they are! ;-)

persiflage said...

I love those baby photos: what a lovely little baby and little girl, and your boy has the same beautiful smile in both photos.
As for ugly people - grrrrr... Some people ain't got no behaviour and sometimes I experience a temptation to rough them up. That would look good for a mere five seconds - little old lady screeches at impervious and cretinous youths. Oh yeah!

Ali Honey said...

I'm glad "they" don't live near me.

I now need to know why the bus was going the wrong way? Did GS know?

Meggie said...

I have no idea what is going on with my comments. I try to get them so I can reply, but some of them seem to be not coming into my email? WTH???

Anyway, the Bus Mystery is solved.
The driver told SG he was early. He felt bad, so he went back to see if he had missed any other passengers. There were none, so SG had the Regal Ride, & all was well.
I guess it would explain why we had a frantic call from SIL about a week ago, to say he thought he had missed the bus!
SG was very happy when he came home, but there is a 'mystery' story about why his shirt is missing 2 buttons, & he had a replacement shirt....
School life if fraught.
I am so glad I am not a full time school Mum!!

Tanya said...

Beautiful daughter both young and older.

Sometimes I wish I wasn't teaching the English language. Students go to the movies and come back with some of the worst phrases.